Alone Status In English And Status About Feeling Alone For Facebook 2022

Alone status can help you in expressing your feelings. After love status, life status and sad status. We have a collection of alone feeling status in English.

There is a difference between sadness and loneliness. When you are sad, you have people around you to help you overcome the sadness but when you are lonely, you have no one to share your feelings with.

These collections of emotional alone status, alone WhatsApp status and alone sad status is the best way to tell your friends through fb, WhatsApp and Instagram that you need someone in your life or you are strong enough to fight your battles yourself.

Sad Alone Status In English

Sadness doesn’t mean you are alone but sometimes you are sad because you have many friends and loved ones and still you feel alone.

Share these feelings alone status images because sharing can be helpful sometimes to bring the light back in your life and make you happy again.

Alone Status
I Am Bright And Cheerful Outside But Inside I Am Empty Just Like A Balloon.
  • The One Who Is Staying Alone Is Living A Difficult Life.
  • The Only Time I Am Not With You, I Feel Lonely.
  • Sometimes You Need Some Space To Recharge.
  • It Is More Painful To Be Alone Than Getting Hurt.
  • When You Are Not Around I Feel Like I Am In The Dark.
  • You Need To Learn To Fight Alone, If You Want To Be Strong.
Emotional Alone Status over a gril walking alone
The Most Terrible Situation Is When You Are Feeling Alone And There Is Nobody To Help.
  • Every time I Am Alone I Overthink That’s My Biggest Problem.
  • If I Am Silent That Means I Am Fed Up With Everything.
  • People Always Hurt Me Like I Am Their Toy.
  • Every time I Get Attached To Someone, They Leave
  • Sometimes It Is Better To Be Silent Than Explaining Yourself.
  • I Hide My Loneliness With A Smile.
A man is standing on the edge of mountain with feeling alone status written on it
My Shadow Is The Only Thing I Am Comfortable Walking With.
  • I Am So Lonely And Empty Inside That I Feel Like A Balloon.
  • Every Time I Am Alone I Restore Myself.
  • If You Want To Walk Alone Then Be Strong.
  • It Will Take Your Everything If You Decide To Walk Alone.
  • Don’t Let The Bad People Make You Feel Alone.(Alone Status For Boys)

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Feeling Alone Status For Facebook

The Smartest Decision Is To Be Alone Rather Than Staying With The Wrong Person.
  • The Most Lonely Person Is The One Who Tries To Keep Everyone Happy.
  • If You Want To Solve The Unanswered Question Then Walk Alone.
  • Every Time You Are Alone, You Can Meet With The Original You.(Alone Quotes)
  • The Hardest Fights Are The Ones You Fought With Yourself.
  • The Only Thing I Am Sorry For Is Being Me.
  • My Art Is To Hide Everything That Hurts Me.
status for girls over a image of open window
When People Judge You Before Knowing You, That Is The Time You Are Better Off Alone.
  • Every time I Am Feeling Good, My Thoughts Destroy My Mood.
  • Everybody Hates Me So I Hate Me Too.
  • How Do I Sleep? I Was Burning In My Own Thoughts.
  • I Know Many People But I Have No Friends.(Loneliness Status)
  • One Thing I Am Good At Is Hiding My Feelings.
  • The Reason For My Sadness Is That I Am Happy Alone.

Emotional I Am Alone Status

A boy is sitting alone with alone whatsapp status written on it
When People Hate You For No Reason, That Is The Time To Be Alone.
  • If You Want Your Loneliness To End, Be Friends With Yourself.
  • The One Thing I Am Good At Is Hiding My Feelings.
  • The Walk You Walk Alone Is The Healthy One.
  • I Often Feel That I Am Missing Something In My Life.
  • The Time I Feel Good Is When I Am Alone.
  • The Healthy Fight Is Always Fought Alone.
sad status for girls written over a image of girl crying in the dark
Sometimes I Think You Were Part Of My World Just To Teach Me How To Be Alone.
  • The Worst Kind Of Alone Is When The People You Love Are All Gone.
  • The Ones I Need Badly Left Me In My Darkest Time.
  • My Only Protection From Bad People Is Loneliness.
  • Remember Nothing Is Permanent, Not Your Happiness Not Your Loneliness.
  • I Loved To Walk Alone Because I Am A True Rebel.
  • Please Stop Me From Going, I Am Tired Of Being Alone.(Alone Life Status)

Feeling Alone Status For WhatsApp

Staying Alone Can Be A Very Dangerous Thing As Well As A Useful Thing.
  • If You Want This Pain To Be Gone, Be Strong And Patient.
  • I Am Sitting Alone And Right Now Only The Past Is By My Side.
  • I Am Known To People Still Lonely Inside.
  • The Worst Kind Of Loneliness Is In Which You Don’t Know Yourself.
  • You Are The Only Person Who Can Help Me In My Loneliness
  • The Most Terrible Poverty Is Loneliness.
image of burning lighter over it is written a life quotes
I Tell People, I Am Not Alone Because I Have My Imaginary Friends.
  • Please Don’t Leave Me, I Am Tired Of Feeling Alone.
  • When I Am Alone, I Think Too Much And That Makes Me Sad.
  • I Believe “Life Goes On” And If You Are Not On Time, You Will Be Left Alone.
  • Sometimes I Think I Was Destined To Be Alone.
  • Meaningful Silence Is Way Better Than Meaningless Words.
  • The Strongest And Hardest Walks Are Always Walked Alone.(Alone Sad Status)

Alone Life Status Download

a man is walking on a lonely road with loneliness status written over it
There Are Some Walks In Your Life Which You Need To Take Alone.
  • Loneliness Is The Feeling That You Feel When Nobody Cares.
  • The More Surroundings I Have, The More Lonely I Feel.
  • You Can Reveal Your True Power By Staying Alone.
  • The Proof Of Standing Still Can Be Achieved By Staying Alone.
  • When A Promise Is Shattered The Sorry Means Nothing.
  • Every time I Am Alone, My Feelings, My Mind, My Loneliness Eat Me Alive.
a boy is sitting in a dark under a light wearing a hoody with status written over it
You Promised Not To Leave Me Alone, Just Keep Your Promise.
  • Tired Because Of Being Alone, Sad Because Of Overthinking.
  • My Partner At Night Is Overthinking.
  • I Am A Strong Person But Sometimes It Is Hard To Be Alone.
  • To Fight Back You Need Some Time Alone.
  • Music Is My Only True Friend When I Am Feeling Alone.
  • Every time When There Is No One Around I Feel Better.(Alone Status For Girls)