Updated 190+ Best Life Status – Positive life Status – Happy Life Status – Year 2022

If you want to live a happy life, It all depends on how well you appreciate your life. The other key to happy life is how well you have handled life in your hardest time so these Life Status In English will surely help you appreciate your life and will give you confidence to deal with the struggling periods of your life.

An Image Of Leaves With Life Status Quote Written On It.
Always Love The Life Which You Are Living And Try To Live The Life You Love.
  • A Liar Person May Win The Present But The Future Belongs To The Truth.
  • Don’t Get Stressed Over Some People, Try To Learn From Them.
  • With Every New Day You Can Change Your Life.(Life Enjoy Status)
  • If You Want To Glow, Surround Yourself With Pure Hearted People.
  • Pillar Of Life Is The Combination Of Love, Trust And Care. You Must Have A Strong Pillar To Have A Beautiful Life.
A Ice Cream In The hand Of The Person With Writing About Life Status
Life Is Just Like A Bowl Of Ice Cream, Hurry Up And Enjoy It Before It Melts.
  • The Way We Live Our Hardest Times Define Who We Are.
  • Family, Friends And Love Is Compulsory To Have The Best Life.(Friendship Status For Fb)
  • My Secret Is, I Smile Even When I Am Hurt.(Life Emotional Status)
  • Always Remember The Most Expensive Thing You Own Is Yourself.
  • In Life Sometimes You Need To Make Decisions That Will Hurt Your Life But Will Heal Your Soul.
A Candle Is Burning Right In front Of A Window With Life Hard Status
A Beautiful Heart Can Change A Bad Life Into A Joyful One.
  • If You Want To Grow In Life Take Small Steps In The Right Directions.
  • When Life Hits You Hard You Don’t Speak, You Just Smile.(Life Fb Status)
  • Don’t Forget Sometimes Storms Come To Clear Your Path.
  • If You Want Your Dreams To Come True, Believe In Them.
  • Life Can Be Called A Crazy Ride Because You Don’t Know What Is Going To Happen Tomorrow.
A Women With Her Child Standing Before Sun Set With Life Good Status Written On It.
Life Is The Name Of Experiments, The More You Do The More It Will Get Better.
  • Every Being In The Universe Is Telling Me, Your Time Will Come Just Wait.
  • Plant Flowers In Your Own Garden; Don’t Wait For Someone To Bring The Flowers.
  • Use Your Life Well, It’s Only One Time Offer.(Life Good Status)
  • The Only Way To Change Your Life Is To Change The Direction Of Your Heart.
  • Life Is Not About Holding Good Cards, It Is Playing With The Cards You Hold Well.
Lines about happy life written over a image sowing birds flying over a mountain
Write The Story Of Your Life Yourself, Don’t Let Anyone Hold The Pen.
  • Try To Enjoy Your Life Before It’s Expiry Date Comes.
  • If You Want To Grow In Life, Make Mistakes And Learn From Them.
  • Don’t Waste Your Life On Hating Other People.(Life Dead Status)
  • Tomorrow Is The Second Chance Life Always Offers You.
Every time You Achieve Something In Life, Say Thank You And Celebrate.
  • Die With Happy Memories, Not With Dreams.(About Life Status)
  • Tough People Always Live Through Tough Moments.
  • If You Want To Enjoy Your Life Don’t Compare It With Others.
  • Problems Are Not Bad Signs Sometimes They Are Guidelines To Improve Your Life.(Life Change Status)
A book, tea and pen on the table with Beautiful life Status written on it.
Life Is Not About Getting Everything And Having Anything, It’s About Giving, Anything You Have.
  • Always Do What Makes You Happy And Not Others.
  • Your Life Will Shine Like A Sun When You Focus On Things Which Matter.
  • I Wish To Live A Happy Life, Not A Perfect One.(Life Beautiful Status)
  • Living And Laughing Are The Main Components Of Life.

Happy Life Status

Below is some of the best status about life to share it with your friends on WhatsApp and tell the world the meaning of life.

A girl and boy sitting in front of the sea in a dark with life status for whatsapp written on it.
Life Is About Spreading Love And Be The Reason For Someone’s Smile.
  • You Are The One Who Made His Life Complicated So Don’t Others.
  • I Always Learn The Right Lesson From The Wrong Person.
  • Positivity Is The Key To Live The Fullest Life.
  • I Know I Was Given This Life Because Only I Can Live That Kind Of Life.
When Life Hits You Hard, Say Thank You And Move on.
  • To Live A Successful Life, Remember Two Things, Confidence & Ignorance.
  • It’s Not Impossible To Find Colors In This Black And White World.
  • Sooner And Later Life Will Love You Back Just Wait.
  • Life Is A Game, First Learn The Game Then Play It.
A girl and boy looking at the sun with beautiful life quotes written on it.
It’s Easy To Judge Someone’s Life And Very Difficult To Bear The Pain Of Someone’s Life.
  • I Have Lost Many Loved One’s But Life Doesn’t Stop For Anyone.
  • When People Say You Cannot Do It, Doing It Will Give You Greatest Pleasure.
  • The Most Beautiful Struggle In Life Is “Life” Itself.
  • The Greater Your Faith, The Greater Will Be Your Life.
You Should Enjoy Every Happy Moment Of Your Life Because They Are Very Short.
  • Sit In The Dark Close Your Eyes And Just Say “All Is Well”
  • Your Life Ends When You Stop Dreaming.(Life Status For WhatsApp)
  • Every Bad Ending Can Be The Start Of A New Beginning.
  • The Only Way To Know Life Is To Know Yourself.

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Image of a football player Ronaldo's shirt with Life Caption.
Keep Your Beliefs To Yourself, Show Your Behavior To Others.
  • Appreciate Your Life If You Want It To Be Great.
  • I Have No Expectations, This Is The Secret Of My Happy Life.
  • The First Step Of A Happy Life Is To Believe In Yourself.
  • Every Person In Your Life Is Somehow Important, Try To Make Them Happy.
It Is Possible To Do Anything But Not Everything.
  • The Ones Who Know How To Wait , Future Belongs To Those.
  • When You Stand Alone In Your Life That’s The Time To Grow Stronger.
  • Every time I Laugh, My Life Gets Better.(Attitude Status)
  • There Are Two Things “Go Through Life” Or Grow Through Life” Choice Is Yours.
If You Want An Easier Life Than Get Stronger.
  • Hope Is Possibly The Bestest Thing To Come Into Your Life.(Life Quotes)
  • Only You Can Change Your Life, Don’t Wait For Others To Change It.
  • I Try To Make Other People Smile, That’s The Reason For My Happy Life.
  • In The End Everything Will Be Fine, If Isn’t Well It’s Not The End Yet.(Motivational Status)

30+ Sad Life Status In English

Sadness is the past of life and one’s who want to overcome the sad moments of their life can quote these sad status about life and tell their loved one’s that they are fine.

image of a yellow chicken and quotes about animal's love written on it.
There Is No Reason To Mean With Animals, They Love You More Than Humans.
  • Figure How To Take Care Of Yourself, Someday You Will Be All Alone.
  • Sometimes You Just Respect Others Choices To Lessen Their Pain.
  • By The End Of The Day Someone Will Disappoint You, Well That’s How Life Works.(Sad Status)
  • I Am Scared Of Hurting The People That Are Important.
Stop Waiting For Someone To Save Your Life, Be The Master Of Your Own Life.
  • Don’t Try To Be Normal In Life, Be Surprised.
  • If You Want Something In Life, Work Hard And Grab It.
  • If You Want To Change The People, Start Loving Them.
  • You Cannot Cage Some Birds, It’s Their Destiny To Fly.
It Is Almost Impossible To Delete The Memories And Experiences You Have With Good People.
  • Don’t Let Hate Control Your Life.
  • Don’t Judge People, You Never Know What They Are Going Through Life.
  • If You Want To Be Successful In Your Life, Stop Talking And Start Doing.(Life Status For WhatsApp in English)
  • If You Want A Happy Life Set Your Mind Toward Some Goal And Not Towards People.
A muscular man is doing exercise with life hard status written on it.
My Life Starts With The End Of My Comfort Zone.
  • The Second Name Of Life Is Love, So If You Want A Happy Life Then Try To Love.
  • If You Have A Wounded Life , You Can Heal It By Loving Life.
  • A Beautiful And Happy Life Starts With The Smile From The Heart.
  • A Happy Life Is The Collection Of Special Moments, Capture Them.
Today I Might Be Important To Someone But No Guarantee Of Tomorrow, Yeah That’s Life.
  • Be Happy With The Things You Have, Don’t Run After The Things Which Others Have.
  • The Key To Happy Life Is “ Start A Day With A Life.
  • The Joy In Your Heart And Happiness In Your Mind Is The Reason For A Beautiful Life.
  • Don’t Wait For Others For Your Happiness , Be The Master Of Your Smile.
I Have A Motto, If You Want To Live A Happy Life Than Work.
  • Only You Can Be The Light Of Your Dark Life.
  • The People With Happy Lives Never Compromise On Their Dreams.(Life Status Quotes For WhatsApp)
  • A Simple Life Filled With Happy Moments Is Way Better Than The Perfect Life.
  • Find Happiness In Your Heart And Be Satisfied With The Things You Have.
The Second Chance Offered By Life Is Called Tomorrow.
  • Comparing Your Life With Others Is The Death Of Your Happiness.
  • Be Thankful For Your Happy And Wonderful Life.(Life Happy Status)
  • If You Seriously Want To Change Your Life Eventually You Will Find A Way, If Not You Will Always Find An Excuse.
  • The Only Tragedy Of Life Is We Get Old Soon But Wise Very Late.

More Collection Of WhatsApp Life Captions

Following are some of the Best WhatsApp Status about life to share with most important people in your life.

You Can Never Get What You Want From Life. It Will Give You What You Work For.
  • Dream Like You Will Live Forever, Live Like You Are Going To Die Today.
  • Always Be Courageous To Start Something New In Life And Have Guts To Face The Consequences.
  • Be The Toughest Person In The World So You Can Last Through The Hardest Times Of Your Life.(Life Hard Status)
  • Don’t Be Afraid Of Failing Again And Again In Life, Just Don’t Become A Failure.
Try To Make An Impact Of Your Life Rather Than Trying To Make Money.
  • If You Want To Celebrate Life More And More, Try To Praise Your Life More And More.
  • Have The Courage To Ask For, What You Want In Life.
  • Change Plans To Achieve Something In Life, Not The Goal.
  • Meaning Of Life Is In Creating Yourself And Not In Finding Yourself.
A man is doing biceps exercise with life status written on it.
If You Want To Achieve Something In Life, Work Outside Your Comfort Zone.
  • You Can Only Predict The Future By Creating It.
  • It Goes On” Is The Sum Of Your Life.
  • A Worthwhile Life Is The One You Lived For Others.
  • Remember There Is Always Light After Dark.
The Struggles You Are Facing Today, Will Strengthen Your Tomorrow.
  • Have Faith In Your Life, Let It Be Bigger Than Your Fear.
  • Live Your Life And Put Aside Your Age.
  • Change What You Do And Not What You Are.(Emotional Life Status)
  • The Simplicity Of Life Is Just Being Yourself.
Try To Use Your Words Wisely, It Might Destroy Someone’s Life.
  • I Have Never Seen More Beautiful Thing Than Life.
  • The Darker The Night The Brighter Will Be The Day.
  • In The End Everyone Will Die, Only Someone Will Live.
  • If You Want To Understand Life Look At Its Growth.
Don’t Wait Around For Things To Happen, Work Hard And Wait For The Surprise.
  • Life Is Just Like A Mountain, Your Goal Should Be To Find The Path, Not To Reach At The Top.
  • Don’t Spend Too Much Time On Thinking Or You Will Fail To Do Anything.
  • The Only Way To Change Your Life Is To Change Your Thoughts.
  • Live Your Life Forward And Understand Is Backward.

Some Happy And Positive Life Status

The Best Moments Of Your Life, Come At Unexpected Times By Unexpected People.
  • A Life Full Of Love Is The Greatest Life Someone Can Have.
  • Happiness Should Be The Goal Of Your Life.(Life Captions For WhatsApp)
  • A Happy Life Is Much Better Than The Perfect Life.
  • Live Like A Kind So You Could Die Happy.
Am image on sky wheel with positive life status written on it.
Life Is Very Simple, Don’t Make It Complicated.
  • The Most Courageous And Beautiful Struggle Is Life.
  • I Am In Love With The Life That’s The Reason For My Eternal Youth.
  • Being The Reason For Someone’s Smile Is Key To A Happy Life.
  • You Are Very Near To Achieving Your Goal When You Believe.
image of sunset with life status written on it.
After Years Of Experience I Found That, Life Will Love You Back If You Love Life.
  • Life is a beautiful journey, Climb higher and higher.
  • Life is already hard, don’t try to make it harder for yourself.
  • In life you always learn from the things, you hate doing.(Best Life Captions In English)
  • Don’t try to solve, life is not a problem it is a blessing.
A girl is riding a bicycle with about life change status written on it.
Life Is Like A Bicycle, To Keep A Balance You Must Never Stop Moving.
  • The moment you start being truthful with others, Life gets hard.
  • It’s impossible to know where life will take you and where it will end.
  • Life is not hard, you make it hard by expecting.
  • Don’t try too hard, life can never be perfect.
You Can Solve The Mystery Of Life By Experiences Of Realities.
  • Choose the pain that will change your life and not the pain that will change you.
  • Try to take the risk in life, focus on the gain and not the pain.
  • Respect that person who was wrong but taught you the right.
  • Focus on the perfect moments of your life, It will eventually make your life perfect.
If You Want To Make Others Happy, Give Them The Piece Of Your Heart Not The Piece Of Your Mind.
  • There are thousands reasons to smile and thousands reasons to cry, it’s up to you which one you choose.
  • Life is beautiful, focus on that, notice all its wonders and appreciate it.
  • Choose one person that will change your life and to find that person, look in the mirror.(Life Status Quotes For WhatsApp)
  • The most hated moments of your life will teach you the best of life.

New Best Enjoying And Love Life Captions

Spread these Love Life status and tell the world that your life is beautiful and you are enjoying every bit of your life.

Flow Towards The Direction Of Your Heart.
  • If you want to live a happy and healthy life, don’t compare it with others.
  • Try to be real in your life, don’t run after perfection.
  • A well spent life is better than well written.
  • To know the price of everything, you must know the value of things.
image on girl and boy standing in a romantic way with love life status written on it.
Life Is Very Beautiful When You Are By My Side.
  • The Secret Of Life Is To Keep Fighting For Things You Love.
  • A Beautiful Smile Can Turn Toughest Moments Of Your Life Into The Happiest Moments Of Your Life.
  • The bestest possible thing you can carry is the smile on your face.
  • The greatest happiness of life is to love and be loved.(Love Status)
It Takes A Few Minutes To Say Hello And It Will Take Forever To Say Goodbye.
  • Life Is Like A Surprised Question, How You Are Living It Is The Answer.
  • If You Want An Opportunity To Knock, Build A Door Called “Hard Work”.
  • Don’t Focus On Looking Like A Hero, Focus On Living Like A Hero.
  • It’s always the good times which become good memories and bad times which become bad memories.(Life Status)
Change Is Called The Law Of Life, If You Keep Looking Into The Past You Will Surely Miss The Future.
image of movie character joker with attitude life status written on it.
Making A Life By Giving What We Have Is Much Better Than Living A Life With What We Get.