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If You Have Good Friends Then Keep Them Close And Stay In Touch With Them. Tell Them How Much You Love Them By Sharing These Latest And Amazing Friendship Status And Quotes We Have For You.

Staying In Touch With Friends Is The Key To A Good Friendship. Don’t Miss Out On Telling Them How Much Their Friendship Matters To You. Share These Beautiful Quotes And Statuses With Them.

We Have The Latest Collection Of Quotes And Statuses With Downloadable Pictures For You To Share On WhatsApp, Facebook And Instagram With Your Friends And Buddies.

Fake Friendship Status In English

friendship status for whatsapp over a view of two friends on road crossing between the desert
If You Have Found A Good Friend, You Have Already Accomplished A Lot.
  • A Friend Will Always Cover Your Failures And Boost Your Success.
  • The Wealthiest Person In The World Is The One Who Has Great Friends.
  • A True Friendship Leaves A Deeper Mark On Life Than Love.(Friendship Quotes In English For WhatsApp Status)
  • I Think Only Heaven Is Better Than A Friend Who Really Cares For You.
  • The Only Force Which Can Turn An Enemy Into Your Friend Is Love.
A girl and boy sitting on a mountain cliff holding a mugs with friendship status in english written on it
One Loyal Friend Is All You Need To Conquer The World.
  • Dear Bestie, We Will Be Together Forever. When We Die We Will Become Ghosties.
  • My Favourite Hobby Is To Annoy My Bestie.(Friendship Quotes For WhatsApp Status)
  • We Became Besties Because We Have The Same Mental Disorder!
  • I Destroyed My Enemies By Making Them My Friends.
  • A Friend Is All My Heart Needs All The Time.
Friendship quotes for whatsapp status over a two boys walking
True Love Might Be Rare, But True Friendship Is Rarer.
  • Being Friends Is Like Having One Mind In Two Bodies.
  • In The Dew Of Friendship Is Where The Heart Finds The Morning And Gets Refreshed.
  • Having Friends Is All About Sharing And Caring.(Friendship Forever Status)
  • The Most Valuable Antique Is An Old Friend.
  • Whenever I Have A Rough Day, My Friends Are The Best To Turn To.
Best friendship status about life over a stairs in front of a Seaview
Friendship Is The Greatest Gift Of Life, And I Have Received Mine.
  • Found A Weirdo Like Me, And That Was When I Found My Bestie.
  • People Will Come And Go Just Like The Ocean Waves, But Friends Will Stick To You Like An Octopus.
  • Dear Friends, I’ll Never Let You Feel Lonely! I’ll Keep Disturbing You All The Time!(Friendship Quotes In English For WhatsApp Status)
  • The Most You Can Do For A Friend Is Simply Be A Good One.

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friendship status for facebook over the view of two boys walking holding hands
Real Friends Can Make You Laugh When You Are Not Even In The Mood To Smile.
  • A True Friend Is There For You When He’d Rather Be Anywhere.(Best Friendship Status)
  • Things Were No More Scary When I Got A Best Friend.
  • Friendship Is All About Understanding And Being Understood.

Caption For Friends Group Photo

You have friends on WhatsApp? Lets share these status and let your dearest friends know, how much you love them and how lucky you are to have them in your life. Also visit Homepage for more statuses.

two boys hanging down from the wall in a funny way with funny friendship status in english written on it
Sometimes Your Friend Makes A Stupid Decision, But You Do Not Let Him Do It Alone Because You Are Besties.
  • Your Friends Are The Most Precious Asset You Will Ever Get.
  • Always Measure A Man’s Worth By His Friendships.
  • Friendship Is Where You Can Double The Joy And Lessen The Grief By Dividing.
True Friendship status for fb over a image of two boys laying on the road
You Are My Bestie Because I Can Not Be So Weird With Someone Else.
  • We Are Not Just Friends, The Two Of Us Are More Than A Small Gang.
  • Friendship Is Just Like Peeing In Your Pants, People Just See It But Only You Can Feel The Warmth. (Caption For Friends Group Photo)
  • My Friends Are Surely The Funniest And Stupidest People I Know.
four friends are enjoying in the wooding, laying down on grass with friendship status for fb in english
I’m Shy In Front Of People. But My Friends Know That I’m The Stupidest And Craziest Person When I’m With Them.
  • There Is No Antique More Valuable Than An Old Friend. (Short Caption For Friends)
  • Friendship Does Not Convey Messages With Just Words But Meanings.
  • Men Treat Friendship Like A Football And It Does Not Crack. Women Treat It Like Glass And It Shatters Into Pieces.
seven friends are running down on a grass having fun with friendship quotes for WhatsApp status written on it.
I Want To Live, Love And Laugh With Idiots I Found In My Friends.
  • The Magnet That Attracts True Friends Is Called Unselfishness.
  • People Will Start Living For You, When You Learn To Live For Others.
  • Friends Must Be Reckoned As The Masterpiece Of Nature.(Caption For Friends Group Photo)
friendship status download
Friends Are Those Who Were There When Your Life Was Dark And Gloomy, Not Those Who Just Came To Enjoy The Sunshine Of Your Prosperity.
  • I Think, In Life It Is Enough To Be With People You Like.
  • I Don’t Need A Friend Who Changes When I Change, Because My Shadow Does That As Well.(Friendship Quotes In English For WhatsApp Status)
  • The Greatest Thing About Old Friends Is That You Can Be Stupid Around Them Without Being Judged.

Funny Friendship Status For Facebook

Having fun with your best friends or making fun of them are the best things, you can offer in a great friendship. Share these Funny statuses on Facebook to tell your friends that they are weird, crazy and lunatics still you adore them.

funny friendship status in english for fb over a two boys skating and one is falling down
Dear Friend, I Promise That If You Fall I’ll Be There To Laugh…And Obviously To Pick You Up.
  • A Friend’s Help Doesn’t Help As Much As The Confidence Of Their Help.
  • People Go To The Priests, Some To Poets; I Always Go To My Friends
  • Friends Can Buy You Food, But Besties Always Eat Your Food.(Friendship Funny Status)
two boys are walking on a rail road with funny friendship status written on it.
Dear Bestie, I Promise That I Will Never Let You Do Stupid Stuff…Alone.
  • Dear Friend, You Are Just Like A Condom, Because You Always Protect Me When Things Get Hard.
  • Best Friends Never Get Offended When You Insult Them. They Smile And Insult You Back.
  • I Love Having Those Weird Conversations With My Bestie Thinking If Someone Heard Us We Would End Up In A Mental Hospital.
friendship status for girls over a three girls jumping in the air in front of sea view
I’m So Glad That Friends Don’t Have Price Tags. I Could Never Afford The Idiots I Have Got.
  • Those Conversations Among Friends Which Only They Can Understand.
  • A Best Friend Is Someone Who Tells You That You Talk Bullshit But Listens To You.
  • Dear Friends, Life Is Too Short To Be Serious. That’s Why I Have You People.
friendship status for girl over a two girls making a mustache with their hairs
Dear Bestie, Please Admit It…Your Life Would Be Boring Without Me.
  • Dear Bestie, I Know How Stupid You Are, But Still Love To Be Seen In Public With You.
  • Friends Do Not Ask What To Do When You Are In Trouble, They Just Think Of Something Good And Do It.(Fake Friendship Status)
  • Friendship Multiplies All The Good Things In Your Life And Divides All The Evils.

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true friendship status
Dear Friend, When I Met You I Knew That I Have Found Someone I Want To Annoy For The Rest Of My Life.
  • You Will Always Be My Bestie…Because You Know All My Secrets!(Friendship Love Status)
  • Your Best Friend Will Calm You Down When You Are Angry, And Annoy You When You Are Calm!
  • If You Hurt Me, You Will Have To Feel Pain. If You Hurt My Bestie, You Will Need An Ambulance.

Friendship Forever Status

Following are some friendship quotes for WhatsApp status, Upload it on WhatsApp and announce to the world that you have great friends.

friendship forever status over a image of two kids walking in one jacket
A Friend Is The One Who Walks Towards You, When Everyone Walks Away.
  • The Value Of True Friendship Is Seldom Known, Just Like Good Health Until It Is Lost.
  • A Person Who Denies Your Growth And Demands Your Silence Can Not Be Your Friend.(Friendship Sad Status)
  • Lovers May Betray You With A Reason, But Friends Can Not.
friendship one line status
Friends Are Just Like Siblings, Just Born To A Different Family.
  • To Have A Good Friend, You Need To Be One.
  • If You Want A Good Friend Then Be One.
  • A True Friend Will Show His Love In Hard Times, Not In Happiness.
I Made Friends When I Did Not Need Them, And They Proved Their Friendship When I Needed Them The Most.
  • You Can Be Fortunate To Find One Good Friend In Your Life, But Keeping One Is A Blessing.
  • Whether It Is A Pandemic Or Not, We Have Always Worn Masks, Having A Different Face For Different People.(Fake Friendship Status)
  • Every Friend We Meet Opens Up A New World Inside Us.
Good Manners And Good Friends Are The Things Which Can Take You To Places Where Money Can’t.
  • A True Friend Will Never Ask For An Explanation Or A Clarification, Instead He Will Understand.
  • A Nest To The Bird, A Web To The Spider, Friendship To The Man.(Friendship Forever Status)
  • The One Who Is Friend With All Cannot Be Called A Good Friend.
Friends Make This Scary Ride Of Life A Lot More Fun.
  • You Should Never Lose A Chance To Make Friends, As There Is Nothing Worth More Than Having Good Friends.
  • Remember, Friends Are Born, Not Made.
  • Wanna Give Yourself A Gift, Get A Good Friend.

Friendship Love Captions For Instagram

Love is the core of every strong relation and just like that in friendship, love stands at top of the list. Share these Friendship Love Status with your friends and notify your loved ones that you love them and they are important.

Living Without Friends Is Just Like Living On A Deserted Island.
  • Anyone Can Ride With You In A Limo, But A Friend Will Be Ready To Take The Bus With You.
  • Fear Makes People Turn Into Strangers Who Always Claim To Be Friends.
  • A Single Rose Can Be A Whole Garden, A Single Friend The Whole World.(Friendship Quotes For WhatsApp Status)
If You Want To Know The Wisdom Of A Man, Just Look At How He Chooses His Friends.
  • Friends Are The Ones Who Know You And Love You Just The Same.
  • The Memory Of Distant Friends Is Like The Mellow Rays Of The Setting Sun, Tender And Sad On The Heart.
  • It Is Better To Walk With Friends In The Dark Than To Walk Alone In The Light.
It Doesn’t Matter If Your Friends Are Able To Make Your Problems Disappear. What Matters Is That Friends Should Never Disappear When You Are In A Problem.
  • A Friendship Is More Of A Responsibility Than An Opportunity.
  • A Friend Is The One Who Knows The Darkest Of Your Secrets, But Still Adores You.
  • Iron Sharpens Iron, So Does A Friend To You.(Friendship Status Download)
Friends Always Help You To Bring Out The Best Of You.
  • Never Let The Difference Of Opinion Cause You To Withdraw From A Friend.
  • You Don’t Learn Friendship In A School, But If You Do Not Know The Meaning Of Friendship, You Have Not Really Learned Anything.(Friendship Attitude Status In English)
  • I Have Two Families, One I Was Born In And The One I Chose In The Form Of My Friends.
Friendship Brings The Greatest Forms Of Pleasure, And Without Them Sometimes Even The Most Delightful Moments Become Boring.
  • I Would Be Nowhere Without My Friends, The People Who Picked Me Up When I Needed Lifting.
  • The Blessing Which We Take Least Care Of Is A True Friend.
  • Friendship Is The Relation Which Has To Go Through The Severest Test Of Character.

Friendship WhatsApp Quotes Download

I Think Life Is All About Awesome Friends And Awesome Adventures.(Life Status)
When I Look At My Friends, I Think To Myself, ”Where Did I Find These Idiots?” But Then I Think,” What’d I Ever Do Without Them?”
A Friend Who Knows The Reason Behind Your Tears Is More Valuable Than Many Friends Who Know The Reason Behind Your Smile.
Very Few People Are Close To Me, But Those Few People Mean The World To Me.(Friendship Status For WhatsApp)
Stay With People Who Make You Smile Even In The Worst Conditions.(Friendship Status Download)