310+ Broken Heart Sad Status – Sad Mood Status For WhatsApp – Sad Emotional Status Of Year 2022

Sadness is an emotion that every human being will feel at some point. People can understand the reason for your happiness, anger but they are unable to understand why you are sad. These Sad Status will help you tell them about your feelings.

Happiness and sadness is a part of life. It is easy to share your happiness with your loved ones but it is very difficult to share your sadness with the world.

To make it easy for you to tell the world how you are feeling and let them understand what you are going through, we have a collection of these sad quotes in English for you to tell the world or a specific person what you are feeling right now.

Updated Best Sad Status For WhatsApp

Sad Love Status
I Care About You Too Much, That’s My Only Weakness.
  • If You Want Your Relationship To Work Then Expect Less.
  • I Hope We Can Meet Again Somewhere.
  • Every time I Look At You , I Realize How Wrong I Was.
  • I Wish You Could See The Tears Behind My Smile.(Sad Quotes For WhatsApp Status)
  • I Will Never Hurt You, I Love The Way He Lies.
  • You Use Me Like A Tissue Paper But Still I Cannot Hate You.
  • Don’t Give Up On Me You Are The Only Person I Cared With All My Heart.
  • Tears Are The Words Of Painful Hearts.
  • Please Free Me From Your Thoughts.
  • Without You I Am An Empty Soul.
Sad Love Caption
I Hope We Can Meet Again In This Life.
  • There Was A Time I Used To Smile And Laugh.
  • You Are The Only Person I Open My Heart For.
  • I Am Available Every Time That’s Why I Am Not Important Anymore.
  • I Cannot Force You To Stay In My Life.(Sad Life Status In English)
  • It Makes Me Sad To Think I Am Not As Important As You Are To Me.
  • It Hurts A Lot To Know That My Tears Mean Nothing To You.
Sad Status For WhatsApp
There Is Lots Of Sadness In My Life, But Still I Am Very Thankful For Everything.
  • I Love You With All My Heart But You Still Cheated.
  • You Really Hurt Me, Are You Happy Now?
  • Truth Is Like Surgery It Hurts But It Cures.
  • If You Ever Left Me Without Reason Don’t Come Back With An Excuse.
  • I Try To Smile, To Hide My Pain.
  • Tears Are The Words That Everybody Cannot Understand.
some lines about Sad heart broken Status is written over image of man holding his head in grief
I Am Extremely Sorry That I Was Not Good Enough For You, But I Tried My Best.
  • It’s Difficult To Please Everybody.
  • I Want To Be Your Priority And All I Am To You Is An Option. 
  • Sometimes I’m Not Angry, I’m Hurt And There’s A Huge Difference.
  • Better To Be Alone Than Become Worthless.(Sad Captions For WhatsApp)
  • Sometimes You Have To Forget About The Person You Loved Once.
  • I Always Hurt Myself Trying To Care For You.
Sad Status In English
I Am Extremely Sorry For My “Heart”, But This Time I Know Better And I Am Listening To My Brain.
  • I Always Loved You But You Left Me.
  • My Silence Is Pain Of Separation From You.
  • I Wish There Was A Way To Erase Memories.
  • Sometimes All You Need Is A Shoulder To Cry.
  • I`M That Person Who Is Always An Option.
  • Now I Feel How Careless One Could Be.
Sad Captions About Love is written over a image of house while it is raining outside
I Wish I Could Erase Some Memories From The Book Of My Life.
  • My Favourite Activity Is To Stay Alone And Overthink.
  • Sadness Is, Not Able To Explain Why.
  • It Is Too Painful To Carry A Broken Heart.
  • When I Say I Don’t Care, I Care Too Much.(Sad Quotes For WhatsApp Status)
  • No Matter Where You Are, You Are In My Soul.
  • In Love There Is No Right Or Wrong, It’s Just Us.

New Sad Status For WhatsApp

Sad Status About Love written over a image of crying eyes of girl
Telling Someone Your Feelings, Who Doesn’t Care About Them Is The Worst Kind Of Pain.
  • Don’t You Give Up On Me, I Am Already Done With Myself.
  • Behind My Smile There Are Nights Full Of Tears.
  • I Stay Alone, Listen To Sad Music.
  • WE Need To Stop Being Emotional For Unnecessary People.
  • I Really Need A Break From Being Myself.
  • Be Emotional But Not Be An Emotional Fool.
Sad Sad Status written over a image of man bowing on his knees
You Killed All What Was Left Good In Me.
  • I Wanted To Text But I’m Blocked.
  • Sadness Is We Don’t Talk Anymore.
  • We Don’t Talk Anymore But I Always Want To Talk To You.
  • Oh! Sorry I Forgot I Exist With A Need.(Sad Status Love)
  • A Smile Is Always Easier Than To Explain Why I Am Sad.
  • I Wish I Can Guide My Heart.
a man is standing near a river over it Sad Status About Life is written
Now I Just Want To Sit By Myself ,Relax To Run Away From Your Thoughts.
  • I Wish I Can Control My Heart.
  • When You Love You Can’t Pretend You Don’t.
  • Sometimes Love Comes Like A Sweet Dream And Leaves With Your Sleep.
  • I Am Smiling And Deep Inside Dying.(Sad Quotes For WhatsApp Status)
  • Tired Of Trying, Sick Of Crying That’s How Time Is Flying.
  • You Have Everything But The One Thing You Missed Will Make You Sad.
Broken Heart Sad Status
I Hate When People Say Everything Will Be Alright.
  • I Lose Every Battle When I Think You Are Gone.(Sad Love Status)
  • It Hurts More Than Everything When You Realize You Were Nothing.
  • Don’t Get Fooled By Her Smile See Into Her Eyes How Much Broken She Is.
  •  Don’t Get Fooled By His Smile See Into His Eyes How Much Broken He Is.
  • It Doesn’t Matter Who Makes You Sad, What Matter Is Who Is Trying To Make You Smile.
  • It Is Not Just A Heartbreak, It Breaks Your Whole Body Every Part Separately.(Sad Life Quotes In English)
image of man sitting on wooden bench near a river over it sad lines written
My Hobby Is To Stay Alone, Enjoy The Music And Think About You.
  • The Hardest Part Of Letting Go Is To Know They Already Left.
  • Whenever I Get A Pause You Walk Through My Thoughts.
  • A Lie Can Take Your Life From Best To Worst.(Sad Captions For Pictures)
  • When You Cry It Doesn’t Mean You Are Weak, It Means You Have Lost All Your Strength.
  • People Who Give You Hundreds Of Smiles Will Break You Into Million Pieces.
  • We Neither Forget The First Love Nor The First Wound.
image showing hands of man over it sad status about life is written
The Only Source Of Disappointment Is Expectation.
  • We Never Forget The Pain We Get From Our Beloved.
  • We Cannot See How Much A Person Is Hurt Because He Smiles.(Sad Captions For Facebook)
  • People Never Tell You Their Pain They Always Smile In Public.
  •  I Am Not Upset To Know You Lied, I Am Upset I Never Expected.
  • When You Love, You Give Everything And Never Expect Anything In Return.
  • It Is Sad To Know You Gave Your All And Get Nothing.

Some Best Sad Status About Love

a man is standing near a river with his hands in his pocket earing hoody over it Sad Status With Attitude is written
I Let You Go, It Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Care. It Means I Don’t Want To Force Anything.
  • Pain Is A New Word For My Love.
  • Sometimes The Person You Always Care About Is Gone.
  • When I Say Don’t Care About Me, I Needed Care Too Much.(Sad Caption For Instagram)
  • Although You Left Me, I Always Keep You In My Thoughts.
  • Every time I Trust, I Learnt A New Lesson.
  • I Am Tired Of Fighting For People, Once I Want To Be Fought For.
a girl is standing by the window over it some line about sadness is written
I Told Him What Hurts Me The Most And He Became A Master Of Doing That.
  • Love The People Who Hurt You But Don’t Hurt The People Who Love You.
  • Relationship Is For Two, Don’t Add Third In It.
  • People Who Deserve Your Tears Will Never Make You Cry.
  • Find Someone Who Loves You The Way You Are.
  • Who Wants To Change You, Don’t Love You.(Sad Status On WhatsApp)
  • Who Loves You Will Treat You As A Perfect.

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a sentence about how a smile can change the world is written over a image of girl
Use Your Smile To Change The World. Don’t Let The World Change Your Smile.
  • Walk On The Thorns Of Sadness If You Want To Enjoy Happiness.
  • Sometimes You Have To Forget The Person You Were Always Thinking About.
  • The Moment When We Smile To Hold Tears Is One Of Saddest.
  • A Fake Smile Can Defend You From Explaining Real Pain.(Sad Mood Status)
  • A Sad Moment When You Are Hurt That Much And Say I Am Used To It.
  • I Am Sad To Know We Can’t Be Together But It Makes Me Happy You Were Part Of My Life.
abstract image over it a line explaining how someone who is smiling can be dead from inside is written
Everybody Thought I Am Happy But Inside I Am Dying.
  • It Is Sad To Know People Who Cared A Lot Don’t Care Anymore.
  • The Moment When You Realize That No One Knows How Much Unhappy You Are, Destroys You.(Sad Quotes For WhatsApp Status)
  • I Will Care For You Until I Am Breathing.
  • Distance Will Never Decrease My Care For You.
  • Everything Is Painful When You Are Suffering Sadness.
  • Your Biggest Regret Could Be Eight Letters And Three Words.
a girl is dark crying loudly over it sad captions is written
Sometimes When I Say: I’m Alright, I Need Somebody To Look Straight Into My Eyes, Hug Me, And Say: I Know You’re Definitely Not.(Sad Photo Status)
  • I Am Living Hell Just Because I Cared.(Sad One Line Status)
  • The Ones Who Are Screaming Inside Are Very Silent.
  • You Are That One Person, I Never Thought Would Ever Hurt Me.
  • I Thought I Was Important To You But To My Disappointment, I Was Not.
  • I Always Get Hurt Because Of Healing Someone.
  • You Make Me Realize That I Was Meant To Be Alone.
sad quotes or caption is written over a image of hand
It’s Dangerous To Trust Someone Who Is Everyone’s Friend.
  • People Are So Stupid, They Will Never Understand What Is Behind Your Smile.
  • I Am Just Like A Balloon, Outside I Am Bright And Cheerful, Inside I Am Empty And Lonely.(Sad Two Line Status)
  • It Is Impossible To Please Everybody And I Have Tried My Best.
  • Want To Live A Happy Life Then Stop Expecting.
  • People Who Left Without Any Hesitation Should Take Their Memories With Them.
  • I Want To Move On But Your Memories Are Pulling Me Back.

New Best Sad Status About Life

a park in which we can see different swings and ride over it caption about sadness is written
Sometimes It Is Good To Feel Pain, It Makes You Realize That You Are Alive.
  • When You Take Life Seriously It Will Make You Sad.(Sad Status Life)
  • The Desire For Happiness Is The Reason For Unhappiness.
  • Don’t Think People Care About You, They Are Just Curious.
  • You Are Dead If You Try To Avoid Sadness.
  • Time And Silence Is The Only Medicine To Overcome The Recent Pain.
  • Happiness Is Important To Enjoy The Music, Sadness Is Important To Enjoy The Lyrics.
some flowers laying on the flower
Flashbacks Always Hurt.(Sad Pic Status)
  • You Are The Only Person With Whom I Shared My Past And Want To Share My Future.
  • I Have Spoken A Million Words But It Was Unable To Bring You Back.
  • The Most Terrifying Thing Is That You Are Alone In The Universe Or You Are Not Alone.
  • My Talent Is That I Can Hide My Feelings.(Sad Attitude Status In English)
  • Let The Visits Of Happiness And Sorrow, Come And Go.
  • It Is Always Little Things That Will Make You Sad.
People Left You Because It’s Easier To Walk Away Than To Fight For What You Love.
  • My Brain Tells Me To “Be Patient”, My Heart Asks “Until When”?
  • I Have Thousands Of Words To Say But No Ways To Say.
  • Sometimes All That Matters Are The Words From The Heart.
  • You Mattered, That’s Why It Hurts.(Sad Heart Touching Status)
  • I Realize When You Cry Too Much It Makes Breathing Hard.
  • The Saddest Part Of Life Is That It Goes On.
a sad man is sitting in a dark room
Sometimes You Have To Accept The Fact Things Will Never Be The Same How They Were Once.
  • I Hate It When People Leave You And Start Talking Again As If It Was Never Happened.
  • Words Can Never Explain A Heartbreak. These Are The Eyes Who Explain A Heartbreak.
  • The Other Word For Pain Is Silence.
  • I Wish I Could Be Able To Ignore You The Way You Ignore Me.
  • The Saddest Part Of My Life Is When I Am So Hurt That I Can Say “I Am Used To It”
  • Time Doesn’t Heal The Wound, It Just Heals The Heart To Forget.
a hand holding the white flower over is a sentence about sad love is written
Yesterday, I Loved You, Today, I Am Loving You, Tomorrow, I Will Love You.
  • Sadness Is Always Protected By Happiness.
  • I Have Cried A Million Tears But It Is Not Enough To Bring You Back.
  • Things Will Always Change And People Will Always Leave, Life Doesn’t Stop For Anybody.
  • The Distance From “Know” To “Knew” Is The Hardest To Travel.(Sad Quotes For WhatsApp Status)
  • It Is Hard To Hide Your Feelings When You Are Rippled Inside.
  • You Are The Only Person From Whom I Cannot Hide My Feelings.
a lonely road between the woods over it a line about memories is written
I Keep Thinking About All The Memories We Shared.
  • The Worst Kind Of Goodbye’s Are Those Which Are Never Said And Never Explained.(Sad Heart Broken Status)
  • Everybody Ignored Me Until They Needed Me.
  • You Forget That Two People Are Reasonable For A Bad Relationship.
  • I Am Very Sad Because I Have You In My Heart But Not In My Arms.
  • If There Is No Love Then You Are Lost.
  • I Cannot Forget You Because You Have Given Me So Much To Remember.

Sad Alone Status For WhatsApp In English

a girl in grief or sad mood is showing
Although You Have Blocked Me, Still I Can Look At Your Blank Profile For Hours.
  • I Wish I Could Ignore You Like You Ignored Me.(Sad Alone Status)
  • Every time I Fight For You Now I Want You To Fight For Me.
  • I Learn From You Why It Is Dangerous To Trust Blindly.
  • It Kills You When You Are Waiting For Impossible To Happen.
  • There Was A Time When You Were The Reason Of My Smile.
  • Sometimes All You Need Is A Hand To Wipe Your Tears.
a light bulb in a dark is glowing
I Cannot Switch Off My Feelings, Just Because You Have Switched Of Yours.
  • You Overthinked And I Am Alone.(Sad Mood Status)
  • Sadness Is Not Able To Understand Why.
  • I Like To Be Alone As It Is Same To Be With You.
  • I Hope You’ll Realize How Much It Was Painful What You Did.
  • Someday You Will Be At My Situation And Realize What You Did To Me.
  • It Hurts To Let Go But It Hurts More To Hold On And We Are Happy With It.
a broken mirror over it line about broken trust is written
Trust Is Like A Mirror Once It’s Broken It Cannot Be Perfect Again.(Sad Photo Status)
  • I Wish I Can Control My Love For You.
  • Sometimes You Have To Lose When You Need To Know What You Got.
  • When They Treat You Like An Option, Be An Option But Unavailable.
  • Every Death Results A Birth And Every Smile Adds A Tear.
  • We Are Sure Nothing Will Change But Still We Hope.(Sad Quotes For WhatsApp)
  • When You Start Crying Over A Pain And End Up Knowing How Painful Time You Passed.
feeling sad status
I Am Sad Because I Have To Explain To You, Why I Am Sad.
  • You Change Because Of Two Things, When You Learned A Lot Or Hurt A Lot.
  • Sometimes A Person Who Is There For Everyone Needs Someone To Be There For Them.
  • Sometime Letting Of Little Water Make You Feel Relieved.(Sad Heart Touching Status)
  • Whenever I Am About To Be Happy Something Bad Happens.
  • The Only Difference Between Me And You Is That I Fought For My Love And You Did Not.
  • There Was A Time You Thought I Stopped Loving You But In Reality I Stopped Showing It.
Smile In Public The Way You Cried Alone.(Sad Pic Status)
  • Remember You Leave Me Without Reason Now Don’t Come Back With An Excuse.
  • The One Person Who Comes To Your Mind Every Time You Listen To The Sad Song Is Truly Loved One.
  • Don’t Run After Temporary Happiness.
  • The Day You Left Me, I Died From Inside And Forgot How To Smile.
  • You Remember To Leave Me But Forget To Take Your Memories.
  • If You Truly Want Me, Nothing Will Keep You Away.
Sad Status For WhatsApp
True Love Can Not Be Found, It Grows.
  • It Is Really Hard To Fight For What We Want And Very Easy To Move On.
  • When You Are Sad, Everything Is Complicated.
  • Every Breath Without You Is A War In Myself.
  • Every Thought Is A Battle Without You.(Sad Alone Status)
  • We Want Happiness, We Do Not Want Pain But A Rainbow Comes After Some Rain.
  • You Have To Do It As It Will Never Happen.
sad love story status
The Most Painful Time, When I Walked Away And You Let Me Go.
  • I’m That Person Who Is Always Spare To Leave.
  • If You Don`T Care, I Don`T Care Now.
  • The Evil You See Is Yourself.
  • The Darker You See The Darker You Are.
  • Behind My Smile There Is A Crying Kid.
  • I Think Too Much, I Passed Through Too Much.(Sad Life Status In English)

Broken Heart Sad Status For Girls In English

sad pic status with image of sad girl
The Most Regretted Part Of My Life Is ,Which I Have Wasted With Wrong People.
  • The Worst Kind Of Sad Is Me Who Loves You.
  • Tears Are Words Of A Broken Heart.
  •  I’ve Been Through This For Years. Don’t Tell Me Time Changes.
  • I’m That Person Who Is Nobody To Others.
  • Sometimes All You Need Is A Corner To Cry.(Sad Girl Status)
  • It Is Too Painful To Know Who Breaks A Heart.
sad photo status
Sometimes Too Much Trust Can Kill You.
  • There Are Many Moments In My Life ,Which I Cannot Describe In Words And You Are One Of Those Moments.
  • Don’t Play With The Feeling Of Others.
  • Why Is It Always Me Who Is Loyal To The Disloyal People?
  • You Are The Only Person I Wish, Cared About Me.(Sad Captions In English For Life)
  • My Only Wish Is To Be With You.
  • I Like The Version Of Myself When I Am With You.
sad quotes for whatsapp status
The Saddest Moment Is When You Find An Old Chat Of Someone Who Is Not Yours Anymore.
  • If You Know About Me You Can Look Everything Behind My Smile.
  • I Loved You Even When You Made Me Cry.
  • Sorry For Being Too Pure.(Sad Fb Status)
  • Do A Favour To Yourself, Stop Being Available To Everyone.
  • Once You Made Me Cry About One Thing, I Will Start Crying About Everything.
  • I Think Words Cut Deeper Than Knives.
Sad Quote Status
I Can Feel You Fading Away From My Life.
  • I Remember The Time When It Made Me Happy To Think About You.
  • You Never Loved Me. You Just Used Me As A Tissue Paper.
  • I Will Always Love You But You Never Did.
  • You Killed The Happy Child In Me.(Sad Quotes For WhatsApp)
  • I Wish I Could Be You And It Happens.
  • I Wish You Were A Dream.
Sad Wallpaper Status
The Worst Kind Of Situation Is When You Are Smiling To Hide The Tears Inside Your Eyes.
  • Sometimes All You Need Is To Ask Why?
  • I’m That Person Who Is Always Left To Cry.(Sad Captions For Girls In English)
  • I Don’t Care When You Don`T Care.
  • I Am Tired Of Fighting With You For Proving Myself Right.
  • There Is No End Of Love But It All Ends With Expectations.
  • Expectations Never Dies But They Kill Relations.
Sad Upset Status
Don’t Focus On Things That Make You Sad, Focus On What Makes You Happy.
  1. A Person Around Who Always Complains And Appreciate Nothing Is The Worst Person Around.
  2. I Love To Spend Alone Time With Only Myself.(Very Sad Status)
  3. You Caused Me Hell When I Saw Heaven In Your Eyes.
  4. I Gifted You Lots Of Toys But You Choose To Play With My “ Feelings”
  5. The Only Regret I Have Is That I Put My Happiness In Your Hands.
  6. I Know You Will Never Come Back But Still I Will Wait For You.

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Heart Broken Sad Status written over image of man walking on a lonely road
I Am Always Smiling, It Doesn’t Mean Everything In My Life Is Perfect.
  • There Is A Light After Darkness, Happiness After Sadness, Joy After Worry, Just Wait For That.
  • The Moment I Stop Chasing, They Start Noticing.
  • Sometimes All You Need Is A Kash.
  • I`M That Person Who Is Always Skipped.(Sad Alone Status)
  • If You Don`T Care, Don’t Expect It From Me.
  • I Hope You’ll Realize What You Did.
Sad Alone Status
Just Because Of One Misunderstanding, You Have Forgotten The Hundred Memorable Moments Spent With Each Other Within A Minute.
  • Every Pain Teaches Us.
  • The People We Love & Care Think How Big A Fool We Are.
  • Stop Expecting Be Happy.(Sad Feeling Status)
  • It Hurts To Let Go But It More Hurts To Hold On.
  • I Feel Everything I Wished Will Stay In Memories.
  • What We Want To Happen Never Happens.
I Wish To Go Back In Time And Change Everything About You.
  • I Demand At Least What I Deserve.
  • Trust Is A Glass It Can Be Joined But It Will Not Transparent If It Breaks.
  • It Is Sad To See People Turning To What We Asked Not To Be.
  • No Matter How Much It Hurts But You Have To Say I Am Fine.
  • People Who Cared A Lot Don’t Care Anymore.(Sad Emotional Status)
  • Although We Don’t Talk Anymore But If You Need Me, I Will Be There For You.
Sad Alone Status
I Don’t Want To Be A Choice, I Want To Be A Priority.
  • If You Don’t Care But Is Still Doing Care.
  • The One Who Understands The Meaning Of “Forever” Will Never Leave You.
  • The One Who Loves You Will Surely Let You Know.
  • The Power Of One-sided Love Is Greater Than Two-sided Love.
  • It Hurts A Lot To See The Person You Love Is Loving Someone Else.
  • I Am Unable To Forget You Because You Have Given Me So Much To Remember.
Sad Alone Status
Sick Of Crying, Tired Of Trying, Yes I’m Still Smiling But Inside I’m Dying.(Sad Pic Status)
  • The Moment You Left Me, I Lost In The World Of Sadness.(Sad Alone Status)
  • You Are The Only Person Whom I Tell The Story Of My Inside.
  • Still It Hurts To See You Cry Although You Are Not Mine Anymore.
  • I Was Unable To Love Until You Showed Me What Is Love.
  • I Love You With All My Heart Now I Will Bear The Pain With All My Heart.
Sad Alone Status
Who Hurt Me Or Who Broke Me, It Doesn’t Matter To Me. What Matters Is Who Loved Me For What I Am.
  • I Remember When You Told Me That I Am The Reason For Your Smile.
  • Mirror Is My Closest Friend Because He Never Laughed When I Cry.(Sad Broken Status)
  • I Still Remember How Much You Loved To Hold My Hand.
Just Because I Am Able To Carry It Well, Doesn’t Mean It Is Not Heavy.
  • The Biggest Wound I Have On My Heart Is The Image Of You Leaving Me.
  • The Death From Dying Inside Is Worse Than Dying When You Stop Breathing.(Download Sad Status)
Sad Status In English
The People You See Trying To Make Others Happy Know How Painful It Is To Deal With Sadness.(Sad Photo Status)
  • You Only Need One Simple Smile To Hide A Million Tears.
  • If You Want To Understand Me, See The Things Behind My Smile.(Sad Feeling Status)