190+ New One Line Love Status In English With Images Of 2022

Tell your loved one’s, how you feel about them without speaking a single word. These Love Status will help you connect with the person you love most in this world and will strengthen your bond with them.

Love Status
You Are All That I Have Today And Everything That Is Going To Come Tomorrow.
  • “The Most Magical Surprise Is The Surprise Of Being Loved.”
  • “There Is No Power More Powerful Than The Power Of Love.”(Beautiful Love Status)
  • “You Are My Sun, My Moon…My Sunshine, My Moonlight…My Days And My Night.”
  • “Your Love Frees Me Of All The Pain And Weight Of Life.”
An Image Of Sun-Set With Love Caption Written On it
You Don’t Go Out And Look For Love. Love Finds You, And When It Does It’ll Be The Best Thing That’s Ever Gonna Happen To You.
  • “Love Is Never Wrong But People Are.”
  • “I Got Lost In Your Eyes And Found My World In Them.”
  • “Whenever I Miss You I Read Our Old Chats And It Makes Me Smile Like An Idiot.”(Best Love Status)
  • “If Love Is Madness, I Don’t Want To Be Sane Again.”
A Broken Heart With Love Quote
I Am An Incomplete Puzzle, And You Are My Missing Piece.
  • “I Fall In Love With You Everyday.”
  • “Your Smile Is The Only Thing I Wanna See Every Morning.”(Good Morning Love Status)
  • “For Me, Your Love Is The Only Thing That’s Worth Living For.”
  • “I Don’t Wanna Feel Anything Else Except The Love For You.”
  • “Can You Please Give Me A Kiss ? I’ll Give It Back.”(Love Captions)
  • “You Are In Your Bed, I’m In Mine. But One Of Us Is In The Wrong Place.”
In The Background A Girl Is Smiling And Love Status Written On It
I Never Wanted To Fall In Love, But Then You Smiled And My Whole World Just Turned Upside Down In That Moment.
  • “Your Love Makes Me Feel Like The Luckiest Person In This World.”
  • “I Dreamt About You Without Any Fear, I Loved You Without Any Limits…”
  • “We Fit Perfectly Together, Like We Were Made For Each Other.”
  • “Your Love Made Me Feel Like A Child, Who’s Born Again Only To Be Happy.”(Love Status In English For Girlfriend)
  • Bodies Might Meet Accidentally, But Souls Never Make A Mistake.
Love Emotional Status
In The Middle Of The Chaos Is Where I Found You.
  • “Yesterday, I Loved You, Today, I Am Loving You, Tomorrow, I Will Love You.”
  • “True Love Can Not Be Found, It Grows.”
  • “My Heart Fell In Love With You Before My Mind Even Realized.”(New Love Status)
  • “Chemistry Is When You Put My Heart On Fire By Touching My Skin.”
Love English Status
Love Is Nothing That You Say But Everything That You Do.
  • “In This Sea Of People, My Eyes Always Look For You.”
  • “End Of The Time Is Till I’m Gonna Love You.”(English Love Status)
  • “My Heart Is Where You Were, You Are And Will Always Be.”
  • “I Love You Not Only For What You Are To Me But For What You Have Made Me.”
A Boy And A Girl Holding Hands With Love Status Written On It
Love Is When It Hurts But You Still Wanna Stay.
  • “I Found Home Between Your Arms.”
  • “Forever? You Are My Eternal Love.”(True Love Status)
  • “To Love Is To Be Vulnerable.”
  • “You Are Not The Sun, The Moon Or The Stars…My Love You Are The Whole Universe To Me.”

One Line Love Status In English

Portrait Of A Girl With Love Sad Status
The Love In Your Eyes Is The Poison I’m Dying To Drink.
  • “Your Eyes Are Where I See My Future.”
  • “Giving Love Is The Only Thing Where You Never Lose But Only Gain.”
  • “Never Say That I Love You, But Say I Am The Love.”
  • “Don’t Just Love, Be The Love.”
Kiss Love Status
It Feels So Right, When You Hug Me So Tight.
  • “Whenever You Need Me Just Call Me…No Matter What I’ll Always Be There For You.”
  • “Kissing You All The Time Is The Only Job I Want.”(Kiss Love Status)
  • “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue… My Life Is Meaningless Without You.”
  • “You Are The Only Person I Wanna Share My Secrets With. And You Are My Only Secret.”
A Girl And Boy Wearing White Shirts Looking At Each Other With Love Status Quote
Your Love Is The Only Thing That Makes My Mornings Worth Getting Up For.(Good Morning Love Status)
  • “Life Was Meaningless Before You Came.”
  • “When I Push You Away, I Want You To Pull Me Closer.”
  • “You Are Not Just A Friend Or A Soulmate…You Are My Whole World.”(True Friendship Status)
  • “Your Hug Is The Only Thing Worth Waiting For.”
Image Of Two Heart With Love Caption
Every Piece Of Me Is In Love With Every Piece Of You.
  • “They Keep Telling Me That I’m Addicted…But They Don’t Know That You Are My Only Addiction.”
  • “I See You, When I Close My Eyes. I Miss You When I Open My Eyes.”
  • “The World Feels Incomplete Without You.”
  • “Mind Tells Me That I Don’t Love You…But My Heart Says That I Still Miss You, Please Come Back.”
Heart Touching Love Status
I Don’t Know How, I Don’t Know Why….I Just Fell In Love With You, And That’s The Only Thing That Matters To Me.
  • “You Are Not The Sun, The Moon Or The Stars…My Love You Are The Whole Universe To Me.”
  • “I’ll Be Loving You Not Just Till My Last Breath But Till This World Exists.”
  • “A Single Text From You And The Whole World Is Upside Down.”
  • “She Was Meant To Be Loved And Not Just To Be Understood.”
A Girl And Boy Standing Under The Full Moon Sky With Love Status Written On It
Whether It’s Morning Or The Night, You Are The Only Person On My Mind.
  • “My Heart Beats, Breaks, Loves, Aches For You. Only For You.”
  • “Love Is What Set My Mind On Fire With The Warmth Of His Hands On My Skin.”
  • “Love Is When Someone Else’s Happiness Becomes Yours.”
  • “You Grabbed Me In Your Arms And That’s What I Ever Needed.”(Love Status For WhatsApp)

New Love Status Messages For Boyfriend

Image Illustration Of Girl Holding A Umbrella With Love Caption Quote
I Want To Spend My Whole Life Loving You And Making You Smile.
  • “There Could Be All Types Of Love In This World.”
  •  “Thousands Of Eyes Passed By, But Yours Are Where I Got Lost. And That My Love Is All I Want Now.”
  • “Only Real Love Is What Awakens Your Soul.”
  • “My Nights Are Rich And Mornings Are Full, Just Because Of You.”
A Girl And Boy Holding Each Other
Your Eyes Are Not The Color Of The Sea, But I Drowned The Moment I Looked Into Them.
  • “I Am Ready To Give Anything Just To Hold Your Hand.”
  • “I Love You And I’m Not Fond Of Sharing.”(Love Attitude Status)
  • “I Saw You For A Single Moment And Found A Thousand Reasons To Love You.”
  • “If You Really Love Someone, Your Presence Is The Greatest Gift That You Can Give Them.”
Abstract image of girl and boy walking
Love Doesn’t Need To Be Explained When I’m With You
  • “Look Into My Eyes, And Through Them Into My Heart And You’ll Find Only You In There.”
  • “Distance Should Never Matter In A Relationship. You Don’t Need To See Someone Daily To Love Them.”
  • “Whenever I Wonder If Love Is Worth Fighting For, I Just Remember Your Face And I’m Ready For A War.”
  • “You Looked Into My Eyes And I Looked Into Your Soul.”
Abstract image of a girl and boy sitting on a bus looking at stars
I Talk To The Stars About You.
  • “People Leave But Love Stays.”
  • “You Fill My Heart And Make Me Feel Complete.”
  • “And In Your Smile I Found My World.”
  • “And In Your Smile I Found Something More Beautiful Than This World Could Ever Be.”
A sentence about is love written over a image
 Believe That Souls Are Created Together And Are In Love Even Before When They Are Born.
  • “I’m Not Perfect, I Annoy You, Piss You Off, Say Stupid Things….But I Love You More Than Anyone.”
  • “I Don’t Know If You Want Me Or Not, But I’ll Be Yours Forever.”(Love Quotes)
  • “Two People Might Be Destined To Meet, But Staying Together Is All About Their Effort.”
  • “I Never Realized How Hard It Was To Be Alone, Before I Met You.”
alive about love is written over a image of holding hands of girl and boy
A True Lover Will Never Ever Let You Go, No Matter What Comes And Goes.
  • “I Love To Wear The Smile You Gave Me.”
  • “Waiting For You Feels Like Freedom.”
  • “Believe Me If It’s True, It Can’t Be Stopped Even If The Whole Universe Comes Together.”
  • “Loving You Is That One Thing I’ll Never Be Able To Get Enough Of.”

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image of a girl and boy standing in front of sun over it some romantic lines are written
Your Love Burns My Heart Like The Sun Burns The Sky.
  • “Waiting For You Feels Like Freedom.”
  • “I Looked Into The Future, And All I Saw Was You.”(New Love Status)
  • “I Want To Sleep Only To Dream About You.”
  • “You Are The Person Who Makes My Soul Calm And My Flesh Crazy.”
abstract image of girl and boy walking holding hands
The Stardust In Our Souls Is The Same.
  • “There’s A Constant Fight Between My Mind And Heart. Where My Heart Tells Me To Hold On And My Mind Tells Me To Let Go.”
  • “I Wish You Could Know How Those Moments With You Felt.”
  • “Love Is Only A Drug, An Escape From Reality Into Dreams.”(Love Status Quotes For WhatsApp)
  • “Sometimes, You Have A Lot To Say, But You Can’t Say It To Just Anybody.”
Love Quotes For WhatsApp
I Never Knew What Love Was, Until I Met You.
  • “Never Leave A Person Who Could Make Your Life Great Just Because They Are Difficult. After All, Good Never Comes Easy.”
  • “Lack Of Love Isn’t Always The Problem. Sometimes It’s Lack Of Friendship.”
  • “If You Loved A Wrong Person That Much, Imagine What It Would Be Like With The Right Person.”(Love Life Status)
  • “Fall In Love With Someone Who Makes You Feel That You Really Matter.”
Love Broken Status
My Heart Will Always Hold You Even When My Arms Cannot.
  • “I Never Asked For Too Much. I Was Just Asking It From The Wrong Person.”
  • “Only One Person Can Make The Difference, Yet Everyone Must Try.”
  • “You Should Always Meet With A Smile, For A Smile Is What Begins The Chapter Of Love.”
  • “We Are Born Alone And We Will Die Alone. Only Love And Friendship Create The Illusion Of Not Being Alone.”
Best Love Status
I Love, Making You Laugh, Because Those Laughter Give Me Life.
  • “Love Is Always Given Freely And Willingly. There Should Not Be Any Expectations.”
  • “One Should Not Love To Be Loved, But Love To Love.”(Love Feeling Status)
  • “You Don’t Find Love, Love Finds You.”
  • “A Human Soul On Fire Is The Most Powerful Weapon.”
Image of black roses over it a caption about love and pain is written
Love Taught Me Who I Needed, Pain Taught Me Who I Needed To Be.
  • “Love Is Always Given Freely And Willingly. There Should Not Be Any Expectations.”
  • “One Should Not Love To Be Loved, But Love To Love.”
  • “You Don’t Find Love, Love Finds You.”
  • “A Human Soul On Fire Is The Most Powerful Weapon.”
abstract image of boy and girl about to kiss
I Wanna Write The Poems Of Love On Your Neck With All The Feelings Being Poured From My Lips.(Love kiss Status)
  • “If Life Is A Flower Then Love Is Honey.”
  • “Love Is Ageless, Limitless And Immortal.”
  • “Love Is Like A Ghost. Everyone Talks About It But Only A Few Have Seen It.”
  • “Love Is A Cure For Both The Giver And The Receiver.”(Love Status In English For Boyfriend)

Best Love Status One Line

abstract image of girl sitting on an bench and boy sitting on a wooden fence over it romantic status about love is written
I Fell In Love With Every Place You Have Been To And Every Path You Ever Put Your Feet On.
  • “You Can Not Find Love Where It Does Not Exist, Nor Can You Deny Where It Does.”
  • “Love For A Man Is Just Like Sunshine For A Flower.”(New Love Status)
  • “Don’t Look For The Perfect Lover, Instead Create The Perfect Love.”
  • “I Don’t Know What Souls Are Made Of, Yours And Mine Are The Same.”
image of couple hugging in front of seas view
I Fell In Love With You Because You Loved Me When No One Else Did
  • “You Can Think Of Love As An Hourglass, When The Brain Empties The Heart Becomes Full.”
  • “Divine Love Is What Truly Bestows The Keys Of Knowledge.”(Love Feeling Status)
  • “Love Is Magic, And Magic Is Just An Illusion.”
  • “Love Is The Hardest Of The Habits To Break, And Surely The Most Difficult To Satisfy.”
Love Is When You Still Miss That One Person When Everyone Is Around You.
  • “You Can Neither Get Enough Of Love, Nor You Can Give Enough Of It.”
  • “When Someone Loves You Deeply, You Become Strong. And When You Love Someone Deeply, You Become Courageous.”
  • “You Love Someone Because You Love Someone. Love Does Not Need A Reason.”(Love Caption)
  • “Love Is Like A Flower, And You Have To Let It Grow.”
some lines written over a image of  red rose soaking in rain
Love Creates A Memory That’s Impossible To Steal, But It Also Gives A Pain That Can Never Heal.
  • “No Disguise Can Ever Hide Love Where It Exists.”(Love Status One Line)
  • “Even The Thinnest Ray Of Hope Is Sufficient To Enlight Love.”
  • “Life Is Canvas Furnished By Nature And Embroidered With Love.”
  • “The Sweetest Sound Is The Voice Of A Person You Love.”(Couple Love Status In English)
abstract image of a couple sitting on a bench
Angry, Sad, Broken…A Single Text From You And Everything Starts Feeling Like Heaven.
  • “We All Want That Person Whom We Can Hold Onto Our Whole Life.”
  • “The Essence Of Life Is That You Always Have Something Left To Love.”(Love Line Status)
  • “Love Is When You Discover Yourself In Someone Else.”
  • “Lovers Give Reasons Which Reason Can Never Explain.”

Love Quotes Romantic With Images

I Don’t Want The Whole World To Understand Me, Feel Me Or Love Me….I Just Need You To Be There For Me.
  • “In Love, Imagination Always Dominates Intelligence.”
  • “Love Begins Where Knowledge Ends.”(Beautiful Love Status)
  • “You Have To Be In Love To Know What Love Is.”
  • “Earth Is Nothing More Than A Tomb, If You Take Away Love.”
I Might Get Rude, Act Like An Idiot, Become Unbearable Sometimes….But Baby I Can Promise You One Thing That I Will Never Leave You Alone.
  • “Pain Is The Festivity Of Love.”
  • “Love Is When You Find A Piece Of Your Soul In Someone Else.”
  • “True Wisdom Lies Within A Loving Heart.”(Love Status Messages)
  • “Love Has No Geography And Isn’t Contained Within Any Boundaries.”

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A Sky Full Of Stars And I Love Staring At You.
  • “The Greatest Art Is To Love People.”
  • “Love Is What Truly Gives Voice To Our Soul.”
  • “There Is Not A Single Being Without The Desire For Love.”
  • “I Met You, And That’s When I Got To Know Myself.”(Love Status In English For Girlfriend)
A Whole Day Can Feel Like A Few Moments With The Right Person.
  • “Life Is Imprisoned In Bitterness, Only Love Can Release It.”(Best Love Status)
  • “Love Is A Flower That You Can Not Touch, But It’s Fragrance Makes Your Life Full Of Delight Just The Same.”
  • “If Love Is Not Mad, It Is Not Love.”
  • “Love Is Being Selfless.”
My Day Is Never Complete Without Telling You How Much I Love You.
  • “Never Confuse Love With Lust.”
  • “Love Is What Makes A Loved One Unique And Irreplaceable.”
  • “The Time Spent Without Loving Is The Time Wasted.”
  • “Do Everything With Love And For Love.”(Romantic Love Status)

Love Quotes Images Direct Download Status

I’ll Always Need You As A Part Of Me.
“Long Distance Doesn’t Matter If It’s The Right Person.”
Nothing Scares Me More Than The Idea Of Living Without You.
You Became My Reason To Live The Day Our Eyes Met.
Your Arms Are The Only Place Where I Feel Safe.
Your Name Is The Only Word In The List Of Things That Make Me Happy.
I Feel Incomplete when You Are Not Around.(True Love Status)
All I Want Is You And Your Beautiful Soul.
Taking Care Of You Is The Best Job I Even Got.
Your Arms Are The Only Place In This Whole Wide World Where I Wanna Be.
Your Arms Are The Only Heaven I Wanna Be In.
Every Moment Spent By Your Side Makes Me Happier.
I Love You Not Only For What You Are To Me But For What You Have Made Me.(Love Status Images)