185+Romantic Status In English – Romantic WhatsApp Status – Romantic Status Download 2022

Are You Looking For Romantic Status To Show The Person Your Feelings Whom You Love Wholeheartedly? Sometimes It Is Not Enough To Just Say “ I Love You”, You Need Romantic Words To Tell Your Partners How You Feel About Them.

These Statues Are The Best Way To Bring More Romance In Your Life And Openly Convey Your Feelings To Someone Whom You Love With All Your Heart And Want To Spend The Rest Of Your Life With Him/Her.

You Can Express All Your Romantic And Fuzzy Feelings With The Help Of These Romantic One Line Status Rather Than Finding Different Ways To Impress Your Special One.

Romantic Love Status In English For WhatsApp

Romantic Status Written over a image of girl and boy sitting holding hand
And In Your Smile I Found Something More Beautiful Than This World Could Ever Be.
  • All The Windows Of My Heart Are Open To You.
  • There Is No Instinct Like That Of Love And Romance.(Romantic Quotes For WhatsApp Status)
  • The Romantic Is Cursed With The Greed Of Dreams And Imagination.
  • When You Look At Me, I Feel Like I Am In Paradise.
A girl is covering a boy's eyes with romantic status written on it.
From Those Adorable Dimples To Those Perfect Wrinkles, I Will Always Be With You.
  • When I Wake Up In The Middle Of The Night, I Want You To Be There Beside Me.
  • You Walked Into My Heart Like You Always Belonged Here.
  • They Ask, ”What’s So Special About Her/Him?” I Tell Them That There’s Nothing Special Without Him/Her.(Romantic WhatsApp Status)
  • Your Smile Always Makes My Heart Skip A Beat.
The World Became A Whole New Place After Falling In Love With You.
  • When Riding A Bike With You, I Feel Like My Heart Will Also Stop If I Apply The Brakes.
  • Happiness Is That Long Ride With The Love Of Your Life.
  • I Wish That The Road Never End When I’m Riding With You. (Romantic Status For Girlfriend)
  • The Butterflies In My Stomach Just Died When You Left Me.
romantic status written over a image on girl and boy riding a motor bike
The Road Feels Like The Way To The Stars When You Are Sitting Behind Me On A Bike.
  • Loving You Is Just Like Breathing, And I Can Not Stop That.
  • Your Smile Has The Power To Take Away All The Stress.
  • Your Smile Can Do Wonders.(Romantic Status In English)
  • I Want To Sit On A Rooftop With You. 2 A.M In The Night. And To Talk About Life.
a women and men wearing black dress standing on a building balcony with romantic status written on it.
I Am Very Passionate About My Passion And Right Now Loving You Is My Passion.
  • One Thing I Know How To Do Correctly Is Loving You.
  • Every time I Look At Your Face, My Eyes Twinkle Like A Shining Star.
  • You Don’t Need A Poison To Kill Me, Your Smile Is Enough.
  • Every time I Am With You, Time Stops.
romantic status one line
My Heart And Soul Belongs To You The Moment I Look Into Your Eyes.
  • I Love To Watch The Reflection Of Myself In Your Eyes.
  • To Fall For You Again I Just Need To Look Into Your Eyes.
  • The Best Words I Love To Hear More And More Is “ I Love You Too “(Romantic Status For Girlfriend)
  • I Am Sure You Are The Only Person In My Life Who Will Never Give Up On Me.

Romantic Whatsapp Status

I Am In Love With Your Smile, Your Heart, Your Soul, Your Eyes, To Put It Into Simple Words, I Am In Love With Everything That Is Related To You.
  • Sometimes I Think This World Was Created So That We Can Meet.(Romantic Life Status)
  • When Your Reality Is Better Than Your Dream Then You Know That You Are In Love.
  • I Am Unable To Remember How And Why I Fell In Love With You.
  • When I First Saw Your Smile It Knocked Me Down But Now You Are With Me So I Am Up.
romantic status in English written over a image of boy kissing a girl
Until I Met You I Was Unable To Understand What True Love Is.(Romantic Status Image)
  • People Love Their Life But I Love You Because You Are My Life.
  • Every Time I See You It Feels Like I Am Having A Heart Attack.
  • When I Am With You, I Cannot See Myself Because I Only See You.
  • I Love You Just Like A Child Loves A Cookie.
a couple is sitting IN front of sunset sea view with romantic couple status written on it
You Belong To Me And I Belong To You, I Carry Your Heart In My Heart.
  • Every Time I Imagine My Life Without You, Believe Me It Is Dark And Empty.
  • Forever And Now Are The Only Times I Want To Be In Your Arms.
  • The First Time I Look At You My Heart Whispered “Grab Her That’s The One”
  • Your Smile Is The Reason For My Existence.(Romantic Couple Status)
a girl and boy cuddling on a grass with romantic couple status written over it.
The Journey Of My Love For You Starts With Forever And Ends At Never.
  • Although I Fell For Your Smile, It Was Your Heart Who Forced Me To Stay.
  • To Find Thousands Of Things About You, I Just Have To Look At Your Smile For A Minute.
  • I Love You, That’s Why People Envy Me And I Can Totally Understand That.
  • Hey Love Look What I Am Wearing “ The Smile You Gave Me”
romantic whatsapp status over a girl and boy standing on a ice surface and kissing
We Met Because Of Fate, Became Friends Because Of The Choice But Falling For You Was Out Of Control.
  • When I Am With You Only Good Things Happen.
  • My Favourite “Hello” Is You And Also My Most Difficult “Goodbye.”
  • It’s Not That I Cannot Live Without You, I Just Don’t Want To Imagine Or Try.
  • You And I Are Two Bodies With One Soul.(New Romantic Status Download)
romantic whatsapp status download
To Carry My Love For You It Would Need More Than One Heart.
  • To Make The Good Things In My Life Even Better, I Just Need To Look At Your Smiling Face.
  • When You Are In My Arms I Feel The Fragrance Of Love.
  • I Used To Love Fairy Tales Then Began The Tale Of Our Love..
  • When I Am Sitting Next To You And Doing Nothing, It Means Everything To Me.

Romantic Couple Status For Boyfriend/Girlfriend And Husband/Wife

a boy is kissing a girl on forehead with romantic status for girlfriend written on it.
The Most Happiest Moment In My Life Is The One When You And Me Becomes “Us”
  • 1 Year Gives 365 Opportunities To Fall For You All Over Again.
  • Let’s Make An Example For People That “Forever” Exists.(Romantic Status For Husband)
  • Like The Drop Of Rain, I Will Happily Fall For You.
  • Let’s Hope Our Song Of Love Will Never End.
romantic status facebook
Until The End Of This World, Your Love Is Enough For Me.
  • The Sound Of Your Heartbeat Is The Only Music I Want To Listen To.
  • I Am Yours And You Are Mine, That’s Final.
  • The Moment I Saw Your Smile, My Whole World Fades Away.
  • Whenever I Dream, I Dream About Being Part Of Your Soul.
The Ones Who Can Describe The Love Into Words Can Never Know What Truly Is Love.
  • My Love For You Is Perfect Because You Are Perfect.(Romantic Status For Boyfriend)
  • I Feel Shattered When I Am Not With You.
  • You Can Never Find Someone Who Will Love You As Much As I Did.
  • There Are Only Two Times When I Want To Be With You, Forever And Now.(Romantic Status For Wife)
You Don’t Need To Hold My Hand, You Already Hold The Key To My Heart.
  • I Don’t Want Any Dreams If You Are Not In It.
  • The Only Fall I Am Happy About Is When I Fall For You.
  • The Only Thing I Want To Be Infected With Is Your Never Ending Love.
  • When I First Saw You, I Didn’t Imagine You Would Be That Much Important To Me.
The Only Unexpected Decision I Am Proud Of Is Falling For You.
  • You Stole My Heart The Moment I Saw You.
  • Every time I Look At You The World Stops Around Me.
  • You Make Me Smile Even When You Are Not Near Me.
  • Every time I Want To Forget My Worries, I Talk To You.(Romantic Couple Status)
You Are The Only Person Who Can Make Me Smile After Having A Terrible Day.
  • I Feel Like I’m In Paradise When I Wake Up By Your Side.
  • Your Love Made My Life An Adventurous And Beautiful Ride.
  • I Want To Travel With You On These Long Winding Roads Of Life.
  • The Way You Hold My Hand, It Feels Like They Were Made For You Only.

Romantic WhatsApp Status Download

romantic status written over a girl and boy holding hands
Our Bond Is More Beautiful And Stronger Than A Diamond.
  • You Make Me Feel Alive, That’s Why I Love You More Than Anything.
  • It Is Awfully Simple To Fall In Love And Falling Out Of It Is Awful.(Romantic Sad Status)
  • I Love Your Perfect Imperfections.
  • The Risk I Would Be Happy To Take Is You.
The Most Wonderful Thing I Have Ever Done In My Life Is Loving You.
  • I Don’t Want To Be Above You Or Below You, I Just Want To Be With You.
  • The Moment I Saw You, I Knew I Liked It And I Wanted It So I Got It.
  • Love Is Just Like A Toothache, You Will Never Find It In X-ray But You Know It’s There.
  • Every time You Walk Into The Room It Still Makes Me Nervous.
I Love The Feeling Of Being Yours And Knowing That You Are Mine.
  • I Saw A Universe More Beautiful Than This Universe In Your Eyes.
  • The Source Of My Joy Is You Also My Whole Heart And My World.
  • I Love You Because You Touched Me Without Touching.(Romantic Status Facebook)
  • The Thoughts Of You Keep Me Awake, Your Dreams Keep Me Asleep And The Thought Of Being With You Keeps Me Alive.
I Love You To The Point Where Words Can Never Reach.
  • If I Could, I Would Love To Go Back In Time And Find You Sooner.
  • Your Smile Is Enough To Melt My Heart.
  • I Am Unable To Take My Eyes Off You Because You Are Too Good To Be True.
  • You Are My Drug Because I Am Addicted To You.(Cute Romantic Status)
I Can’t Put Into Words The Feeling I Got When My Eyes Met Yours.
  • My Love For You Is Like An Untamed Beast. Imprison It And It Will Enslave You. Control It And It Destroys You.
  • You, Me And A Long Bike Ride.
  • The Couples Who Ride Together, Stay Together.
  • It Doesn’t Matter Where We Go, I Just Want To Travel With You.
a girl and boy sitting in a room full of balloons with romantic status for WhatsApp written on it.
You Are Always On My Mind, Even When I Have A Million Things To Think About.
  • Butterflies ? I Feel Like An Entire Zoo Is In The Stomach Just By Thinking About You.
  • I Think The Butterflies In My Stomach Are Also In Love With You, Because They Are Always Flying.(Romantic Love Status)
  • I Love You For Who You Are, Just Be The Same.
  • Your Love Brought Out The Best In Me.

Romantic Kiss Status For Love Birds

Romantic kiss status over a boy holding a moon to offer his girlfriend
Can You Please Give Me A Kiss? I Promise, I’ll Give It Back.
  • Kissing You All The Time Is The Only Job I Want.
  • Only When I Kissed You Did I Come To Know How Important You Are.
  • Your Forehead Kisses Mean Protection And Respect. It Always Tells Me That You Are Mine And Mine Only.
  • I Don’t Want To Miss You At 3a.m, But To Roll Over And Kiss You.
You Need A Partner In Crime To Steal A Kiss From Someone.
  • A Kiss Is Like An Autograph, A Sign Of Love.
  • A Kiss Can Bind Two Souls In Eternity.
  • When You Touched Me With Your Lips, A Whole New Universe Opened Up To Me.
  • You Awakened My Soul With The Delicate Touch Of Your Lips.(Romantic Kiss Status)
romantic kiss status over a girl and boy sharing a passionate kiss
The World Instantly Starts Feeling Like Heaven When You Kiss Your Loved One.
  • True Soulmates Can Talk With The Eyes And Kiss With A Gaze.
  • You Poured All That Love Into My Soul With That First Kiss.
  • I Wrote With My Lips What Love Dictated.
  • The Moment You Kissed Me, That’s When My Soul Breathed.
I Wanna Write The Poems Of Love On Your Neck With All The Feelings Being Poured From My Lips.
  • I Promise, I’ll Make Up For All Those Days I Should’ve Spent Kissing You.
  • You Grabbed Me In Your Arms And That’s What I Ever Needed.
  • Your Hug Is The Only Thing Worth Waiting For.
  • It Feels So Right, When You Hug Me So Tight.(Couple Romantic Status)
When You Kissed Me, We Did Not Just Touch Our Lips But Our Souls Too.
  • The Beauty Of A Woman Delights The Eye; Her Wisdom, The Soul; Her Purity, The Soul.
  • The Two Of Us Are Angels With One Wing Each, And We Can Fly Only By Being Together.
  • I Want To Switch Off Lights For Romantic Reasons And Not For Economical Reasons.(Romantic Attitude Status)
  • The Tenderness Of The Heart Is The Best Of The Charms.
Yes, I Get Jealous When You’re With Someone Else. You Are Only Mine. Only I Can Touch You, Kiss You And Care For You.
  • I Love Your Smell. That Mixed Smell Of Cigarettes And Cheap Perfume.
  • There Are No Endings To The True Love Stories.
  • Bold Gestures Of Men Are Considered Romantic. But When A Woman Does It, It’s Considered Desperate.(Romantic Sad Status)
  • Even Love Can Not Know Its Own Depth Until The Moment Of Separation.(Romantic Status Quote)
You Felt Warm, Solid And Safe. I Wanted To Hold You So Tight And Rest My Face On That Curve Of Your Neck And Never Let Go.
  • A Sky Full Of Stars And I Love Staring At You.
  • Your Smile Is The Only Thing I Wanna See Every Morning.
  • You Can Call Me A Hopeless Romantic, But I Just Can’t Help But Dream Of You.
  • Darling, To Chase Those Beautiful Dreams With You Is All I Want.

Romantic Good Night Sleep Quotes

You Can Call Me An Old Romantic But I Would Love A Surprise Picnic, Candle Light Dinner, Or Travelling To A New Place.
  • Can I Hug You And Go To Sleep Listening To Your Heart Beat?
  • When I Curled Up Into Your Arms, It Felt Safe, It Felt Warm And It Felt Like I’m Home.
  • I Want To Bury My Face Into Your Chest And To Fall Asleep Listening To The Calm Of Your Heartbeat.(Romantic Good Night Status)
  • You Touched Me In A Way No One Ever Did.
I Want The Magic Of Your Arms All Around Me.
  • On These Cold Winter Nights I Want To Cling To Your Shirt And Fall Asleep.
  • I Dreamt In A Dream, Waking Up Next To You.
  • Cuddling With You In Those Long And Cold Winter Nights.
  • I Want To Live A Life Where You Are With Me Day And Night.
I Want To Sleep, Dream And Wake Up By Your Side For The Rest Of My Life.
  • The Definition Of My Perfect Morning Is Always Waking Up Next To You.(Romantic Good Night Status)
  • When I Am In Your Arms I Wish That May This Time Stop.
  • I Want You And Me, Night Talks & Long Walks.
  • I Fantasize Those Long Walks In The Rain Holding Your Hand.
When You Are With Me, I Don’t Want To Fall Asleep. Because Finally The Reality Is Better Than My Dreams.
  • You Give Me That Feeling Novels Are Written About.
  • I Love Those Long Romantic Walks To The Fridge.
  • Walking Along The Beach Holding Your Hand, Life Feels So Complete.
  • I Knew I Was In Love With You When I Caught Myself Smiling For No Reason.
Waking Up By Your Side Is What Makes My Mornings Worth Getting Up For.
  • I Love Daydreaming About Going To Those Long Walks And Sharing All My Stories With You.
  • Holding Your Hand, I Can Walk Through Any Hardship Life Throws At Me.
  • I Want To Talk To You About All The Little Things I Wanna Try With You. But The Moment I Meet You I Get Tongue-tied And Can’t Speak.
  • I Just Want To Hold Your Hand And Get Lost Into The Streets.(Full Romantic Status)

Romantic Status Download Images With Quotes

Someday You And I Will Be So Close, There Won’t Even Be This Thin Air Between Us.
Romance Can Turn The Dust Of Everyday Life Into A Beautiful Golden haze.
If I Had A Chance To Live Again, I’d Spend All My Life Loving You.
Who Says You Only Fall In Love Once? I Fall In Love With You All Over Again Whenever I See You.(Romantic WhatsApp Status Download)
I Can’t Explain How The Beauty Of Your Eyes And The Music Of Your Voice Gives Me Butterflies.
Every New Day Gives Me A New Reason To Love You More Than Ever.
My Heart Always Belongs To You, And Only You Stay In It.
I Love The Way You Give Me Butterflies Whenever I Look At You.