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attitude status for whatsapp is written over a image of handsome boy
I’m No Longer Afraid Of Losing People Who Aren’t Afraid Of Losing Me Too.
  • What Other People Think Of Me Is None Of My Business.
  • I Decided To Stop Explaining Myself To People. Do You Know Why?  Coz People Who Love Me.. Don’t Need An Explanation.. And People Who Don’t Love Me… Don’t Care For An Explanation… (Attitude Status Latest)
  • I May Not Be The Girl That Everyone Wants, But At Least I Am Not The Girl Everyone Has.
  • Never Lie To Someone Who Trusts You, And Never Trust Someone Who Lies To You.
  • Choose Me Or Lose Me.
  • I’m Not A Backup Plan And Definitely Not A Second Choice.
  • I’m Humble But Know All The Qualities Of A Devil.
  • Not Everyone Deserves To Know The Real You.
  • Let Them Criticize Who They Think You Are. (Attitude Whatsapp Status)
  • I Always Arrive Late At The Office But I Make It By Leaving Early.
  • I Don’t Have Bad Handwriting, I Have My Own Font.
  • I Loved A Girl And She Broke My Heart. Now Every Piece Of My Heart Loves Different Girls. People Called It Flirt That’s Not Fair.
  • People Often Want To Show What’s Wrong With U Bcoz They Can’t Handle What’s Right With U.
  • I Love And Make It Beautiful To Those Who Are In My Life. I Love Those Who Have Left My Life, Too, And Made It Wonderful.
  • I Am Thankful To Those People Who Leave Me In A Bad Situation Because Only Due To Them I Meet With My Good Situation.
  • I’m The Type Of Girl Who Smiles To Make Everyone’s Day Even Though I’m Dying Inside.
  • People With High Ego And Unnecessary Attitude Deserves The Standing Ovation Of The Tallest Finger.
  • I Love The Ones Who Are In My Life And Make It Amazing. I Also Love The Ones Who Left My Life And Made It Fantastic.
  • The Biggest Slap To Your Enemies Is Your Success.
  • I’ve Had Enough Of Trying To Prove Myself To People. Now I Don’t Care About What People Think As Long As I’m Happy With Myself!. (English Attitude Status For Fb)

Attitude Status Quotes

Attitude status quotes is written over a image of Jack Ma
“Your Attitude Is More Important Than Your Capabilities. Similarly, Your Decision Is More Important Than Your Capabilities.” Jack Ma
  • “Attitude Is Everything, So Pick A Good One.” Wayne Dyer
  • “Whether You Think You Can Or You Think You Can’t – You’re Right.” Henry Ford
  • “Happiness Is An Attitude Of Mind, Born Of The Simple Determination To Be Happy Under All Outward Circumstances.” Donald Walters
  • “A Happy Person Is Not A Person In A Certain Set Of Circumstances, But Rather A Person With A Certain Set Of Attitudes.” Hugh Downs (Attitude Quotes)
  • “Words Can Never Adequately Convey The Incredible Impact Of Our Attitudes Toward Life. The Longer I Live The More Convinced I Become That Life Is 10 Percent What Happens To Us And 90 Percent How We Respond To It.” Charles W. Swindoll
  • “Excellence Is Not A Skill, It’s An Attitude.” – Ralph Marston
  • “You May Never Be Good Enough For Everybody, But You Will Always Be The Best For Somebody.” – Rihanna
  • “A Healthy Attitude Is Contagious, But Don’t Wait To Catch It From Others. Be A Carrier.” – Tom Stoppard
  • “A Positive Attitude Is Definitely One Of The Keys To Success. My Definition Of A Positive Attitude Is A Simple One: Looking For The Good In All Circumstances.” – Catherine Pulsifer (Attitude Whatsapp Status)
  • “If Opportunity Doesn’t Knock, Build A Door.” Milton Berle
  • “Sooner Or Later, Those Who Win Are Those Who Think They Can.” Richard Bach
  • “Having A Positive Mental Attitude Is Asking How Something Can Be Done Rather Than Saying It Can’t Be Done.” Robert Foster Bennett
  • “Attitudes Are Nothing More Than Habits Of Thought.” John C. Maxwell
  • “Opportunity Is Missed By Most People Because It Is Dressed In Overalls And Looks Like Work.” Thomas A. Edison
  • “Ability Is What You’re Capable Of Doing. Motivation Determines What You Do. Attitude Determines How Well You Do It.” Lou Holtz
  • “Don’t Waste Your Time With Explanations: People Only Hear What They Want To Hear.” ― Paulo Coelho
  • “Attitude Is A Little Thing That Makes A Big Difference.” ― Winston S. Churchill
  • “Live Fast. Die Young. Be Wild. Have Fun.” ― Lana Del Rey
  • “Your Attitude Can Take You Forward Or Your Attitude Can Take You Down. The Choice Is Always Yours!” — Catherine Pulsifer
  • “To Be A Great Champion You Must Believe You Are The Best. If You’re Not, Pretend You Are.” — Muhammad Ali (Status For Whatsapp On Attitude)

Friendship Attitude Status In English

Image of Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCcaprio over is some lines about attitude status for whatsapp is written
Don’t Wait For The Perfect Moment, Take A Moment And Make It Perfect.
  • Love Me Or Hate Me But You Will Never Change Me.
  • I Told You, You Should Not Play With Fire Unless You Really Want To Burn.
  • Finally Gotten Completely Back To Myself Again: Heart Closed, Mind On.
  • Don’t Play With Me! Because I Know I Can Play Better Than You.
  • I Don’t Insult People, I Just Tell Them, What They Really Are!!.
  • I’m A Cool Person, But Who Loves To Do Stupid Things.
  • I Don’t Have An Attitude! Well, I Just Have A Personality You Can’t Handle.
  • Attitude Is Like Underwear, Don’t Show It Just Wear It.
  • Don’t Like Me? Huh? Then Why Are You So Interested In Checking My Whatsapp Status?.
  • You Can’t Laugh At Yourself Then Call Me. (Attitude Status For Whatsapp)
  • Life Is Like Facebook. People Will Like Your Problems And Comment, But No One Will Solve Them.
  • I Am Single Because God Is Busy  With Making Girls For Me.
  • You’re Right. I’m Not Perfect.But I’m Unique.
  • I Am Not Supposed To Upload My Status For You. Check Again Later.
  • I Don’t Have An Attitude Problem. I Have Attitude & Problem Is Yours.
  • I Am Me And That’s All I Can Be…i’m Not Perfect And Never Wanted To Be…but I Am Happy With Who I Am Even With What People Think Of Me And I’m Great To Be Me.
  • Do You Think I’m Bad? Then You’re Wrong. I Am The Worst.
  • Two Fundamentals Of Cool Life – 1 Walk Like You Are The King Or 2 Walk Like You Don’t Care, Who Is The King.
  • I Have An Attitude For Those Who Force Me To Show Them. (Short Attitude Status For WhatsApp)

Friendship Attitude Status

A sentence about, how legend never die is written over a image of Bollywood actor
Legends Don’t Die, I Am The Living Example.
  • You Need Friends To Be Successful In Life, But To Be More Successful, You Need Better Enemies.
  • Breakups Hurt, But Losing Someone Who Doesnt Respect And Appreciate You Is Actually A Gain, Not A Loss.
  • You Have To Love And Respect Yourself Because No Amount Of Love From Others Is Sufficient To Fill The Yearning That Your Soul Requires From You.
  • If You’re Lucky Enough To Be Different, Don’t Ever Change.
  • Find What Makes Your Heart Sing And Create Your Own Music.
  • Life Will Give You Exactly What You Need, Not What You Want.
  • A Bad Attitude Is Like A Flat Tire, You Can’t Go Anywhere Until You Change It.
  • I Have A New Theory In Life, What Other People Think Of Me Is Truly None Of My Business.
  • I Am “Awesome” Don’t Question It…just Deal With It….
  • If Your Ego Speaks With Me Then My Attitude Replies To You. (Attitude Whatsapp Status)
  • I Love The Ones Who Are In My Life And Make It Amazing. I Also Love The Ones Who Left My Life And Made It Fantastic.
  • If There Is No One To Hold Your Hand Put Your Hands In Your Pocket And Continue Your Walk.
  • I’ve Had Enough Of Trying To Prove Myself To People. Now I Don’t Care About What People Think, As Long As I’m Happy With Myself!.
  • I Don’t Pretend To Be Something I’m Not. I Know I Am The Best.
  • When You Feel Insulted, I Am Just Describing You.
  • When I Die, Some People Will Get Haunted.
  • The Bigger The Challenge, The Greater The Risk I’ll Take, The More Contented I Am.
  • Sometimes, Crying Is The Only Way Your Eyes Speak When Your Mouth Can’t Explain How Broken Your Heart Is.
  • Attitude, Knowledge And Skills Are The Best Foundation Of Real Beauty.
  • You Treated Me Like An Option, So I Left You Like A Choice. (Best Attitude Status For WhatsApp)

Single Attitude Status

Some lines about classy attitude is written over a image of a boy
There Are No Stupid Questions, Just Stupid People.
  1. If You Don’t Like My Attitude Then Stop Talking To Me.
  2. Please Don’t Get Confused Between My Personality And My Attitude.
  3. Excuse Me. I Found Something Under My Shoes Oh Its Your Attitude. (Cool Attitude Status)
  4. Don’t Confuse My Personality And My Attitude. My Personality Is Who I Am. My Attitude Depends On You.
  5. Don’t Make Time For Those Who Don’t Make Time For You.
  6. The Only Reason People Are Talking Behind Your Back Is Because You Are Already Ahead Of Them.
  7. I Don’t Trust You Easily, So When I Tell You I Trust You, Please Don’t Make Me Regret It.
  8. I Don’t Need To Prove Anything To Anyone God Knows Who I Am.
  9. I Don’t Care Who Stops Talking To Me Because What Do You Do For Me?.
  10. Don’t Judge My Choices When You Don’t Understand My Reasons.(Attitude Status For Whatsapp)
  11. My Attitude Is A Result Of Your Actions. So If You Don’t Like My Attitude, Blame Yourself.
  12. I’m An Odd Combination Of “Really Sweet” And “Don’t Mess With Me.
  13. Dear Mario, I Wasted My Childhood Trying To Save Your Girlfriend. Now, You Help Me To Save Mine.
  14. You Secretly Don’t Like Me, I Openly Don’t Care.
  15. Childhood Is Like Being Drunk, Everyone Remembers What You Did, Except You.
  16. Excuse Me. I Found Something Under My Shoes Oh Its Your Attitude.
  17. No Time For Fake And Negative People.
  18. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Orange Juice And Make Them Wonder How You Did It.
  19. I Am Me And That’s All I Can Be…i’m Not Perfect And Never Wanted To Be…but I Am Happy With Who I Am Even With What People Think Of Me And I’m Great To Be Me.
  20. Your Attitude Is Like A Price Tag, It Shows How Valuable You Are. (Status For WhatsApp On Attitude)

Attitude Status In English Hindi

a boy in a hoody over it attitude status for whatsapp in hindi is written
डर से मत डरो, डर को डराओ, जो भूल गया है उसे उसकी औकात याद दिलाओ।
Dar Se Mat Daro, Dar Ko Darao, Jo Bhool Gaya Hai Use Usakee Aukaat Yaad Dilao.

हमसे जलने वाले भी कमाल के होते हैं, महफिले तो खुद की होती हैं पर चर्चे हमारे होते हैं

Humse Jlne Wale Bhi Kamaal Ke Hote Hain Mehfile To Khud Ki Hoti Hain Par Charche Hamare Hote Hain

औकात नहीं है आँख से आँख मिलाने की, और बात करते है हमारा नाम? मिटाने की !!

Aukat Nahi Hai Aankh Se Aankh Milane Ki Aur Baat Karate Hai Hamara Naam Mitane Ki !!

मुँह पर सच बोलने की आदत है मुझे, इसलिए लोग मुझे बद्तमीज कहते है..!

Munh Par Sach Bolne Ki Aadat Hai Mujhe, Isalie Log Mujhe Badtameez Kahte Hai..!

सोच समझ कर बात कर छोटे हालत बुरे हैं हमारा, दिमाग नहीं |

Soch Samajh Kar Baat Kar Chote Halat Bure Hain Hamara, Dimaag Nahin | (Attitude Status In English Hindi)

टक्कर की बात मत करो जिस दिन सामना होगा उस दिन ? हस्ती मिटा देंगे।

Takar Ki Baat  Mat Karo Jis Din Samana Hoga Us Din  Hasti Mita Denge.

कुछ लोग ‪‎meri फोटो देखकर इतने ‪excited हो जाते है, कि समझ नहीं पाते कि पहले Like करे या ‎save।

Kuchh Log ‪‎mairi Photo Dekhakar Itane ‪aixchitaid Ho Jaate Hai, Ki Samajh Nahin Paate Ki Pahale Likai Kare Ya ‎savai। (Attitude Status For Whatsapp)

स्टाइल तो सिर्फ शौक के लिए है, वरना लोगों के लिए मेरी नशीली आंखें ही काफी है

Style To Sirf Shok Ke Liye Hai, Varana Logon Ke Liye Teri Nasheli Aankhen Hi Kafi Hai

हम आज भी अपने हुनर मे दम रखते है, होश उड़ जाते है लोगो के, जब हम महफील में कदम रखते है।सूखे होंटों पे ही होती हैं मीठी बातें प्यास जब बुझ जाये तो लहजे बदल जाते हैं।
Ham Aaj Bhee Apane Hunar Me Dam Rakhate Hai, Hosh Ud Jaate Hai Logo Ke, Jab Hum Mahapheel Mein Kadam Rakhate Hai.Sookhe Honton Pe Hee Hotee Hain Meethee Baaten Pyaas Jab Bujh Jaaye To Lahaje Badal Jaate Hain.

अपने Attitude का ऐसा अंदाज रखो, जो तुम्हे ना समझे उसे नज़र अंदाज़ रखो..!
Apne Attitude Ka Aisa Andaaj Rakho, Jo Tumhe Na Samjhe Use Nazar Andaaz Rakho..!

तुझे शिकायत है, कि मुझे बदल दिया है वक़्त ने, कभी खुद से भी तो सवाल कर, क्या तू वही है

Tujhe Shikaayat Hai, Ki Mujhe Badal Diya Hai Vaqt Ne, Kabhi Khud Se Bhi To Savaal Kar, Kya Tu Vahi Hai

लड़कियाँ खिलौना नहीं होती जनाब, पिता तोमुझे में Attitude नहीं है  मेरी Personality  ही ऐसी है
Mujh Mein Attitude Nahi Hai Meri Personality Hi Aisi Hai

लोग कहते हैं मुझे तेरे में Attitude बहुत हैं, तो मैंने भी कह दिया भगवान की देन छुपायी नहीं जाती…

Log Kehte Hain Mujhe Tere Mein Attitude Bahut Hai, To Main Bhee Keh Diya Bhagavan Kee Den Chupaye Nahi Jaatee…

आप होशियार है अच्छी बात है, पर हमें मूर्ख ना समझे यह उससे भी अच्छी बात है !

Aap Hoshiyar Hai Achhi Baat Hai, Par Hamen Moorkh Na Samajhe Yah Usase Bhee Achhi Baat Hai !

जो जरूरत पड़ने पर औकात दिखा दे उसे औकात मे रखना बहुत जरूरी है 

Jo Jarorat Padne Par Aukat Dikha De Use Aukat Me Rakhna Bahut Jaruri Hai

कोशिश सभी ने की है मगर हर किसी का राज़ नहीं हुआ Attitude दिखाना सभी को आता है, मगर सबका अपने जैसा अंदाज़ नहीं हुआ…

Koshish Sabhi Ne Ki Hai Magar Har Kisi Ka Raaz Nahi Hua Attitude Dikhana Sabhi Ko Aata Hai, Magar Sab Ka Apane Jaisa Andaaz Nahin Hua…

अपना तो एक ही सपना है, सर पे ताज़ एक मुमताज़ और इस दुनिया पर राज़..

Apana To Ek Hee Sapana Hai, Sar Pe Taaz Ek Mumataaz Aur Is Duniya Par Raaz.

सही वक्त पर करवा देंगे हदों का एहसास, कुछ तालाब खुद को समंदर समझ बैठे हैं।

Sahi Waqt Par Karwa Denge Hadon Ka Ahsaas, Kuchh Talaab Khud Ko Samandar Samajh Baithhe Hain

कुछ लड़कियाँ  तो इतना मुड़ मुड़ कर देखती है की? मन करता है बोल ही दू कि? पगली आराम से खड़ी होकर देख ले, कहीं गर्दन में Fracture हो गया तो गाली  देती फिरेगी…

Kuch Ladkiyan To Itana Mud Mud Kar Dekhatee Hai Kee? Man Karata Hai Bol Hee Doo Ki? Pagalee Aaram Se Khade Hokar Dekh Le, Kaheen Gardan Mein Frachturai Ho Gaya To Gaalee Detee Phiregee…

मत कर प्यार  इतना की झुकने पर मजबूर हो जाओ Attitude  दिखा इतना कि वो क्या उसकी सहेली भी झुक कर Propose मारने को तैयार हो जाये…

Mat Kar Pyaar Itana Kee Jhukane Par Majaboor Ho Jao Attitude Dikha Itna Ki Vo Kya Uski Saheli Bhi Jhuk Kar Praposai Maarane Ko Taiyaar Ho Jaaye… (Status For Whatsapp On Attitude)

खामोश ही रहने दो मुझे  यकीन मानो मैं जवाब बहुत बुरा देता हूँ!

Khamosh Hi Rahane Do Mujhe  Yaqeen Mano Main Jawab Bahut Bura Deta Hoon!

Girl Attitude Status For WhatsApp

a attitude line is written over a image of Hollywood actress Emma Watson
Never Forget To Wear Your Invisible Crown.
  • Be A Girl With Nature , Be A Lady With Class, And A Bitch With Attitude.
  • If Your Ego Speaks With Me Then My Attitude Replies To You.
  • Don’t Enter My Life If You Don’t Know How To Stay.
  • I Don’t Have An Ego. You Talk, I Talk, You Keep Quiet; I Keep Quiet Too.
  • People Tell Me I Have Changed, I Didn’t Change. I Improved.
  • I Hate Compromising My Dreams For Others.
  • I Am Me And That’s All I Can Be…i’m Not Perfect And Never Wanted To Be…but I Am Happy With Who I Am Even With What People Think Of Me And I’m Great To Be Me.
  • If I Was Supposed To Be Controlled, Wouldn’t I Have Come With A Remote?.
  • I’m A Queen. And This Queen Doesn’t Need A King.
  • I Respect Those Who Tell The Truth, No Matter How Hard It Is.(Attitude Status For Whatsapp)
  • I Mute The Nonsense Coming From The World.
  • Little Black Dress And Red Lipstick Are All I Need To Rule The World.
  • Never Lower Your Standards For A Guy, But Make Sure He Raises His Standards For You!.
  • It’s Your Choice, You Can Either Take Me As I Am Or Watch Me As I Go.
  • Nothing You Wear Is More Important Than Your Smile.
  • The Most Beautiful Curve On A Woman’s Body Is Her Smile.
  • Let Them Hate. Just Make Sure They Spell Your Name Right.
  • Don’t Talk, Act. Don’t Say, Show. Don’t Promise, Prove.
  • Don’t Compare Me With Others. I’m One Of My Own Kind ;).
  • Be A Girl With Nature ?, Be A Lady With Class And A Bitch With Attitude.
  • To Eat Without Getting Fat, Sigh! Every Girl’s Dream ? (Quotes For Girls)
  • Is It Really Bad To Express And Enjoy The Feminine Power We Possess.
  • Is It Bad To Have A Strong Character, Standards, And Personal Protocols That Help You To Go Through Life With Your Head Held High?.
  • Be Yourself; Everyone Else Is Already Taken.
  • Creative Attitude Is The Fuel Of Progress And Growth.
  • Hate Two Things Comparing Me With Others Compromising My Dreams For Others.
  • Good Girls Are Those Which Can Help People, Bad Girls Have No Time To Help.(Status For Whatsapp On Attitude)

Attitude Status For WhatsApp In Hindi

Attitude Status in Hindi English is written over a image of KGF Hero
हथियार तो हम शौक के लिए रखते हैं, खौफ के लिए तो हमारा नाम ही काफी है..!!
Hathiyaar To Ham Shauk Ke Lie Rakhte Hain, Khauph Ke Lie To Hamara Naam Hi Kaaphee Hai..!!

हैसियत का कभी अभिमान न करना उड़ान ज़मीं से शुरू और जमीं पे ही ख़त्म होती है 

Haisiyat Ka Kabhee Abhimaan Na Karana Udaan Zameen Se Shuru Aur Jameen Pe Hee Khatam Hoti Hai (Attitude Status Boys Hindi)

शेर को जगाना और हमे सुलाना किसी के बस की बात नहीं, हम वहां खड़े होते हैं जहा मैटर बड़े होते हैं..!!

Sher Ko Jagana Aur Hame Sulaana Kisi Ke Bas Ki Baat Nahin, Hum Vahaan Khade Hote Hain Jaha Matter Bade Hote Hain..!!

मेरी शराफत को तुम बुझदिली का नाम मत दो, क्यूंकि दबे ना जब तक घोड़ा, ️ तब तक बन्दूक भी खिलौना ही होती है

Meri Sharaaphat Ko Tum Bujhadilee Ka Naam Mat Do, Kyoonki Dabe Na Jab Tak Ghoda, Tab Tak Bandook Bhee Khilauna Hee Hotee Hai

होगा कीमती वक्त आपका, पर हम भी हर किसी से नहीं मिला करते!!

Hoga Keemati Vakt Aap Ka, Par Hum Bhee Har Kisee Se Nahin Mila Karate!!

शेर के पाव में अगर काटा चुभ जाये, इसका ये मतलब नही की कुत्ते राज्य करेंगे..!!

Sher Ke Paav Mein Agar Kaata Chubh Jaaye, Isaka Ye Matalab Nahi Kee Kutte Raaj Karenge..!!

हमारी जिंदगी की कहानी कुछ ऐसी है, जिसमे हीरो भी हम विलेन भी हम !

Hamaari Zindagi Ki Kahaani Kuch Aisi Hai,  Jisme Hero Bhi Hum Aur Villain Bhi Hum

खामोश था मैं तुमने कमजोर समझ लिया

Khamosh Tha Main Tumane Kamajor Samajh Liya (Attitude Whatsapp Status)

अपना तो बस एक असूल️ हैं,Smile करो दिल से और दोस्ती निभाओ जीगर से

Apana To Bas Ek Usool Hai,Smile Karo Dil Se Aur Dosti Nibhao Jeegar Se

दिलो में खोट है.. जुबान से प्यार करते हैं..बहुत से लोग दुनिया में यही व्यापार करते हैं.

Dilo Mein Khot Hai.. Jubaan Se Pyaar Karate Hain..Bahut Se Log Duniya Mein Yahi Vyapaar Karate Hain.

उस जगह पर हमेशा खामोश रहना, जहाँ दो कोड़ी के लोग अपनी हैसियत के गुण गाते है

Us Jagah Par Hamesha Khaamosh Rahana, Jahaan Do Kodee Ke Log Apni Haisiyat Ke Gun Gaate Hai

ये बदमाशी की बातें तो सोच समझ के किया कर बेटे, क्यूंकि जिन किताबों से तूने सीखा है, वो किताब मैंने ही लिखी है

Ye Badamaashee Kee Baaten To Soch Samajh Ke Kiya Kar Bete, Kyunki Jin Kitabon Se Toone Seekha Hai, Wo Kitaab Mainne Hi Likhee Hai

हाथ में खंजर ही नहीं आँखों में पानी भी चाहिए, हमे दुश्मन भी थोडा खानदानी चाहिए..!!

Haath Mein Khanjar Hi Nahi Aankhon Mein Pani Bhi Chahiye, Hame Dushman Bhi Thoda Khandani Chaahie..!!

आज भी हम हारी हुई बाज़ी खेलना पसन्द करते हैं, क्योंकि हम अपनी किस्मत से ज़्यादा खुद पर भरोसा करते हैं..!!

Aaj Bhi Ham Haare Hue Bazee Khelna Pasand Karte Hain, Kyonki Ham Apanee Kismat Se Zyaada Khud Par Bharosa Karate Hain..!!

मुँह पर सच बोलने वाले बत्तमीज़ नहीं, दिल के साफ़ होते हैं..

Munh Par Sach Bolne Wale Battameez Nahin, Dil Ke Saaf Hote Hain..

ताक़त अपने लफ़्ज़ों में डालो, आवाज़ में नहीं, क्यूंकि फ़सल बारिश से होती है, बाढ़ से नहीं

Taaqat Apane Lafzon Mein Daalo, Awaaz Mein Nahin, Kyon Ki Fasal Baarish Se Hotee Hai, Baadh Se Nahin

रास्ते मुश्किल हैं पर हम मंज़िल ज़रूर पायेंगे, ये जो किस्मत अकड़ कर बैठी हैं इसे भी ज़रूर हरायेंगे..!!

Raaste Mushkil Hain Par Hum Manzil Zaroor Paayenge, Ye Jo Kismat Akad Kar Baithee Hain Ise Bhee Zaroor Haraayenge..!!

जो हमे समझ ही नहीं सका, उसे हक है हमें बुरा समझने का।

Jo Hame Samajh Hee Nahin Saka, Use Haq Hai Hamen Bura Samajhane Ka.

हम बंदूक के ट्रिगर पे नहीँ, बल्कि खुद के जीगर पे जीते हैं..!!

Ham Bandook Ke Trigar Pe Naheen, Balki Khud Ke Jigar Pe Jeete Hain..!!

ज्यादा स्मार्ट बनाने की कोशिश मत करो , क्योंकि पगले मेरे बाल भी तेरी औकात से बड़े हैं !

Jyada Smart Banane Ki Koshish Mat Karo, Kyonki Pagle Mere Baal Bhi Teri Aukaat Se Badi Hai.

जिगर वालों का डर से कोई वास्ता नहीं होता, हम वहा भी कदम रखते है जहाँ कोई रास्ता नहीं होता !

Jigar Waalon Ka Dar Se Koi Wasta Nahi Hota, Hum Waha Bhi Kadam Rakhte Hai Jaha Ko Rasta Nahi Hota. (Attitude Status For Whatsapp In Hindi)

Friendship Attitude Status In Hindi

a boy in a grey hoody standing in front of Black wall over it attitude line is written
दुश्मन चाहे कितने भी हो पर दोगला यार एक भी न हो |
Dushman Chaahe Kitne Bhi Ho Par Dogala Yaar Ek Bhee Na Ho

लोग कहते है की मेरे दोस्त कम है, लेकिन  वो नहीं जानते की मेरे दोस्तों में कितना दम है !Log Kehta Hai Ki Mere Dost Kam Hai, Lekin Wo Nahi Jaanete Ki Mere Doston Me Kitna Dum Hai. (Attitude Status In English Hindi)

दोस्ती कोई खोज नहीं होती, हर किसी से ये हर रोज़ नहीं होती, अपनी ज़िन्दगी में हमें बेवजह मत समझना, क्योंकि पलकें आँखों पे कभी बोझ नहीं होती

Dosti Koi Khoj Nahin Hotee, Har Kisi Se Ye Har Roz Nahin Hotee, Apanee Zindagi Mein Hamein Bewajah Mat Samajhna, Kyon Ki Palaken Aankhon Pe Kabhee Bojh Nahin Hotee

जलते है दुशमन मेरे क्योंकि, मेरे दोस्त मुझे दोस्त नही भाई मानते है।।

Jalate Hai Dushman Mere Kyonki, Mere Dost Mujhe Dost Nahin Bhai Manate Hai.

हम जब दोस्ती करते हैं तो अफ़साने लिखे जाते हैंऔर जब दुश्मनी करते हैं तो तारीखें लिखी जाती हैं।।

Ham Jab Dosti Karte Hain To Afsaane Likhe Jate Hai Aur Jab Dushmanee Karate Hain To Tareekh Likhy Jaate Hain.

कभी Dosti के लिए लडना हो तो, आवाज देना दोस्तो कसम से मैदान में आकर नहीं, घर में घूसकर मारेगें।।

Kabhi Dosti Ke Liye Ladana Ho To, Aavaaj Dena Dosto Kasam Se Maidaan Mein Aakar Nahin, Ghar Mein Ghoosakar Maaregen.(Attitude Whatsapp Status)

इतना मत अकड पगली जितना तेरी अकेली का वज़न है, उतने रूपिए की Gold Flake तो रोज़ अपने दोस्तों को पिला दिया करते है।।

Itana Mat Akad Pagalee Jitana Teree Akelee Ka Vazan Hai, Utane Roopie Kee Gold Flake To Roz Apane Doston Ko Pila Diya Karate Hai.

हम दोस्तों के होते बुरा टाइम नही आ सकता, अगर आ भी जाए तो हमारी दोस्ती के आगे नही टिक सकता !!

Ham Doston Ke Hote Bura Taim Nahee Aa Sakata, Agar Aa Bhee Jae To Hamaaree Dostee Ke Aage Nahee Tik Sakata !!

दोस्तो पूरी दुनिया में कोई भी ऐसा व्यक्ति आपको नही मिलेगा जिसका मूड हमेशा एक जैसा रहें कभी वह निराश भी होता हैं कभी वह खुश भी रहता हैं।।

Dosto Pooree Duniya Mein Koee Bhee Aisa Vyakti Aapako Nahee Milega Jisaka Mood Hamesha Ek Jaisa Rahen Kabhee Vah Niraash Bhee Hota Hain Kabhee Vah Khush Bhee Rahata Hain.. (Status For Whatsapp On Attitude)

एक जाम उलफत के नाम, एक जाम मुहब्बत के नाम. एक जाम वफ़ा के नाम, पूरी बोतल बेवफा के नाम, और पूरा ठेका दोस्तों के नाम।।

Ek Jaam Ulaphat Ke Naam, Ek Jaam Muhabbat Ke Naam. Ek Jaam Vafa Ke Naam, Pooree Botal Bevapha Ke Naam, Aur Poora Theka Doston Ke Naam..

हम आज भी शतरंज का खेल अकेले ही खेलते है, क्यूंकि दोस्तों के खिलाफ चाल चलना हमें आता ही नहीं।।

Ham Aaj Bhee Shataranj Ka Khel Akele Hee Khelate Hai, Kyoonki Doston Ke Khilaaph Chaal Chalana Hamen Aata Hee Nahin।।

सुन छोरे अपनी आंखे फाड़ फाड़ कर ना देख ये मेरी स्टालिश पिक हैं, इसे देख कर तू क्या तेरे दोस्त भी फ़िदा हो जायेंगे।।

Sun Chhore Apanee Aankhe Phaad Phaad Kar Na Dekh Ye Meree Staalish Pik Hain, Ise Dekh Kar Too Kya Tere Dost Bhee Fida Ho Jaayenge..

दोस्ती कभी स्पेशल लोगो से नही होती जिनसे दोस्ती हो जाती है वह लोग ही स्पेशल हो जाते है.

Dostee Kabhee Speshal Logo Se Nahee Hotee Jinase Dostee Ho Jaatee Hai Vah Log Hee Speshal Ho Jaate Hai.

ना लड़कियों में Interest था ना पढाई का जज्बा था. बस 3-4 यार मिल गए और Last Bench पर कब्जा था. 

Na Ladakiyon Mein Intairaist Tha Na Padhaee Ka Jajba Tha. Bas 3-4 Yaar Mil Gae Aur Last Bainchh Par Kabja Tha.

लड़कियाँ खिलौना नहीं होती जनाब, पिता तो यूँ ही प्यार से गुड़िया कहते है
Ladkiyaan Khilauna Nahin Hotee Janaab, Pita Jo Yoon Hee Pyaar Se Gudiya Kahate Hai

मेरे‌ पास तो कोई ऎसी लड़की भी नही हे जिसे यारो‌ के सामने छाती ठोककर कह  सकु ये है तुम्हारी भाभी.

Mere‌ Paas To Koee Aisee Ladakee Bhee Nahee He Jise Yaaro‌ Ke Saamane Chhaatee Thokakar Kah Saku Ye Hai Tumhaaree Bhaabhee. (Dosti Attitude Status)

कोन कहता है की यारी बर्बाद करती है, अरे ओ यारो कोई निभाने वाला हो तो दुनिया याद करती है..!

Kon Kahata Hai Kee Yaaree Barbaad Karatee Hai, Are O Yaaro Koee Nibhaane Vaala Ho To Duniya Yaad Karatee Hai..!

फर्क तो अपने-अपने सोच में है…. वरना दोस्ती भी मोहब्बत से कम नही होती..!

Phark To Apane-Apane Soch Mein Hai…. Varana Dostee Bhee Mohabbat Se Kam Nahee Hotee..!

लोग कहते है जमीं पर किसी को खुदा नहीं मिलता ! शायद उन लोगो को दोस्त कोई तुम सा नहीं मिलता !!

Log Kahate Hai Jameen Par Kisee Ko Khuda Nahin Milata ! Shaayad Un Logo Ko Dost Koee Tum Sa Nahin Milata !!

राह चलते पागल बनते हैं दोस्त, Cold_drink बोल के दारु पिलाते हैं दोस्त, कितने भी कमीने हो पर काम पड़ने पर हमेशा आगे रहते हैं दोस्त !!

Raah Chalate Paagal Banate Hain Dost, Chold_drink Bol Ke Daaru Pilaate Hain Dost, Kitane Bhee Kameene Ho Par Kaam Padane Par Hamesha Aage Rahate Hain Dost !

ज़िन्दगी एक रेलवे स्टेशन की तरह है , प्यार एक ट्रेन है जो आती है और चली जाती है , पर दोस्त Enquiry Counter है , जो हमेशा कहते हैं May I Help You !

Zindagee Ek Relave Steshan Kee Tarah Hai , Pyaar Ek Tren Hai Jo Aatee Hai Aur Chalee Jaatee Hai , Par Dost Ainquiry Chountair Hai , Jo Hamesha Kahate Hain May I Help You ! (Attitude Status For Whatsapp In Hindi)