Best Friendship Status – True Friendship Status – Fb Friendship Status 2022

Best Friendship Status is the way to show love towards the people who are not your family, they are not from your bloodline, they are not your relatives and they are not your siblings.

Still they stood by your side in hard times, they helped you through your need, they motivated you in your depressed times and they always gave you confidence when you needed it.

There is nothing purer than true friendship because a friend or circle of friends is better than the relatives around you. They will never judge you on your shortcomings, instead they will inspire you to achieve your dreams, they will give you confidence to do great things.

Best Friendship Status In English

We are sharing here one liner Friendship Status In English, Although it is impossible to define friendship in a single sentence still we are hoping to serve you with status that will surely give you enough words to show your love towards your friends.

In my experience, when we get old, we are no longer bound by society or life. We will need friends more than family to spend the rest of our lives. We need someone by our side with whom we share memories.

These memories are very dear to us and these memories can be medicine for our life when we get old. We need someone to talk with and share how life is going and what can be better than sharing a simple status or quote and simply poke them or tease them so they should never forget you.

Image of group of friends sitting over it best friendship status is written
Friendship Is The Best Medicine In Life Because It Heals Your Wounds.
  • Friends Should Be Like Books, Few, But Hand-selected.
  • Be With Those That Bring Out The Best In You, Not The Stress In You.(Friendship Sad Status)
  • I Was An Innocent Being, Then My Best Friend Came Along.
  • Even If The Entire World Is Against You, Your Friends Will Always Be There For You.
  • Some People Come Into Your Life And Walk Away, But True Friends Walk Alongside You.(True Friendship Status)
  • True Friends Will Show Up In Your Life To Pick You Up And Accompany You Until You Arrive At Your Destination.
  • True Friends Are There To Help You, While Fake Friends Are There To Take Advantage Of You.
  • Friends Are Like Light In The Darkness; They Will Help You Achieve Your Goal By Clearing The Darkness.
  • True Friendship Is When You Always Help Each Other Without Expecting Anything In Return.
  • Friendship Is Always A Sweet Responsibility, Never An Opportunity.
  • True Friends Are Like Burning Stars; They Shine Brightest On The Darkest Nights.
  • Friendship Is Like A Glass Ornament, Once It Is Broken It Can Rarely Be Put Back Together Exactly The Same Way.(Fb Friendship Status)
  • Lots Of People Want To Ride With You In The Limo, But What You Want Is Someone Who Will Take The Bus With You When The Limo Breaks Down.
  • The Only Way To Have A Friend Is To Be One.
  • A Friend Is One Who Overlooks Your Broken Fence And Admires The Flowers In Your Garden.
  • A True Friend Reaches For Your Hand And Punch You In The Face.
Two young boys lifting up a boy in a river wearing yellow shirt and green shorts over is true friendship status is written
If You Have Crazy Friends, You Have Everything.
  • There Is Nothing Better Than A Friend, Unless It Is A Friend With Chocolate.
  • Everything Is Optional Between Two Real Friends.
  • Some Souls Just Understand Each Other Even When They Are Away.
  • The Language Of Friendship Is Not Learned, It Happens.(Friendship Goals Status)
  • We May Look Different But We Act The Same.
  • Friends Are Like Flowers, They Brighten Your View And Add Colors To Your Life.
  • Friendship Is A Flower That Blooms In Every Heart.
  • The Seeds Of Love Get Us Flowers Of Friendship.
  • Friends Are The Cream In The Cake Of Life.
  • In The Cake Of Life, Friends Are The Base On Which Cake Is Made.
  • When I Count My Blessings, You’re Always At The Top Of The List.
  • Real Friendship Is When Your Friend Comes Over To Your House Just Take A Nap.
  • A Good Friend Knows All Your Stories. A Best Friend Helped You Write Them.(Friendship Group Status)
  • Best Friends Don’t Care If Your House Is Clean. They Care If You Have Wine.
  • I Hope We’re Friends Until We Die. Then, I Hope We Stay Ghost Friends So We Can Walk Through Walls And Scare People.
  • In Friendship, You Will Understand Each Other Without Speaking.

Best Friendship Status For WhatsApp

In today’s life we are very busy, we have responsibilities so we are unable to connect with our loved ones and tell them how important they are. Still we can make an effort through WhatsApp by sharing these amazing status with our closed one.

Whatsapp is a billion dollar app that connects you with your loved ones. It is true we don’t have time to interact with our friends on a daily basis because of the hectic routine we follow each day.

But it will take only 2 minutes to share something cool or emotional to let your dearest circle know that. Although we don’t have time to chat, still you are on my mind and in my prayers.

Just like that you can also read our Breakup Status In English, Romantic Status And Attitude Status For Girls and choose to share these captions according to the situation or your feelings.

Image of three girls with quotes written over it
God Made Us Friends Because He Knew Our Parents Couldn’t Handle Us As Sisters.(Instagram Friendship Status)
  • One Soul In Two Bodies Makes A Real Friend.
  • Your Vibe Reveals Your Party Tribe.
  • True Friends Never Let Their Friends Do Stupid Things Alone.
  • Real Friends Even Send You The Photos You Look Dumb In.
  • Besides Coffee, You’re My Favourite Toffee.
  • Love Is Beautiful, Friendship Is Crazy & Awesome.
  • Every Female Needs A Male Best Friend.(Friendship Status Photo)
  • Friendship Is An Accident That Lasts For A Long Time.
  • I Love My Crazy Friends Because They Are Real.
  • With True Friends, Life Is Better.
  • Our Chosen Family Is Our Friends.
  • The Moments You Can’t Put Into Words Are Created With Friends.
  • Good Friends + Crazy Incidents = Great Life.
  • Best Friends And Good Adventures Are Meant For Life.(Best Friendship Status)
  • I Never Did Good Things To Deserve A True Friend Like You Buddy.
  • This Is My Co In Every Crime!
A quotes explaining friendship is written over a image of two girls walking in crop field
A Real Friend Is Like A Map Who Will Guide You In The Right Direction.
  • Side By Side Or Miles Apart, Dear Friends Are Always Close To The Heart.
  • Sometimes Having Coffee With Your Best Friend Is All The Therapy You Need.
  • Best Friends Can Turn A Horrible Day Into One Of The Best Days Of Your Life.
  • Friends Are Like Angels Who Lift You Up When Your Wings Have Forgotten How To Fly.(College Friendship Status)
  • Sometimes I Forget To Say Hi, Sometimes I Even Miss To Reply, Sometimes My Message Doesn’t Reach You. But, It Doesn’t Mean That I Forget You, I Am Just Giving You Time To Miss Me!
  • One Of The Things You Can Give And Will Not Cost You Any Money = Friendship.
  • A Friend Who Understands Your Tears Is Much More Valuable Than A Lot Of Friends Who Only Know Your Smile.
  • We Are Best Friends. Always Remember That If You Fall, I Will Pick You Up…after I Finish Laughing.
  • You Are Like A Beautiful Song That Takes My Worries Away With Its Melodious Tune And Pops Up My Mood.
  • I Think We’ll Be Friends Forever Because We’re Too Lazy To Find New Friends.
  • Be Gracious To All Men, But Choose The Best To Be Your Friends.
  • Friends Are Medicine For A Wounded Heart And Vitamins For A Hopeful Soul.
  • Sitting Next To You Doing Absolutely Nothing Means Absolutely Everything To Me.
  • A Good Friend Would Bail You Out Of Jail But Your Best Friend Would Be The One Sitting Next To You Saying, Damn That Was Cool.(Childhood Friendship Status)
  • When You Have Crazy Friends, You Have Crazy Times.
  • In Friendship, You Always Help Each Other Without Expecting Anything In Return That Is True Friendship.

Fb Status Friends

After Facebook and WhatsApp, instagram is another great app which enables you to connect with your friends.

Suppose your friend’s birthday is due or he is not feeling well or he got into an accident, Well these are the perfect time to help your friend to make him/her feel special or just tease them by posting funny friendship status.

So whatever the occasion or reason we have every kind of status to go with the follow. We have perfect captions with images for you to make your friend feel special or miserable.

Friendship Status photo of two kids walking holding hands
Friends Are Like Flowers, They Brighten Your Views And Colors To Your Life.
  • So Blessed To Have You In My Life! Cheers To You, Friend.
  • My Life Is So Much More Special Because Of You, Friend. What A Blessing!
  • I’m Beyond Blessed To Have Friends Who Are Like Family In My Life!
  • It Is A Blessing To Have A Bunch Of Friends Like You.(Best Friendship Status)
  • It’s A Blessing To Have A Friend Like You!
  • A Good Friend Is A Blessing From God.
  • You Are The Sister I Got To Choose!
  • There Are Friends, There Is Family And Then There Are Friends That Become Family.
  • There’s A Point In Every True Friendship Where Friends Stop Being Friends And Become Sisters.
  • Friends Are The Siblings God Never Gave Us.
  • Friends Are The Family We Choose.
  • One Loyal Friend Is Worth Ten Thousand Relatives.
  • You And I Are More Than Friends. We’re Like A Really Small Gang.
  • Friends Are Angels Following You Through Life.
  • Friends Are Gifts From Heaven.(Friendship Status Quotes)
  • Friends Will Always Support You, Trust You, Encourage You And Respect You.
artistic image of a girl and boy in a white shirt
I Am Genuinely Blessed To Have You As My Best Friend.(Friendship Status Pic)
  • It Feels Wonderful To Have A Friend Like You.
  • I Love Every Moment Spent With You!
  • A Day Spent With Friends Is Always A Day Well Spent.
  • If You Never Had Friends, You Never Lived Life.
  • Nothing Feels As Good As Being Loved By My Best Friend.
  • Life Is Nothing Without Friends.
  • I Can Never Imagine My Life Without Friends.
  • We Fight For 5 Minutes..We Laugh For 5 Hours..Because That’s What Best Friends Do.(Friendship Status Caption)
  • Happiness Is Talking To Your Best Friend For Hours.
  • Distance Makes No Difference When It Comes To Friends.
  • Remember No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends.
  • Unexpected Friendships Are The Best Ones.
  • Best Friends Are Hard To Find Cuz The Very Best One Is Already Mine.
  • I Was An Innocent Being, Then My Best Friend Came Along.
  • Good Friends Don’t Let You Do Stupid Things Alone.
  • Things Are Never Quite As Scary When You’ve Got A Best Friend.

Friendship Status For Facebook

True friends are the ones who will pick you everytime you fall after they finish laughing. They are the ones who are more important than your family.

True friends are those who will make fun of you, they will tease you but in the time of need they will stand by your side and aid you in every type of situation.

So it is our duty to show them how important they are and the best way to show your feelings is the simple short status rather than one hour long conversation.

image of a two girls wearing blue shirt over it best friendship status is written
Finding Friends With The Same Mental Disorder Is Priceless.
  • I’m So Glad Friends Don’t Come To Sales. Imagine You Have To Bear Double Of Your Friends In Count.
  • Best Friends Don’t Judge Each Other, They Judge Others Together.
  • We Do Not Gossip, We Share Information.(Best Friendship Status)
  • We Go Together Like Coffee And Donuts.
  • We Go Together Like Cupcakes & Frosting.
  • Life Is All About Finding People Who Are Your Kind Of Crazy.
  • True Friends `Lasts Till The End.
  • Always & Forever We Are Friends.
  • Shine Or Rain We Are Together In Every Pain.
  • After A Rainy Day You Are My Sunshine.
  • I Love The Way, You Drive Me Crazy.
  • Best Friend? Nope. She Is Always My Sister.
  • Best Friend? Nope. He Is Always My Brother.
  • One Life Is Too Short To Live With You My Friend.(Friendship Sad Status)
  • Together Is Always Better.
  • Together We Don’t See Anything Hard.
A group of friends are sitting in front of bone fire
A True Friend Is Someone Who Never Gets Tired Of Listening To Your Pointless Dramas Over And Over Again.
  • Fixing Each Other’s Crowns Is A Real Queen Thing.
  • You Bring Sunshine To My Life.
  • Coke And You Are All I Need.(Fb Friendship Status)
  • On Our Worst Behavior, We Laugh!
  • Let’s Wander And Chitchat.
  • We Meet And The Adventure Begins.
  • We Stand For Each Other.
  • Friends Who Stay Together, Once Slayed Problems Together.
  • The Greatest Gift Of Life I Received Is True Friendship.
  • I Want To Be Your Friend Like A Circle Because It Never Stops On Corners.
  • It Is A Blessing To Have A Best Friend Who Is Like Your Other Half.
  • The Heart Needs All The Time Is A Best Friend.
  • Some People Are Precious And Few, Like You My Friend.
  • It Is Priceless To Have A Deep Conversation With The Right Person.
  • I Found Very Old Friends, It Is Your Heart And My Heart.
  • A True Friend Sees The First Tear, Catches The Second, And Stops The Third.(Friendship Status In English)

Best Friendship Status Photo

Captions look great if they are written over a perfect image, they will look more attractive and complete the reason for using them.

Friends are the one with whom you connect through heart instead of a bloodline. So we have perfect status and new quotes with funny, emotional and cute friendship status photos so you can share it with your friends and make them feel special.

four kids are playing with the ball over it some lines about friendship is written
You Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Be My Friend. Give It Time. It Will Happen Eventually.
  • Honest Friends Are The Most Valuable Thing In Your Life.
  • A Greatest Of All Blessings Is A Sincere Friend.
  • Wherever I Am, It Is My Friends Who Make My World.
  • The Most Important Ingredient Of A Happy Life Is Good Friends.
  • A Good Friend Is One Of The Best Things In Your Life.
  • I Found My Second Self And It’s You My Friend.(Best Friendship Status)
  • The One Who Makes It Easy To Believe In Yourself Is A Good Friend.
  • I’ll Do It If You Do It.” Is The Only Thing You Say To Your Best Friend.
  • Real Friendship Is When Your Friend Comes Over To Your House And Then You Both Just Take A Nap.
  • One Who Walks In When The Rest Of The World Walking Out Is A Real Friend.
  • The People Make Good Times Better And Hard Times Easier In Your Life Are Best Friends.
  • You Are The Strongest Person In This World, If Friendship Is Your Weakest Point.
  • The One Who Can Change Your Whole Life Is A Friend.
  • Life Is Nothing Without Friends!
  • Most People Have A Friend During Each Stage Of Life. But Only Lucky Ones Have The One Friend In All Stages Of Life.
  • Everyone Has Friends But Few People Have Best Friends.(Love Friendship Status)
friendship goals captions
Friends Come And Go Like Waves Of The Ocean, But The True Ones Stick Like An Octopus On Your Face.(Friendship Status Photo)
  • People Go To Detective To Solve Their Problems But I Go To My Best Friend To Solve My Problem.
  • Friends Are The Most Important Ingredient In The Recipe Called Life.
  • Best Friends Are Hard To Find Cuz The Very Best One Is Already Mine.
  • Don’t Walk Behind Me; I May Not Lead. Don’t Walk In Front Of Me; I May Not Follow. Just Walk Beside Me And Be My Friend.(Friendship Goals Status)
  • True Friends Are Like Diamonds — Bright, Beautiful, Valuable, And Always In Style.
  • The Language Of Friendship Is Not Words But Meaning.
  •  I Love My Crazy, Goofy, Stupid, Gorgeous, Wired, Lame, Socially Challenged Friends
  • A Friend Is Someone Who Understand Your Past, Believe In Your Future And Accepts You Today The Way You Are
  • Choose Your Friends Carefully…you Reveal Your Character…not Only By The Company You Keep…but The Company You Avoid
  • Friendship Is A Silent Bond. More Old More Strong, More Deep More Clear, More Close More Warm, And Less Word More Understanding
  • Friendship Means Understanding, Not Agreement. It Means Forgiveness, Not Forgetting. It Means The Memories Last, Even If Contact Is Lost
  • The Difference Between Priceless And Worthless… Is The Difference Between Life With You And Life Without You. I Miss You.
  • The One And Only Good Part Of Missing You, Is That I Can Rewind And Replay All The Beautiful Memories We Share… Again And Again. I Miss You.
  • Friendship Is All About Trusting Each Other, Helping Each Other, Loving Each Other And Being Crazy Together.
  • Friends Are Medicine For A Wounded Heart And Vitamins For A Hopeful Soul.
  • Best Friends Are People Who Make Your Problems Their Problems, Just So You Don’t Have To Go Through Them Alone.
  • You Had Me At “I Hate That Bitch Too”.(Childhood Friendship Status)