Friendship Sad Status – Friendship Hurt Status – Friendship Emotional Status – 2022

You will need friendship sad status when you realize not all friends are loyal and not everyone is bound to stay with you through all your life.

No doubt, Friends are one of the most important parts of our life and they can also be called our family but when a friend with whom we have shared so many memories and spend so much time, deceives us and back stabbed us with his/her words or actions.

That time is the most painful time of our lives because we have shared so much with that person, he became just like a family member so it is a very sad moment when you have to let go of the person who is very dear to you.
So after covering Motivational Status, Romantic Status, and  Breakup Status now we are offering some very relevant sad status about friendship so you can show your anger and grief.

Image of a sad boy standing in a ocean over is friendship sad status in written
Don’t Blame People For Disappointing You, Blame Yourself For Expecting Too Much From Them.
  • Not Friends, Not Enemies, Just Strangers With Some Memories.(Friendship Hurt Status)
  • I Miss Your Smile, But I Missed Mine More.
  • Fake People Don’t Surprise Me Anymore, Loyal People Do.
  • I Don’t Need A Friend Who Changes When I Change And Who Nods When I Nod; My Shadow Does That Much Better.
  • What Is More Painful? When A Person Whom You Trust Hurts You. Or The Person Whom You Hurt Still Trusts You.
  • Just Because We Don’t Talk Anymore, Doesn’t Mean That I’ve Forgotten About You. It Doesn’t Mean That I No Longer Care. Truth Is, I Still Do.
  • Friendship Means Understanding, Not Agreement. It Means Forgiveness, Not Forgetting. It Means The Memories Last, Even If Contact Is Lost.
  • Fake Friends Are Like Shadows. They Follow You In The Sun And Leave You In The Dark.
  • It Takes A Great Deal Of Courage To Stand Up To Your Enemies, But A Great Deal More To Stand Up To Your Friends.
  • The Truth Is, Sometimes Everyone Is Going To Hurt You. You Just Got To Find The Ones Worth Suffering For.(Friendship Status Sad)
some friendship breakup status is written over a image of boy standing IN front of a crookery shop
Friends Are Like Medicine, They Heal You But You Left Me All Like This To Suffer Alone.
  • The Worst Thing Ever Is Seeing Your Best Friend Slowly Replacing You With Another Friend.(WhatsApp Sad Friendship Status)
  • Those Who Deeply Care For You, Hear Your Silence. I Learned It But It Cost Me My Friendship.
  • Nights Are Longer Now Since You Left Me, But I Keep On Counting Stars With Hope Of Your Comeback.
  • Best Friends Make Life More Beautiful And When They Go, It Is Always The Opposite.
  • I Guess What They Say Is True Friends Come And Go But I Never Thought That Would Apply To You.
  • We Are Neither On Good Terms Or Bad. We Are No Longer Anything.
  • Hard Times Will Always Reveal True Friends.
  • Sometimes You Just Have To Accept The Fact That Some People Only Enter Your Life As Temporary Happiness.
  • “It Hurts Because It Matters.
  • The Most Painful Goodbyes Are The Ones That Are Never Said And Never Explained.(Friendship Break Status)

Friendship Broken Status

I remember the exact moment when I decided to part away with my childhood friend with whom I have spent almost 15 years of my life. That moment broke me completely.

I was shattered from inside and couldn’t let go of my pain because that person was very important and just like my brother from another mother, Still I have to let go of him because of the person he has turned into.

But It doesn’t mean that It was easy. It was the most difficult task of my life telling my best friend that we cannot be friends anymore.

So we have collected some status related to the broken friendship for you to explain how you feel about losing someone.

A quote about friendship broke status written over a image showing boys hand holding a piece of mirror
Friendship Is Delicate As A Glass, Once Broken It Can Be Fixed But There Will Always Be Cracks.
  • Once Best Friends Now Strangers With Memories.(Broken Friendship Status For WhatsApp)
  • A Friendship That Stops Is Not Real.
  • It Is More Shameful To Distrust Our Friends Than To Be Deceived By Them.
  • Friendship Must Never Be Buried Under The Weight Of Misunderstanding.
  • Trust Is Like A Paper, Once It’s Crumpled, It Can’t Be Perfect Again.
  • The Worst Solitude Is To Be Destitute Of Sincere Friendship.
  • Choose Your Friends Wisely-they Will Make You Or Break You.
  • And Now You’re Just A Stranger With All My Secrets.
  • I Didn’t Lose A Friend, I Just Realized I Never Had One.
  • “Was.” I Was Your Best Friend.(Broken Friendship Messages)
image of girl standing in front of a sunset over it friendship sad status is written
The Most Harrowing Thing About Betrayal Is The Fact That It Will Never Come From Your Enemies But Comes From Your Friends.
  • And Suddenly, We Were Strangers Again.(Friendship Sad Status)
  • Too Many Friendships Have Ended With….”We Just Stopped Talking”.
  • It Hurt Because It Mattered.
  • It Hurts To Know How Easily They Let You Go.
  • I Remember When We Walked Together.
  • I Lost A Friend I Never Thought I Can Lose.
  • For Once I Want To Talk To You Again, Just Like The Good Old Days
  • It Hurts To Remember How Close We Were.
  • I Really Do Not Hate You But My Disappointment Is That You Changed And Became Everything You Had Promised You Would Never Be.
  • After A Long Time I Came To Realize That You Should Not Keep Friendship With People Who Do Not Ask You How You Are Doing.(Friendship Status For WhatsApp)

Friendship Breakup Status – Friendship Hurt Status For WhatsApp

Yes we have heard the word “Breakup”, It is usually used when a boy or girl decides to leave his/her partner or lover. But this word breakup has a greater meaning than that.

Breakups can also happen with friends as well and yes they can hurt like hell because it doesn’t matter who you are losing, all that matters is the person you are about to leave behind.

It can be a friend, member of your family or the person you wish to spend your life with so below is some of the status which you can use if somehow you decided to break your friendship bond.

image showing hand touching a tree's branch over it some emotional friendship status is written
Fighting For A Relationship Is Worth It But You Should Avoid It When You Are The Only One Fighting.
  • People Always Change And Sometimes Friends Turn To Be Strangers But All The Memories Never Change.(Broken Friendship Status)
  • I Always Had A Mentality We Would Forever Be Friends But To My Shock Forever Got Very Shorter Than I Ever Expected.
  • Try To Let People Go Because Every Person In Your Journey Is Meant To Be There But Not All Of Them Who Are Meant To Stay In It Until The End.
  • No One Sees My Tears, And The Only One Who Does Isn’t Here.
  • I Feel So Far Away From The One I Wish To Hold In My Arms.
  • One Day You Will Wait For Me But I Will Not Come.
  • Cheating And Lying Are Not Struggles. They Are Reasons To Break Up.
  • Sometimes You Just Need To Erase The Messages, Delete The Number, And Move On.
  • If You Are Not Sure Where You Stand With Someone, Then It Might Be Time To Start Walking.
  • Strangers Can Become Best Friends Just As Easily As Best Friends Can Become Strangers.(Friendship Breakup Status)
a boy is sitting on his knees with his hand holding in grief over it friendship sad status is written
Sometimes You Have To Give Up On People. Not Because You Don’t Care, Because They Don’t.
  • Friends Can Break Your Heart Too.(Friendship Broken Quotes In English)
  • It’s Hard To Forget Someone Who Gave You So Much To Remember.
  • Some People Are Going To Leave, But That’s Not The End Of Your Story. That’s The End Of Their Part In Your Story.
  • Friendship Is Not Capable Of Ending If It Ends It Is Only Because It Never Existed.
  • Oh, My Bad. I’m Sorry For Bothering You. I Forgot I Only Exist When You Need Me For Something.
  • If You Are Happy Leaving Me, I Will Pray That I Will Never Meet You Again.
  • I Was Not Even So Bad, As Bad As You Did With Me.
  • I Considered You A True Friend, But You Count Me As A Stranger.
  • If The Friendship Ends, Your Heart Shivers.
  • After A Broken Friendship With You, It Seems As If An Important Part Of My Body Is Separated.(Friendship Sad Status)

Emotional Friendship Status For Friends Who Hurt You

Losing someone whom you once called your best friend is very difficult. From the very childhood, we were told that “A friend is need is friend indeed” and “friends can be family too”

So yes, losing your friend can be a very emotional moment. Although there must be some reason to leave the person who was very close to your heart still it will be an emotional decision.

This decision will bring anxiety, depression and loneliness in your life so the status we have collected will help you show your sorrow or emotions to the person who hurt your trust.

image of boy riding cycle passing alone in front of a mansion over it sentence is written
Your Friendship Is My Life, No Matter The Distance; You Will Always Be In My Heart.
  • I Appreciate You Every Day, And I Feel Really Great To Have You In My Life, Dear.(Friendship Emotional Status)
  • Real Friendship Changes Lives.
  • Keep Me As A Best Friend And I Will Keep You In My Heart And Lock It Up. I’ll Throw Away The Key So That No One Can Take You Away From Me.
  • There Is Nothing More Valuable In This World And Than True Friendship.
  • True Friendship Is Rarer And When You Find One You Have Found A Treasure.
  • Friendship Does Not Have To Strain Your Life.
  • Walking With A Friend In Life Is Better Than Walking Alone.
  • You Are My Guardian Angel. I Thank Life Every Day For Having An Amazing Gem Like Your Friendship.
  • A Faithful Friend Is Like A Night Lamp That Gives Light At Night When There Is No Sun.
  • If All Of My Friends Were To Jump Off A Bridge, I Wouldn’t Jump With Them; I’d Be At The Bottom To Catch Them.(Friendship Hurt Status)
a girl holding sun flower in her mouth over it a line about friendship emotional status is written
A Friend Is Someone Who Can See The Truth And Pain In You Even When You Are Fooling Everyone Else.
  • A Friend Gives Love, A Good Friend Gives Protection, A Best Friend Gives Life, But A Real Friend Gives A Heart Full Of Love.(Emotional Friendship Status)
  • You Are My Most Important Friend, And I Feel Fortunate To Share This Bond With You, Dear.
  • Your Friendship Has Filled My Heart With Positivity And Optimism. You Changed My Life With Your Care And Love. Thank You For Your Friendship!.
  • There Is Nothing More Valuable In This World Than True Friendship.
  • I Cherish A Friend Who Is Not Held Up With Anything. They Will Be There For You When You Need Them.
  • Friendship Is Very Delicate, Once That Trust Is Broken, It Cannot Be Repaired.
  • True Friends Are Never Apart, Maybe In Distance But Never In Heart.
  • Friends Listen To What You Say. Best Friends Listen To What You Don’t Say.
  • No Friendship Is The Worst Accident One Ever Meets.
  • Best Friends Never Stop Loving You, Even When You Stop Loving Yourself.(Friendship Broken Status)

Broken Friendship Messages For Unfaithfull Friend

an image of hand trying to touch the shadow of his hand over it a sentence about hurting is written
The Reason It Hurts So Much To Separate Is That Our Souls Are Connected.
  • Sometimes You Have To Unfollow People In Real Life.(Friendship Sad Status)
  • Mirror Is My Best Friend, Because When I Cry It Never Laughs.
  • The Saddest Thing About Betrayal Is That It Never Comes From Your Enemies.
  • Sometimes We Need Someone To Be There. Not To Fix Anything, But Just To Let Us Feel That We Are Cared For And Supported.
  • Fake Friends Are Only There When They Need Something From You.
  • It Hurts Like Hell And One Day It Doesn’t.
  • You Were My Reason To Smile, Whenever I Am Sad.
  • I Don’t Know What I Did To Deserve A Best Friend Like You.
  • True Friendship For Me Is One Soul In Two Bodies.
  • Love Is Better And Friendship Is The Best.(Best Friendship Status)
image showing hands of girl and boy doing fist bump over is some lines about friendship is written
Do You Ever Feel Like You Aren’t Even Friends With Some Of Your Friends?
  • A Best Friend Will Share Your Problems, So That You Won’t Face It Alone.(Quotes About Friendship)
  • Always Love Your Friends From Your Heart, Not From Your Mood Or Need.
  • People Change But Memories Don’t.
  • It’s Weird How Time Changes Friends
  • We Don’t Lose Friends, We Just Learn Who Our Real Ones Are.
  • When My Absence Doesn’t Alter Your Life Then My Presence Has No Meaning In It.
  • I Don’t Give Up On Friendship Easily But When I Do It’s Because They Gave Up First.
  • The Most Painful Goodbyes Are The Ones That Are Never Said And Never Explained.
  • The Silence Of A True Friend Always Hurts More Than The Rough Words Spoken By The Enemy.
  • When Someone Truly Cares About You They Make An Effort, Not An Excuse.(Friendship Breakup Status)