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Do you ever wonder what love is? It is a feeling that is very passionate. It is a commitment that is full of responsibility. It is the care you feel for another person by allowing him/her to enter your life. It also means being there for their best and worst moments, being a shoulder to cry on, being a friend when they need a friend the most. When someone truly loves you, without any second thoughts they will do anything for you. If there is love, there is trust. If there is trust, there is honesty. Love is not just an obligation to care for another. Love is a choice to take care of another for the rest of your life. Love is a decision that you make on your own to be with another.

Love is a promise that you make with someone.. Love is a beautiful feeling that will not easily fade. Love is a feeling that will eventually grow with time. And that is the reason the beautiful relation of husband and wife is created– to prove that love is everlasting. In this relationship we need things to let your partner know that you love him/her, That’s why we are sharing here amazing husband wife love status, husband love status, husband and wife love WhatsApp status for you so that you can share it with your partner and let them feel special.

Image of couple kissing over it husband wife love status in written
I Love You Now Like I’ve Loved You When We First Met, You Are The Other Half That Makes Me Whole.
  • Life Is A Lot Sweeter After I Met You.
  • Every Single Day Is Interesting When You Are There With Me.(Wife Husband Love Status)
  • Life Is So Much Better With Your Best Friend. Lucky Me, I Married Mine.
  • We Are Like Tom And Jerry. Though We Are Teasing And Fighting Most Of The Time, We Can’t Live Without Each Other.
  • I Love You For All That You Are, All That You Have Been And All You’re Yet To Be.
  • I Miss You More Than The Sun Misses The Sky At Night.
  • 3 Words, 8 Letters, 1 Meaning…i Love You…you Mean The World To Me.
  • Love Is When You Look Into Someone’s Eyes And See Everything You Need.
  • As Long As You Are Beside You, My Heart Remains Perfect. (Love Status)
abstract image of couple holding hands over it some lines about love is written
Ever Since The Day You Came Into My Life, I Knew You Will Be There Till The End Of Time.(Husband Wife Love Pic)
  • I Love You And That’s The Beginning And End Of Everything.
  • You Are Every Reason, Every Hope And Every Dream I’ve Ever Had. (Romantic Love Status)
  • Within You, I Lose Myself. Without You, I Find Myself Wanting To Be Lost Again.
  • The First Time You Touched Me, I Knew I Was Born To Be Yours.
  • Your Love For Me Is Flawless, Your Commitment Impeccable. Your Only Concern Is My Happiness, You Make Me Feel So Special. I Love You.
  • I’ll Never Ask You To Change For Me, Because You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are.
  • I Seem To Have Loved You In Numberless Forms, Numberless Times, In Life After Life, In Age After Age Forever.
  • Just When I Think That It Is Impossible To Love You Any More, You Prove Me Wrong.
  • To Be Your Friend Was All I Ever Wanted; To Be Your Lover Was All I Ever Dreamed.(Husband Wife Love Status)

Love Status For Wife

husband wife love status is written over image of a couple holding hand in front of a sunset near sea
I Am Taken By The Most Beautiful Woman In My Life. I Love You!
  • You Are That Woman Who Transformed My Imperfections In To Perfections, Just By The Touch Of Your Love. Love You My Dearest Wife
  • Your Heart Is Full Of Love And Affection. Your Hands Are Always Caring. I Am Lucky To Have You As My Wife.
  • My Permanent Relationship Status – Taken Forever By The Most Gorgeous Wife In This Universe. Love You (Love Status For Wife)
  • I See Myself In Your Eyes And Feel Your Presence Deep In My Heart. Please Remain There, My Cherished Wife, Because You Are The Only One Who Fits There Perfectly.
  • I’m Grateful You Are Thoughtful, I’m Grateful You Are Understanding, I’m Grateful You Are So Much Fun To Be Around, But Most Of All I’m Grateful You Are My Wife. I Love You!
  • You’re My Woman Who Made My Life Better. I Love You, My Dearest Wife.
  • My Most Brilliant Achievement Was My Ability To Be Able To Persuade My Wife To Marry Me.
  • I Would Rather Spend One Lifetime With You, Than Face All The Ages Of The World Alone. Love You, My Dear Wife.
  • No Matter How Many Years Pass By In Our Marriage, There Will Be Two Moments When I Will Like To Be With You – Now And Forever! Love You, My Wife.(Husband Wife Love Status)
old couple is sitting on a bench over it love status for wife is written
You’re My Goddess, My Hope, My Joy, And My Life. Please Be With Me Forever, My Wife.
  • You Make My Heart Melt, And Fill It With Love. When You Gaze At Me I Get Addicted To You! I Love You So Much My Dear Wife.
  • Everything You Do Is A Source Of Joy For Me. I Can Never Be Sad When I’m Around You. Thanks For Truly Being There, My Dear Wife. I Love You.
  • Darling Wife, It Seems That Loving You Is The Only Right Thing I Have Ever Done In My Life. I Love You!(Love Status For Wife)
  • With A Wife Like You, I Feel So Blessed. You Are My Life And Always On My Mind. My Beloved, You Are One In A Million. And I Love You Very Much!
  • Before I Met You, I Never Knew What It Was Like To Be Able To Look At Someone And Smile For No Reason. I Love You, My Wife!
  • I Am Very Glad That You Are My Wife. I Want To Fill Your Life With Happiness And Love.
  • You May Hold My Hand For A While, But You Hold My Heart Forever, My Wife. I Love You!
  • I Fall Short Of Words To Tell You How Much You Mean To Me. All I Can Say Is That My Life Revolves Around My Wife And Nothing Else Matters.
  • I Don’t Know The Official Definition Of Wife But For Me It Means – The Woman Who Is Independent, Fun-Loving And Eternally In Love With Me. You Fit This Definition Perfectly.(Husband Wife Love Status)

Love Status For Husband

in front of mountain covered in snow husband is kissing his wife on forehead over it love status for husband is written
I Always Dreamt Of Meeting A Husband Like You. I’m So Glad That Dreams Do Come True. (Husband Wife Love Pic)
  • Being A Perfect Husband Like You Is Something Other Men In The World Should Learn.
  • The Lord Has Given Me A Wonderful Gift In The Form Of You, My Husband. I Thank Him Every Single Day For This Invaluable Gift In My Life.(Husband Wife Relationship Status)
  • I Love My Husband. I Believe And Am Proud Of All That He Has Achieved.
  • You Are The Greatest Husband A Wife Could Ask For And The Greatest Father To Our Children.
  • I Feel Lucky And Blessed To Be Able To Call You, My Husband.
  • My Husband Is Where My Love Story Begins.
  • Every Day With My Husband Is Another Day In Paradise.
  • You Are Truly A One-In-A-Million Husband And I Couldn’t Feel More Like I Won The Marriage Lottery!
  • There Is No Display Case Big Enough To Display My Love For My Husband.(Couple Love Status)
couple is walking on a grass holding hands over it husband wife love message is written
I Love And Admire You Not Because You’re My Husband But Because You Are What Every Man Should Aspire To Be.
  • My Love For My Husband Is A Thought, An Action, And A Feeling At All Times.
  • To Love My Husband Is The Greatest Gift I’ve Ever Received.
  • A Good Husband Loves His Wife. A Great Husband Makes Her Feel Special. You Make Me Feel Whole.(Love Status In English)
  • I Thought A Husband Should Make Me Feel Loved, But You’ve Proven Husbands Are So Much More Than That.
  • I Trust You, But Not Because You Are My Husband. The Reason I Trust You Is Because You Are The Epitome Of Everything That A Man Should Be.
  • I Will Forever And Ever Enjoy Being My Husband’s Wife.
  • It’s Easy To Be A Wonderful Wife, When You Have A Wonderful Husband!
  • The Perfect Husband As Described By Magazines Doesn’t Exist. That’s Because He Has Already Been Taken – By Me. I Love You.
  • I Am So Proud To Call You My Husband. I Love You More With Each Passing Day.(Husband Wife Love Status)

Emotional Messages For Husband

A boy lifting his girlfriend in a air in front of sun set over it some sentence defining love is written
Life Is A Precious Journey, And I Will Be With You Every Step Of The Way. I Love You With All My Heart!
  • Loving You Has Been A Beautiful Dream I Never Want To Wake From. You Are A Rare, Beautiful Soul. I Love You So Much.
  • You Sowed Seeds Of Love In My Heart, Quickly, Before I Realized, And Now Love Has Taken Root, Flowering For You.
  • I Am The Luckiest Of All Humans. When You Look Into My Eyes, I See Pure, Beautiful Love. My Heart Overflows With Joy. I’m So Blessed To Be Loved By You, Handsome.
  • Every Single Day I Spend With You Is Like A Moment In Paradise. I Love You, My Darling Husband.(Love Status For Husband)
  • You’re A Leader Who’s Worthy Of Emulation. Our Home Is In Order Because We Have You As The Head. I Love You, My Husband.
  • Partnering With You In Life Is The Most Profitable Business I’ve Ever Done. The Profit Is Joy And Peace. That’s Why I Can’t Live Without You. I Love You.
  • You’re A Wonderful Husband And An Amazing Dad. Men Like You Are Rare To Come By. Thank You For Coming Real For Me. I Love You, Boo.
  • Sometimes I Wonder Who Loves The Other Person More Between The Two Of Us. I’m Just Head Over Heels For You, My Husband. I Love You.
  • We Don’t Need The Rules Of Love To Click. We Don’t Need Romance Principles To Flow. Our Love Springs From Within. I Love You, Hubby.(Husband Wife Love Messages)
A kid is sitting on his father shoulder while his mother is kissing him over it couple love status is written
I Have Built A Heaven For You In My Imaginations. You And I Are Only There. Flowers, Birds, Golden Fruits; We Have All There. Let Us Go And Live There. Love You My Husband!
  • Even A Crowd Of People Can’t Hide You From Me Successfully Because My Heart Guides Me To Who It Beats For.
  • The Earth Doesn’t Beg For Rain Unless It’s Drought Time. Likewise, My Expression Of Love To You Wouldn’t Have Been If You Weren’t The Loving Husband You Are.
  • You Are A King With A Difference. If I Had Much Wealth At My Disposal, Your Waking Up Would Have Been Heralds With Beautiful Renditions From Live Orchestras.
  • Your Love Is My Motivation. I Am Sure That If I Were Married To Someone Else, I Wouldn’t Have Become This Grown, Fulfilled And Accepting Of Myself.(Love Status For Husband)
  • There Is No Other Person That Gets To Me The Way You Do. You’ve Earned For Yourself This Title, “My Wife’s Dysfunctional Button”. But It’s All For Good, Anyway.
  • None Could Take The Place Of You In My Heart. And Who Could? You Are My Love Of Infinity. With You, I Want To Do An Infinite Dance!
  • What I Say In Love, Of You And For You? My Life With You Is Awesomely Wonderful And I Think Forever. Miss You And Love You Dear Husband!
  • When You Went Away. It Is So Painful For Me. Every Day I Spent In Agony. Alone I Was Waiting For You. Please Never Leave Me Like Otherwise I Die For You. Love You Husband!
  • When You Are Not Here, I Count Stars Every Day. And It Is Such a Boring Time Pass. I Want To Be Near All The Time. Love You Dear Husband!(Husband Wife Love Status)

Husband Wife Love Messages

a man is purposing a girl on a mountain peak over husband and wife love WhatsApp status is written
Every Beat Of My Heart Belongs To You, Every Ray Of Sunshine Comes From You, And Every Air That I Breathe, I Breathe For You. I Love You! (Husband Wife Love Pic)
  • I Have Married The Most Handsome Man And I Feel Lucky For That. I Love You So Much And Will Love You Forever. I’m So Grateful For Having You.
  • All The Words In The World Would Also Fail To Describe What We Share Between Us. All I Can Say Is, Always Love Me The Same Way Forever. I Love You. (Emotional Message For Husband)
  • If Life Was A Ship, I Would Keep Choosing You As The Anchor To Hold Me In Place As You Take Me Through The Beautiful Journey. I Really Do Love You.
  • You And Your Love Are My Source Of Happiness. Wherever I Go, Your Love Makes Me Strong And Inspires Me To Do My Best. Genuinely We Are Made For Each Other.
  • I Make Our Marriage Organized, You Make It Outstanding. I Make Our Marriage Practical, You Make It Perfect. I Keep It Grounded, You Give It Wings. I Love You.
  • I Dreamt That You Were Mine, And Then I Woke Up Smiling Because I Realized It Was Not A Dream. You Are Already Mine!
  • You Are That Woman Who Transformed My Imperfections In To Perfections, Just By The Touch Of Your Love. Love You My Dearest Wife
  • When I Look At You I Wonder If I Did Something Really Good To Get Such A Marvelous Gift From God. You Have Been A Blessing In My Life And This Is Just To Say I Love You.
  • You Are A Special Gift From The Heavens. Your Smile Warms My Heart And Your Presence Makes Me Whole. I Love You, Today And Forever! (Touching Love Messages For Her)
a man is purposing the love of his life at sea view over it some romantic lines is written
You Are Someone With Whom My Heart Is Bound. My Love For You Has No Shape, No Boundary, No Edges. Our Love Goes On But Never Ends. I Love You So Much.
  • Everything You Do Is A Source Of Joy For Me. I Can Never Be Sad When I’m Around You. Thanks For Truly Being There, My Dear Wife. I Love You!
  • I’ve Never Been So Scared Of Losing Something In My Entire Life. But Nothing In My Life Has Ever Meant As Much To Me As You Do. I Love You! (Emotional Message For Husband)
  • The Epitome Of Romance, The Pinnacle Of Commitment, And The Essence Of Marital Bliss, Is What Our Love Life Is. I Love You.
  • I Don’t Know The Official Definition Of Wife But For Me It Means – The Woman Who Is Independent, Fun-Loving, And Eternally In Love With Me. You Fit This Definition Perfectly. I Love You.
  • Εvery Day With Yοu Is Better Than The Day Before. Hοw Is It That You Continuously Improve Upon Perfection? I Love You, My Dear Wife.
  • I Did Not Marry A Protector And A Provider. I Married My Best Friend, My Most Trusted Confidant And The Man I Love. You Are All These Things And More.
  • Some Think Falling In Love Is An Accident, But I Know I Fell In Love With You On Purpose.
  • I May Not Show It, But I Want To Let You Know I Truly Love You From My Heart.
  • When I Was Down, You Gave Me Inspiration, When I Was Weak You Gave Me Strength, You Are Everything To Me. I Love You, My Dear.(Husband Wife Love Status)

Couple Love Status

happy couple is having fun over it some lines are written
Sometimes In A Relationship, A Person Just Wants To Know That You Will Care Enough About Them To Fight For Them.
  • You Gave Me Wings So I Can Fly And Soar With You, My Angel.
  • Love You Today + Love You Tomorrow = Love You Forever. (Husband Wife Relationship Status)
  • There Are Lots Of People Who Can Call You By Your Name But There Is Only One Person Who Can Make It Sound So Special.
  • People Believe That Soul Mates Are Two People That Were Made For One Another. I Believe That We Were Made For Someone, But That Doesn’t Necessarily Mean They Were Made For Us.
  • The Couples That Are “Meant To Be” Are The Ones Who Go Through Everything That Is Meant To Tear Them Apart And Come Out Even Stronger Than They Were Before.
  • Out Of All The Things That I Do All Day, Telling You That I Love You Is The Sweetest Thing I Do. It Is My Favorite Part Of The Day Because You Deserve All The Love I Can Give.
  • We Do Not Need To Look Anywhere For The Meaning Of True Love; It Already Manifests On How We Are When We Are Together. (Status For WhatsApp About Love in English)
  • True Love Happens When You Put Your Partner’s Interests First Than Your Own Desires And Wants.
  • True Love Does Not See The Ugliness Of A Person. Instead, It Encourages It To Be Better Than It Already Is.
a cow boy and girl is running in a field over it couple love message is written
If I Could Choose Between Loving You And Breathing I Would Choose My Last Breath To Say I Love You. (Husband Wife Love Pic)
  • When You Get That Good Feeling About Someone And You Need Inspiration, Then Read These Good Couple Quotes That Will Keep You Inspired In Loving Him Or Her.
  • You Have To Keep Your Eyes Open During Your Gloomiest Times, Because The Angel That Would Be Sent To You Is Your One True Love.
  • I Always Want To Spend Every Moment With You, So I Just Drift Away As I Close My Dreamy Eyes So I Can See You.(Love Messages For Couples)
  • Love Isn’t About Needing One Another, It’s About Wanting To Be With Them Forever.
  • I Love The Way We Look Together, As Sweet As Sugar And As Nice As Ice.
  • The Water Shines Only By The Sun. And It Is You Who Is My Sun.
  • In All The World, There Is No Heart For Me Like Yours. In All The World, There Is No Love For You Like Mine.
  • I Belong With You And You Belong With Me, You’re My Sweetheart.
  • I Thought Perfect Couples Only Existed In Books And Movies But That Changed After I Met You.(Husband Wife Love Status)