Killer Attitude Status – Killer Dialogue In Hindi And English For Girls And Boys

Check out our list of top 100+ Killer Attitude Status with amazing images. Attitude is the one of the first things people notice when they interact with you. You can easily get people to like you, If you have class and style in your talk. We have already covered Best Attitude Status, Cool Attitude Status and Royal Attitude Status. This time we are sharing with you these top notch statues and Killer Attitude Dialogues in Hindi and English. Both girls and boys can use our collection to share it with your colleagues and friends. You will definitely like this collection as we have spent lots of time finding the best ones for you, So you can select the status which suits your personality.

Image of muscular man over it killer attitude status is written
My Life, My Rules, My Attitude !
  • I Don’t Have An Attitude! I Have A Personality You Can’t Handle!
  • I Have An Attitude For Those Who Force Me To Show Them.
  • I Do Very Bad Things And I Do Them Very Well.
  • I Am Not Perfect But I Am A Limited Edition.
  • Being Handsome Is A Matter Of Choice.!
  • Don’t Judge Yourself From Others Because You Are Only One Of Your Own Kind.
  • I Never Lose The Game.. I Either Win Or Learn..!
  • I Speak For What I See! Stand For What I Believe.!! ? I Strive For What I Want In Life…
  • Smile!  Is My Style And Attitude Is My Fashion
  • Think Positive, Live Positive If You Want To Get Positive Results.
  • Don’t Let The Bad Attitude Of Others Ruin The Good Attitude Of Yours.
  • Stop Living In Regret, Baby, It’s Not Over Yet.
  • I Am Good Enough To Forgive You But Not Dupe To Trust You Again.
  • You Are The Maker Of Your Future, So Make It Better.
  • You Meet Everyone Twice In This Life, When They Come And When They Go.
  • Behind Every Strong Person Lies A Broken Child, Who Had To Learn To Stand Up And Take No Sit.
  • When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies.
  • Don’t Let Yourself Be Controlled By Three Things: People, Money, Or Past Experiences.
  • Love Is Rare, Life Is Strange, Nothing Lasts, People Change.
  • When You Really Pay Attention, Everything Is Your Teacher.
  • When You Feel Like Quitting, Think About Why You Started.
  • There Can Be No Positive Result Through A Negative Attitude. When You Think Positively. You Live Positively.
  • People Don’t Change. It’s The Mask That Falls Off.
  • Everyone Promises Forever Until They Find Someone Better.
  • Attitude Is Not What You Learn From School, Attitude Is Part Of Who You Are Inside!

killer Attitude Dialogue In Hindi English

a man wearing joker dress and laughing over it some line about attitude is written
Try, Fail, Learn, And Win.
  • Mistakes Are Proof You Are Still Trying.
  • An Attitude Is Just Like A Price Tag. It Shows How Valuable You Are.
  • I Never Mind If Nobody Likes Me. After All, I Am Not A WhatsApp Status.
  • Sometimes You Succeed, And Sometimes You Learn.
  • Your Limitation, It’s Only Your Imagination
  • I Have Very Little Patience But I Know When To React And When To Not
  • I Don’t Judge Anyone Because I`M Not Perfect So, If You Think You Can Then Think Twice.
  • Nothing In The World Can Bother You, As Much As Your Mind.
  • Let Karma Play With Them, Who Played With Your Feelings
  • If You Don’t Know Me Then You Have No Right To Judge Me
  • My Addictions Are Not Your Business, I Know What I Do And What I Want.
  • In The Past, People Were Born Royal. Nowadays, Royalty Comes From Your Actions.
  • Do You Think I Am Bad? No!! I Am Worst.
  • Do Not Judge My Past, I Don’t Live There Anymore.
  • I Am Not Changed, It’s Just I Grew Up And You Should Try Too.
  • Don’t Be A Slave In Heaven, Be A King Of Hell.
  • Be Patient With Yourself.
  • I Am Humble But Know All The Qualities Of A Devil.
  • Do Not Copy My Attitude Because It’s Only Mine.
  • I May Look Innocent But May Surely Put You In Trouble.
  • I May Not Be Handsome But I Am Original.
  • Win In Silence, Let Them Think You’re Losing
  • Don’t Study Me, You Won’t Graduate!
  • Once You Lose My Respect, There Is No Turning Back
  • Conditions May Make Some Men But Some Men Can Make Conditions
  • I Lose Interest When I Get Ignored
  • I Forgive People Because I Honestly Don’t Care At This Point.
  • You Secretly Do Not Like Me But I Openly Don’t Care.
  • Born To Express Not To Impress

Killer Attitude Status In English

a vendetta holding small knife over it some life about fake people is written
I Don’t Believe People, I Believe Personalities.
  • Nothing Keeps Me Down Besides Gravity.
  • Advantage Of Being A Fool; You Are Always Satisfied With Yourself.
  • I Am Who I Am; Your Approval Is Not Needed.
  • My Views May Have Changed But Not The Fact That I Am Right.
  • I Am Now Tired Of Following My Dreams. I Will Ask Them Where They Are Going Then Meet Them Later.
  • Greet Your Fears With A Smile. I Do It Every Day When I Meet My Girlfriend.
  • Good Attitude At All Times Creates Strong Relations To Maintain Softness In Your Attitude And Make Long And Strong Relation
  • My Circle Is Small As A Result I’m Into Quality, Not Quantity!
  • There Are Three Sides To An Argument ….My Side, Your Side, And The Best Side.
  • All The Time Smiling, Because Your Smile Is A Motive For A Lot Of Others To Smile…smile, Please…!!
  • Love Me Or Hate Me. Either Way, I’m On Your Mind.
  • To Some People I’ll Always Be The Bad Guy. (Killer Quotes)
  • Don’t Burn Yourself, To Keep Others Warm.
  • Lucky Are Those Who Find A Truly Loyal Friend In This Fake World
  • Who Needs Enemies When You Have Memories That Torture You All The Time.
  • I Am What I Am, I Will Never Try To Be Someone Else.
  • My Choices Are Like Fingerprints, They Make Me Unique.
  • Don’t Be Easy To Define. Let Them Wonder About You.
  • You Were Born To Fit In. I Was Born To Stand Out.
  • I Have A New Theory In Life What Other People Think Of Me Is Truly None Of My Business.
  • There’s Nothing So Kingly As Kindness, And Nothing So Royal As Truth.
  • When You Sit Down Next To Me, My Heart Just Forgot To Breathe.
  • I Am The One Of Whom I Meant To Be.
  • With Me, You’ll Always Have A Shoulder To Lean On.
  • I’m Like A Fish Out Of Water When I Don’t See You.

Killer Attitude Status Hindi

hindi killer attitude status is written over a image of a handsome man
ज़िंदगी में बहुत्त कष्ट है फिर भी हम मस्त है
  • अक्सर वही लोग लगाते हैं तोहमत हम पर जिन्हें हमारा साथ निभाने की औकात नहीं होती
  • हम रिश्ते तोड़ने के लिए नहीं बल्कि रिश्ते बचाने के लिए बदनाम हुए हैं
  • अकेला ही काफी हूँ मैं सबके लिए क्योंकि शेर अकेला ही शिकार करता है
  • थोड़ा सा हम नरम क्या हुए लोगों ने तो हमें बेवक़ूफ़ ही समझ लिया
  • मेरे स्टेटस नशे की तरह हैं एक बार पढ़ोगी तो लत लग जाएगी
  • नवाब हैं हम नवाब दुश्मन की शक्ल देखकर हम उसकी औकात बता देते हैं
  • आदत नई हमे पीठ पीछे वार करने की !! दो शब्द कम बोलते है पर सामने बोलते है !!
  • दिमाग कहता है मारा जायेगा लेकिन Dil कहता है देखा जाएगा
  • रुकावटे तो ज़िन्दा इन्सान के लिए है मय्यत के लिए तो सब रास्ता छोड़ देते है
  • वो आईना देख मुस्कुरा के बोली बेमौत मरेगा मुझ पर मरने वाला..
  • नजरिया बहुत छोटी सी चीज है, लेकिन इससे फर्क बहुत बड़ा पड़ता है
  • अगर ये तय है. की जो दिया है वो लौट के आएगा तो क्यों न सिर्फ दुआए ही दी जाए
  • तेरा घमंड तो दो दिन की कहानी है रानी, पर मेरी ये अकड़ तो खानदानी है
  • थोड़ी खुद्दारी भी लाजिमी थी दोस्तो, उसने हाथ छुड़ाया तो हमने छोड़ दिया
  • नमक स्वाद अनुसार और अकड़ औकात अनुसार
  • मुझे शौक है बिना वजह मुस्कुराने का, और लोगो को ऊपर से निचे तक जलाने का !!
  • छोड दिया है मैंने उनसे बात करना,जो समझते थे कि मै मतलब से मिलता हू
  • इतने अमीर तो नहीं कि सब कुछ खरीद लें, पर इतने गरीब भी नहीं हुए कि खुद बिक जाएँ
  • सुन बे लोंडे हम से पंगा और भरी महफ़िल में दंगा दोनों खतरनाक है
  • मेरी किस्मत को परखने की गुस्ताखी मत करना, पहेले भी कई तुफान का रुख मोड़ चुका हूँ
  • शेर को जगाना और हमे सुलाना किसी के बस की बात नहीं,हम वहां खड़े होते हैं जहा मैटर बड़े होते हैं.
  • मेरा Attitude तो मेरी निशानी है, तू बता तुझे कोई परेशानी है।
  • माना तू Attitude की रानी हें तेरी Cuteness खानदानी है पर फिर भी तुझ से ज्यादा मेरी ये दुनिया दिवानी है.
  • Attitude तो अपना भी जबरदस्त है जिसको याद किया वो याद है और जिसको नज़र से उतार दिया I Don’t Know वो किधर गया.
  • खून में उबाल आज भी खानदानी है दुनिया हमारे शौक की नहीं Attitude की दीवानी है

Killer Attitude Status For Girl

a beautiful girl is standing with one hand touching her hair over it a sentence about jealous people is written
Hating Me Doesn’t Make You Pretty.
  • Yes!! This Is New Me And I Have Forgotten The Weaker Version Of Me.
  • Mature By Mind, Kid By Heart, Rude From Outside Caring From Inside.
  • I Am Happy Because I Don’t Expect Anything From Anyone.
  • Life Is Better When You Don’t Care About People.
  • Bad As A Devil, Hot As Hell, Pure As Angel, Sweet As Love.
  • A Person Who Trusts No One Now, Once Trusted Someone Too Much.
  • I Am A Nice Person With A Bad Attitude.
  • Not Having Money Does Not Make You Poor. But Not Having A Goal Makes.
  • Think Positive And Fill Your Life With Happiness.
  • A Bad Attitude Is Like A Flat Tire. It Will Not Take You Longer.
  • Take Me As I Am Or Watch Me As I Go.
  • Be A Girl With Nature , Be A Lady With Class, And A Bitch With Attitude.
  • You Have To Be ‘Odd’ To Be Number ‘one’.
  • If Your Ego Speaks With Me Then My Attitude Replies To You.
  • They Can’t Put Me Down, So They Hate Me.
  • People Can’t Break Your Trust If You Don’t Trust Them.
  • The Only Woman Who Cannot Really Live Without You Is Your Mom.
  • The Naked Truth Is Always Better Than A Dressed Lie.
  • People Are Poisoned.
  • If I Have To Fight For Your Attention, Then Fu*K Your Attention.
  • A Simple, Sweet & Silent Girl Can Be The Craziest From Inside.
  • I Love It When People Think They Are Going To Punish Me By Not Talking To Me.
  • I Don’t Tolerate Liars. I’m A Nice Person, Not A Stupid One.
  • I Stopped Explaining Myself Because I Realized That People Only Understand What They Really Want To.
  • My Attitude Is My Unique Gift Which I Am Not Obliged To Explain To Anyone.