Breakup Status In English – Breakup Status Quotes And Sad Breakup Status – 2022

It is not easy to overcome the pain of losing someone you love. We can share our romantic feelings comfortably but It is very difficult to express your pain when you are shattered. These breakup status will help you relieve pain and move on.

With the help of these breakup captions with images, you can convey your message to the person you are missing that he/she is still in your heart or simply make him/her realize what he/she has done to you and how you are feeling right now.

Sad Breakup Status For WhatsApp

Breakup status
I Won’t Shed Any More Tears, Because It’s You Who Lost Me.

  • Hardest Goodbye Is When You Have To Let Go But Your Heart Still Wants To Hold On.
  • The Way You Left Explained Everything.
  • You Will Look For Me Inside Every Person You Meet But You Won’t Find Me.(Breakup Status For Girls)
  • I Could Have Done Anything For You. I Could Have Had Any Person But I Still Choose You Every time. But You Still Left Me And Now I Too Had To Give Up On You.
  • You Are Unable To Fly With Broken Wings And Unable To Love With A Broken Heart.
  • Thanks For Breaking My Heart, It Changed Me A Lot.
breakup status in english
You Will Never Know How Hard Every Day Has Been Without You And How Badly I Need You.

  • I Never Knew That One Little Conversation Can Change Things Between Us Forever.
  • Despite Having A Hundred Reasons To Give Up I Still Chose To Hold On.(Breakup Love Status)
  • The Hardest Thing To Accept When You Walk Away From Someone Is That No Matter How Slowly You Go, They Will Never Call You Back.
  • Maybe They Left Because Someone Else Is About To Come.
breakup status for girls
I Hate Myself For Still Hoping That You Are Gonna Come Back.

  • A New Beginning Is Sometimes Disguised As A Painful Ending.
  • And Now We Have To Pretend Like We Never Knew Each Other. But Deep Down We Both Know It Should Not Have Ended Like This.(Post Breakup Caption)
  • You Never Really Loved Me. You Just Loved The Way I Made You Feel Special.
  • Don’t Come Back With An Excuse When You Realize That I Was The One.
breakup status for boys
Yes, I’m Tired Of Fighting. And For Once In My Life I Really Want To Be Fought For.

  • My Whole World Just Fell Apart When You Left Me Alone.
  • You Have The Right To Leave Me But At Least Tell Me The Reason.
  • You Know It’s Over When Memories Make You Happier Than The Person In Front Of You.
  • The Last Time I Truly Felt Alive Was When I Looked Into Your Eyes.
breakup status for whatsapp
You Abandoned Me When I Was Not Even Ready To Spend A Single Moment Without You.

  • Just Like That….We Became Strangers.
  • I Wanted To Be Your Everything But All I Am To You Is Nothing.(Breakup Status In English For Boyfriend)
  • Your Heart Is Both The Hardest And The Easiest Place To Remove Someone From
  • I Wish You Also Took Away All Your Memories With You.

Emotional Breakup Status With Downloadable Images

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I Wish We Could Get Back The Days When We Used To Talk All Day About Everything.

  • The Hardest Part I Learned After Losing Is To Live Without You.
  • I Wonder How Your Name Doesn’t Make Me Smile Anymore.
  • I Can’t Hate You For Breaking My Heart And Hurting Me. You Never Loved Me Anyway.(Breakup Caption)
  • I Always Tried To Understand You, Even When You Hurt Me So Bad.
breakup caption
Remember, You Can Always Love Someone Even After They Hurt You And Leave.

  • No Matter How Many Times They Promise To Stay. Eventually They Will Leave You.
  • Words Can Never Explain The Pain That Runs Through My Body When I’m Missing You.(Very Sad Breakup Status)
  • The Answer Is Always You, Whenever Someone Asks Me What I’m Thinking About.
  • Loving You Was Like Breathing, I Died Inside When I Stopped It.
post breakup caption
Love Never Dies A Natural Death. It Is Killed Either By Indifference Or Arrogance.(Breakup Status Image)

  • I Am Not The Same Person I Used To Be When You Were Here.
  • And Just Like That Everything I Once Dreamed Of Vanished When You Left.
  • Removing You From My Heart Will Kill Me.
  • You And I Are Like Unfinished Business And It’s Gonna Be Like That Forever.
emotional breakup status
You Made Me Cry. You Made Me Laugh. You Made Me Believe In Love. And In The End You Shattered My Heart.

  • It Was Not That Easy To Let Go. You Just Did Not Deserve My Heart.
  • The Hardest Part Is To Pretend That You Don’t Want To See That Person.
  • People May Leave But Memories Don’t.(Breakup Status For Boys)
  • It Hurts When You Are Not Close, But Not Having You At All Will Hurt Even More.
breakup sad status
It’s Funny How People Claim To Love You And Then Replace You With Someone Else.

  • The Hardest Step I Took Was The One Away From You.
  • If Someone Asks Me To Define Hell, I Will Answer ”The Distance Between Two Lovers.”
  • It Is Difficult To Live With A Broken Heart And You Are The One Who Broke My Heart.(Breakup Sad Status)
  • Every time I Am Sad, I Imagine You By My Side But Now You Are Nowhere To Be Found.

Breakup Captions For WhatsApp In English

breakup love status
Tell Me The Truth, Was I Only An Option To You When You Were My First And Last Priority?(Breakup Status Image)

  • Bitterness Was The Reason That Took Over Our Sweetness.
  • It Was Too Easy For You To Learn To Let Go.
  • It Is Still Difficult To Decide Whether To Love You Or Hate You.
  • Insecurities And Doubts Are The Reasons Of Destroying Our Bond.
sad breakup status
I Hope, One Day You Will Be Looking Back At All The Things We Had Between Us. And You Will Regret How Brutally You Ended Everything.

  • I Trusted The One Who Never Understood My Feelings.
  • Without You I Am Totally Disturbed.
  • There Was A Time I Used To Love You.
  • It Is Always The People Who Walk Away, Not The Feelings.
captions after breakup
The Fact That You Don’t Need Anymore Is More Painful Than Any Wound.

  • The Reason You Are Bored With Me And Left Me Is That You Never Actually Cared.
  • I Moved On And You Thought I Stopped Loving You.(Emotional Breakup Status)
  • If I Ever Mattered To You Then We Would Be Still Together.
  • When I Am With You I Always Listen To My Heart.
When You Left It Felt Like You Took Away A Part Of My Soul And Now I Feel Incomplete Again.

  • Remember Your Apologies Won’t Be Able To Fix My Broken Heart.
  • Some Memories Are Written With A Pen But Our Story Is Written With Pain.
  • It Takes Years To Build Trust, Second To Break It And Forever To Repair It.
  • Destiny Is A Matter Of Choice Not A Matter Of Chance.
breakup whatsapp status
That Moment When You Realize That You Love Someone But You Will Still Have To Move On.

  • The Plan We Made For Each other You Are Living It With Someone Else.
  • The Day We Choose Our Different Paths Is The Day I Saw Darkness In My Life.
  • If You Try To Stay, I Promise I Will Never Let You Go.(Breakup Status For WhatsApp)
  • Now I Just Want You To Slowly Fade Away From My Memories.

Love Breakup Status For Broken Hearts

broken heart status over a image of girl walking in the dark
I Feel Like I Lost You. Or Maybe I Never Really Had You.

  • I Wish To Go Back In Time So I Can Manipulate You The Way You Manipulated Me.
  • Right Now I Can Only Smile Because It Hides All The Pain.
  • It Is Easy For Me To Erase The Pictures But It Is So Hard To Erase You.
  • You Were My Happiest Moment, Now You Are Just A Bad Memory.
Breakup love status
You Broke The Heart That Loved You More Than Anything In This World.

  • Walking Away Being In Love With Someone Is The Hardest Thing To Do.
  • Body Found Can Heal Quickly But It Will Take Time To Heal The Wounded Heart.
  • The Hardest Drug To Quit Is Love But It Will Make You Mad When It Is Taken Away.
  • It Is Very Hard Not To Miss You.(Breakup Caption)
Nothing Can Fill The Void And Emptiness That’s Left In You When Someone You Love Leaves.

  • If You Want To Fill My Empty World, Come Back To My World.
  • It Was My Decision To Let You Hurt Me.
  • You Tear My Life Apart Just Because Of A Simple Mistake.
  • I Never Thought It Would Be This Difficult To Leave Without You.
It Hurts When You Know You Have To Give Up On Someone Even When You Don’t Want To.

  • You Told Me Never To Cry Then Why Did You Leave Me?
  • It Was Your Deception Who Killed Me, Not Poison.(Post Breakup Captions)
  • The Only Regret I Have In My Life Is Falling For You.
  • I Am Not Feeling Well Because I Am Broken, I Wish To Die And I Badly Want To Cry.
If You Ever Miss Me, Just Remember One Thing That I Didn’t Leave, You Did.

  • I Died The Day I Found You Only Love My Face.
  • You Were The One Who Promised To Live With Me But Left Me To Cry.
  • I Cannot Change My Feelings No Matter How Much You Make Me Cry.(Captions After Breakup)
  • You Make Me Cry Everyday. Still, I Love You With All My Heart.

Positive Breakup Quotes For Facebook And WhatsApp

You Might Lose A Relationship. But Remember Not To Lose Yourself In It.

  • When You Left Me, It Broke My Heart. But It Surely Fixed My Vision.
  • Just Forget How You Feel And Remember What You Really Deserve.
  • You Have To Let It Hurt And Then To Let It Go.
  • Letting Go Of What Hurts Your Soul And Heart, Is A Courageous Decision And You Must Make It.
A Breakup Makes You Realize Two Different Things. The Amount Of Love You Have For Someone Or The Amount Of Peace You Have Without Them.

  • If Someone Tells You That He Doesn’t Give A Fuck, Show Him That You Are Better At It.
  • Never Let Someone Make You Believe That You Are Not Lovable.
  • Never Beg For Something That You Deserve. It Should Be Given To You Without Any Condition.(Positive Breakup Quotes)
  • You Deserve All The Love. Don’t Ever Let Someone Make You Believe That You Are Not Worth The Attention.
emotional breakup status
You Should Never Let Someone Use You Like A Tissue Paper. If They Don’t Respect Your Effort, They Don’t Deserve It.

  • It’s Strange How You Miss Something But Don’t Want It Back.
  • You Can Realize That They Never Wanted To Stay If They Leave So Soon.
  • The Pages Of Life Will End One Day, I Know You Will Be One Of The Best Chapters In It.(Breakup Sad Status)
  • Pain Made Me Stronger, Fear Made Me Brave, Heartbreak Made Me Wise.
You Deserve A Person Who Loves You With All Your Flaws Not The One Who Keeps Putting You Down All The Time.

  • Everything Which Is Meant For You Will Eventually Find You.
  • I Always Feared You Would Leave Me For Someone Now It Came True.
  • You Were The One Who Always Made Me Smile Now You Are The Reason For My Tears.
  • It Is Hard To Believe That You Are Never Coming Back. Still, I Am Waiting For A Miracle.(Breakup Status For Girls)
Sometimes You Have To Accept The Fact That Some People Can Always Be In Your Heart But Not In Your Life.

  • The Day We Parted I Met The Original And Old Me.
  • You Make Me Realize Not Everybody Was Meant To Stay In Your Life.
  • You Make Me Realize Everything Which Is Pure Can Never Be True.
  • Only True Love Can Hurt This Way.(Positive Breakup Quotes)

Breakup Status In English With Images

It’s Strange How Looking Back At Those Tears Makes Me Laugh And Looking Back At Those Laughs Makes Me Cry.
  • The Goodbye Between Us Was The Most Painful. Because It Was Never Explained And Never Said.
  • It Shatters Your Heart When You Come To Realize That You Are Not Important To Someone Anymore.(Breakup Caption)
  • Tears Dried Up, Eyes Became Barren, Heart Turned Into Stone, You Took Everything Away And Made Me Dead Inside.
  • You Are Unable To See The Tears Behind My Smile.
You Still Mean The World To Me. But I’m Broken So Badly That I Can Not Fight Anymore.
  • Once Again It Was You Who Broke Me.
  • It Is Better To Be Single Than Being In A Relationship With The Person Who Makes You Feel Bad.
  • You Will Always Cry When There Is Dust In Your Eyes And Trust In Your Heart.
  • Remember Pain Will Always Make You Stronger And Heartbreak Will Make You Wiser.
Breakup Feels Like Having A Nightmare After Having The Sweetest Dream.
  • I Begged For What Never Wanted To Stay.
  • The One Thing I Understand When You Left Me Is “Life Goes On”
  • The One I Wish To Hold In My Arms Is So Far Away.
  • It Is So Hard To Not Dream About You.
It’s Okay If It Hits You Again. It’s Okay To Fall Apart Again. It Doesn’t Mean You Are Weak. Healing Takes Time & There’s No Timeline For It.(Breakup Status Image)
  • I Always Try To Turn Your Tears Into Smiles Now All My Smiles Have Turned Into Tears.
  • I Am Unable To Understand How A Simple Misunderstanding Can End Our Relationship.
  • The Only Problem Is That I Still Care.
  • To Live The Fullest Life You Should Inhale The Future And Exhale The Past.
Life Removes People You Never Even Imagined Losing. It Also Replaces Them With People You Never Dreamt Of Having.

You Should Feel The Pain In My Heart. Not To Hurt You But To Make You Understand How Much It Hurt When You Left.

You Don’t Want To Turn The Page When You Know That They Are Not Going To Be In The Next Chapter.(Breakup Status Download)