Romantic Status For Girlfriend And Boyfriend

Make you partner happy by sharing these Romantic Status For girlfriend and boyfriend. We have also shared some of the best romantic status for husband and wife.

Romantic Status For Girlfriend
I Want To Live A Day Less Than You So That I Never Have To Live Without You.
  • They Say You Only Fall In Love Once, But That Can’t Be True… Every Time I Look At You, I Fall In Love All Over Again.
  • It’s Not That I Love You For Allowing Me To Be Me. I Love You Because You Encourage It.
  • The Only Right Decision I Made In My Life Was Giving My Heart To You.
  • It’s Hard To Tell Where I’m Gonna Be In The Feature, But I Pray To God It’s Somewhere With A Beautiful View With You By My Side.
  • In Your Eyes, I See Something More Beautiful Than The Stars.
  • Storm Clouds May Gather And Stars May Collide, But I Love You Until The End Of Time.
  • I Swear I Couldn’t Love You More Than I Do Right Now, And Yet I Know I Will Tomorrow.
  • When Our Bonding Caught Fire, We Fell In Love.
  • My Heart For You Will Never Break. My Smile For You Will Never Fade. My Love For You Will Never End. I Love You!
  • Two Souls Share A Single Thought As Both Hearts Live And Beat As One.
  • Your Love Has Changed Me For A Good Reason.
  • I Still Haven’t Figured Out How To Sit Across From You, And Not Be Madly In Love With Everything You Do. (Romantic Status For Girlfriend)
  • So Far, Every Moment We’ve Spent Together Has Been Awesome. But I Promise You, That The Best Is Yet To Come.
  • I Love You For All That You Are, All That You Have Been, And All That You Are Yet To Become.
  • I Love You Not Only For Who You Are But Also For Who I Am When I’m With You.
  • My Gratitude For Having Met You Is Surpassed Only By My Amazement At The Joy You Bring To My Life.
  • Whenever You’re There In My Dreams, I Wish I Never Wake Up.
  • One Of The Easiest Words To Hear Is Love, Yet It’s Still One Of The Hardest To Say.
  • Because Of You, I Can Feel Myself Slowly But Surely Becoming Me I Have Always Dreamed Of Being.
  • I Love You Because I Know No Matter What Happens, You’ll Always Love Me Back.
  • If You Live To Be A Hundred, I Want To Live To Be A Hundred Minus One Day, So I Never Have To Live Without You.

Romantic Status For Boyfriend

Romantic Status For Boyfriend
You Are My Everything. I Love You Today And Always. (Romantic Status For Girlfriend)
  • I Don’t Mind If You Tell Me The Same Stories Over And Over Again For The Rest Of Our Lives– I’ll Never Get Tired Of Listening To You.
  • If I Know What Love Is, It Is Because Of You.
  • I Love You Very Much, Probably More Than Anybody Could Love Another Person
  • I Don’t Need Prince Charming Because I Already Have Someone Who’s A Million Times Better.
  • When I Think It Is Impossible For Me To Love You More Than You Already Do, You Prove Me Wrong.
  • My Dear Prince, I Love You Once, Still Love You, Always Do And Always Will.
  • My Love For You Has No Depth, Its Boundaries Are Ever-Expanding. My Love And My Life With You Will Be A Never-Ending Story
  • I Fell In Love With You Because You Loved Me When I Couldn’t Love Myself.
  • I Love It When I Find A Reason To Live. That’s Why You Are.
  • When I Tell You I Love You, I Am Not Saying It Out Of Habit, I Am Reminding You That You Are My Life.
  • You Are The Source Of My Joy, The Center Of My World And The Whole Of My Heart.
  • I Like It When You Laugh. I Like It When I Factor.
  • Before I Met You I Never Knew What It Was Like; To Look At Someone And Smile For No Reason.
  • You Know You’re In Love When You Can’t Fall Asleep Because Reality Is Finally Better Than Your Dreams.
  • Everyone Says They Can’t Find The Perfect Guy…well..I’ve Found The Solution..Nobody Can Find The Perfect Guy Because I Have The Only One!
  • You Are The Last Thought In My Mind Before I Drift Off To Sleep And The First Thought When I Wake Up Each Morning. (Romantic Status For Girlfriend)
  • True Love Is Falling Star …we Don’t Know How When & Where It Happens.
  • If You Repeat The Same Story Over And Over For The Rest Of My Life, I Have No Objection – I Have Never Listened To You.
  • Being With You Makes Me Feel Like For Once In My Life I Don’t Have To Work So Hard On Being Happy, It Just Happens.
  • Life Is Not The Number Of Breaths You Take, The Moments That Catch Your Breath.
  • Everywhere I Look I Am Reminded Of Your Love. You Are My World.

Romantic Status For Wife

Romantic Status For Wife
If I Tell You I Love You, Can I Keep You Forever?
  • You Fill All The Emptiness In My Heart. I’m So Thankful To Have You In My Life. I Love You Very Much!
  • You Light Up My Life, You Are My Sunshine In Dark. I Truly Love You.
  • I Never Knew How Much My Life Lacked Until I Fell In Love With You.
  • I Have Always Found Treasure In My Life Because I Had My Wife In Every Big Or Small Step.
  • If I Had But An Hour Of Love, If That Be All That Is Given Me, An Hour Of Love Upon This Earth, I Would Give My Love To Thee.
  • You Are The Air That I Breathe.
  • No Matter How Many Challenges Come In My Life, I Will Face Them Without Difficulty If I Have Your Support.
  • Dearest Wife, I Know I Don’t Express Much But I Love You And I Will Always Be By Your Side And Hoping The Same!
  • You Fill All The Emptiness In My Heart. I’m So Thankful To Have You In My Life. I Love You Very Much!
  • The Day My Life Changed Forever … The Day I First Saw You.
  • No Matter How Much Time We Spend Together, You Will Never Understand What You Mean To Me. I Love You.
  • I Cannot Imagine My World Without You. You Belong With Me, I Truly Love You My Queen.
  • In Loving My Wife, I Learned How Strong Love Makes Me.
  • I Dedicated My Whole Life To My Sweet Wife, Her Smile Is Secret Of My Success, And Her Tears Are My Failures.
  • I Know By Experience That The Poets Are Right: Love Is Eternal. (Romantic Status For Girlfriend)
  • You’re The Love Of My Life And I Can’t Imagine Living In This World Without You.
  • My Prayers Were Answered The Day That I Met You. You Are A Blessing In My Life, And I Will Be Lucky To Call You My Partner For The Rest Of Our Lives.
  • You Would Think That A Rock Star Being Married To A Supermodel Would Be One Of The Greatest Things In The World. It Is.
  • All That You Are, Is All That I’ll Ever Need.
  • My Wife Holds My Heart In Her Hands, And I Know She’ll Keep It Safe.
  • Your Heart Is Full Of Love And Affection. Your Hands Are Always Caring. I Am Lucky To Have You As My Wife.
  • I Feel Blessed To Be Taken By The Most Beautiful Wife In The World. I Love You Always And Forever.

Romantic Status For Husband

Romantic Status For Husband
I Love And Admire You Not Because You’re My Husband But Because You Are What Every Man Should Aspire To Be.
  • I Love You As High As I Can Reach, As Far As I Can See, To Infinity And Beyond. From This Day To Our Final Days, You Are Mine And I Am Yours.
  • Some Will Love You For Who You Are, Others Will The Mask You Wear. Thank You For Loving Me Still Even When I Took Off My Mask
  • I Cannot Promise You An Easy Life, Or That I Will Not Disappoint You. I Cannot Promise That I Will Be The Perfect Wife. But I Can Promise You That I Will Choose To Love You Every Day.
  • Baby I’m Yours And I’ll Be Yours Until The Stars Fall From The Sky, Until The Rivers All Run Dry. In Other Words, Until I Die.
  • I Love You Much (Most Beautiful Darling) More Than Anyone On The Earth And I Like You Better Than Everything In The Sky
  • I Fell In Love The Way You Fall Asleep: Slowly, And Then All At Once.
  • Let The Wife Make The Husband Glad To Come Home, And Let Him Make Her Sorry To See Him Leave.
  • You Have Been My Hottest Crush, Awesome Date, Sexiest Boyfriend And Passionate Lover. All This Put Together Makes You The Most Perfect Husband Ever. I Love You.
  • Babe, Thank You For Coming Into My Life. Thank You For Making Me Smile Like Crazy. Thank You For Making Me Happy.
  • I Can’t Fall In Love Without You.” — “I Can’t Fall In Love Without You
  • You’re That Part Of Me I’ll Always Need
  • I Need To Start The Morning With It And End The Day With It. It’s Not Coffee, But My Husband’s Kiss. I Love You. (Romantic Status For Girlfriend)
  • Your Love Is The Strength That Drives Me To Do Everything For This Family. You Are The Armor That Shields Me From Tears. I Love You So Much!
  • Each Day I Love You More, Today More Than Yesterday And Less Than Tomorrow.
  • A First Love Comes And Goes, But The Man I Choose To Spend The Rest Of My Life With Is Someone I Will Lovingly Have And Hold For As Long As We Both Shall Live. I Want To Be Your Last, Not Your First.
  • If God Asks Me The Most Liked Thing In This World, Guess What You Will Top The List.
  • Life Is So Much Better With Your Best Friend. Lucky Me, I Married Mine.
  • It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged, That A Single Man In Possession Of A Good Fortune, Must Be In Want Of A Wife.
  • In Terms Of My Marriage, You Know, Falling In Love With My Husband Was By Far The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To Me.
  • You Might Not Have Been My First Love, But You Were The Love That Made All The Other Loves Irrelevant.
  • The Love Of Husband And Wife, Which Is Creative Of New Human Life, Is A Marvelously Personal Sharing In The Creative Love Of God.
  • Now You’re Lifting Me Up Instead Of Holding Me Down/Stealing My Heart Instead Of Stealing My Crown.