2022 – Romantic Love Status – Love Status For Boys & Girls With Images

You Want To Show Your Affection Towards The Person Who Is Very Close To Your Heart Then Share These Romantic Love Status And Bring More Romance In Your Life.

If You Are In Love With Someone, It Doesn’t Mean That Your Relationship Is Romantic. Romance Has A Very Different Meaning Than Love. In Love You Care For Each Other, You Respect Each Other That’s Good But Still The Romance Is Missing.

Romance Is The Combination Of Little Things Like Going For Dinner, Hanging Out At Your Favourite Place, Drinking Your Special Coffee On A Rainy Day Or It Be A Simple Romantic Text To Your Loved One.

We Have Some Of The Finest Romantic Captions For You So You Can Get Romantic With Your Gf/Bf Just By Sharing One Line. You Don’t Need To Worry About Going Out And Spending Money Just To Show Your Love.

After Love Status In English, We Have Shared Some Amazing Romantic Love Status In English So You Could Get Cozy With Your Loved One Just By Sharing These Status Through WhatsApp, Facebook Or Instagram.

Romantic love status is written over a artistic image showing hands of girl and boy
The Only Truth I Want To Believe For The Rest Of My Life Is That “You Are Mine.
  • Let’s Flip The Coin. “Head” You Are Mine “Tails” I’m Yours.(Feeling Love Status)
  • I Promise To Be By Your Side Forever And For Always. I Love You.
  • With You I Don’t Remember Days, I Remember Memories.
  • I Have 365 In One Year To Love You More And More.
  • You Help Me Understand The Meaning Of Love.
  • I Love It When I Catch You Looking At Me Then You Smile & Look Away.
  • Your Smile Makes Me Forget Who I Am And Who I Was.
  • Listen! Every Beat Of My Heart Is Saying I Love You.
  • I Love The Light In Your Eye Balls Every Time You See Me.
  • You Are My First Thought When I Wake Up And The Last Thought When I Go To Sleep. I Cannot Describe How Much I’m In Love With You. It Is Simply Indescribable.
image of girl and boy walking on a beach holding hands over it feeling love status is written
My Favorite Place In The World Is Lying In Your Arms, Gazing Into Your Beautiful Eyes.
  • Look Into My Heart And Feel What I Am Saying, For My Heart Speaks The Truth And The Truth Is I Love You.(Romantic Love Status)
  • I Am Not With You My Love But Will Always Be Lingering Around You.
  • When I Dream, I Dream Of You. Maybe One Day, Dreams Will Come True. Because I Really Love You.
  • Just When I Think That It Is Impossible To Love You Any More, You Prove Me Wrong.
  • Love Is All, Love Is New/ Love Is All, Love Is You.
  • If I Had My Life To Love Again, I’d Find You Sooner.
  • I Like To When You Smile. But I Love It When I’m The Reason.
  • I Love How You Keep Smiling For Me Even When You Tired Or Unhappy. That Is What I Call True Love.
  • Let’s Make It Short And Simple, I Love You.
  • I Love It When I See You Happy.(My Love Status)

Romantic Status For Boyfriend

You Have Romantic Feelings But You Don’t Know How To Express Your Feelings, Yeah Mate Once I Was In Your Shoes. I Was Too Shy To Show My Feelings, The Best I Could Do Was To Say That “ I Love You’ And That It.

But After Some Time I Came To Realize That It Is Not Enough To Say I Love You. You Need More Than That To Bring A Smile To Your Life Partner’s Face. So I Started Sharing Romantic Quotes And Status Related To Love And Romance With My Loved One.

Believe It Works Like Magic, In No Time We Were Able To Express Our Feelings In The Right Way Without Speaking A Single Word. In No Time We Were Exchanging Hot Love Status And It Filled Our Life With Romance.

Don’t Believe My Words, Just Start Sharing These Status And Let The Magic Work Itself And Suddenly You Will Come To Know That You Were Missing Lots Of Things Because You Don’t Have Fancy Words And Sentences.

So I Have Collected These Fancy Lines You Wish To Put Into A Sentence, Now You Just Have To Share It With The Person Who Is Your Lucky Charm.

artistic image of girl standing in a dark in front of red life over it some caption about love is written
No Matter How Much You Try, There’s No Resisting Love. If It Has To Happen, It Will.
  • The Only Thing I Want Is To Stay With You Forever.
  • The Only Place Where I Belong Is Your “Arms”.
  • Love On Another, But Make Not A Bond Of Love: Let It Rather Be A Moving Sea Between The Shores Of Your Souls.
  • I Love You To The Point Where I Cannot Live Without You.
  • Love Is Just Like A Cool Breeze, You Cannot See It But You Feel It In Every Part Of Your Body.
  • I Fall In Love All Over Again, Whenever I See You.
  • Love Is Sweet When It’s New, But Sweeter When It’s True.(Romantic Love Status For WhatsApp)
  • I Fell In Love Because Of Your Smile, But I Stayed In Love Because Of Your Heart.
  • Being Deeply Loved By Someone Gives You Strength, While Loving Someone Deeply Gives You Courage.
  • Words Simply Cannot Tell How Much I Love You. There Aren’t Enough Words In The World To Express My Feelings For You, So I Will Just Say: I Love You.
a couple is sitting in a room full of lights over it my love status is written
Love Begins In A Moment, Grows Over Time, And Lasts For Eternity.
  • When Love Is Not Madness, It Is Not Love.
  • When You Love Someone, You Just Do. There Are No But’s, No Maybe’s & No Why’s.
  • A Memory Of True Love Is Like A Favorite Song, No Matter How Many Times It Plays Again, You Never Get Tired Of It.
  • Goodbye Without Reason Is The Most Painful One. Love Without Reasons Is The Most Beautiful One.
  • One Of The Best Feelings In The World Is When You Are Hugging The Person You Love And They Hug You Back Even Tighter.(Love Status In English For Boyfriend)
  • You Must Learn To Love Only That Which Cannot Be Stolen.
  • You Know You Have Experienced Real Love, When You Have Lost It.
  • There Is Only One Happiness In Life, To Love And To Be Loved.
  • Love Is The Master Key Of Opening A Gate Of Happiness.
  • That One Person In Your Life Who Never Shows That They Love You ! But You Know How Much They Care For You!

My Love Status

If You Are Truly In Love With Your Significant Other And You Want To Make Him/Her Happy. You Will Need Romantic Words So That You Can Describe Your Feelings Exactly And Share What It Means To Be Loved By Someone.

We Have Gathered These Romantic Love Status To Make It Easy For You To Express Your Emotions. We Have Collected Most Relatable Romantic Captions For You So That It Will Not Look Bad Or A Fantasy World With Which We Cannot Relate.

You Can Also Visit Our Other Status Categories. We Have Status For Each Situation Whether You’re Feeling Alone, Heartbroken Or Depressed. We Have Covered Breakup Status, Motivational Status And Alone Status To Try To Help You Just In Case.

a girl in white dress and boy in black tuxedo kissing over it a sentence about love is written
My Love Is Not Completed With You. Help Me To Make My Love Complete.
  • The Day I Start Loving You, You Become The Light Of My Dim Life.
  • Your Smile Makes Me Go “Crazy”.(Love Status In English For Girlfriend)
  • Love Is The Mixture Of Trust, Love And Care.
  • When The Heart Takes Over, The Mind Can’t Do A Thing.
  • I Love Our Story. Sure It’s Messy, But It’s The Story That Got Us Here.
  • You Make Me Realize That One Person Is Enough To Make Your Life Happy.
  • Every Time You Touch Me I Skip A Beat.
  • I Only Want To Love You Twice In My Lifetime. That’s Now And Forever.
  • Love Is A Language Spoken By Everyone But Understood Only By Heart…
  • It Takes Guts To Fall In Love. But It Takes Nerve To Go Back To The One Who Broke You.(Feeling Love Status)
artistic image showing red shoes of a boy over it romantic caption is written
I Love You Begins By “I”, But It Ends Up By “You”
  • I Love You Once I Love You Still Always Have And Always Will.
  • If Your Heart Was A Prison, I Would Like To Be Sentenced For Life.
  • We Fight Like A Married Couple, Talk Like Best Friends, And Flirt Like First Loves..
  • The Person Who Has Truly Loved You Is The Only One Who Has The Strength To Accept Your Mistakes And Forgive You.(Love Status For Girls)
  • Love In Your Heart Brings Life To Your Soul.
  • My Love For You Is Like A Circle, It Has No End..
  • I Fell In Love The Way You Fall Asleep: Slowly, And Then All At Once.
  • The First Thing I Imagined When I Saw The Word ‘love’ Is You.
  • I Promise You No One Will Ever Love You Like I Do.
  • .I’m In Love With Every Moment I Spend With You.

Love Status Romance

After Husband Wife Love Status We Are Going To Share Some Status For Girlfriend And Boyfriend So That They Can Jump Towards The New Beginning Of Their Relationship.

When You Are Deeply In Love With Someone, The World Seems Boring Whenever You Are Not With That Someone. You Keep Thinking About That Person In Your Fantasy World And Make Plans To Show Your Love.

But As Soon As You Try To Show Your Romantic Feelings, You Seem To Find Yourself In A Situation Where You Are Unable To Find Perfect Words. In The End You Just Give Up By Saying “I Love You” Or “I Miss You”.

Don’t Worry We Have Found The Perfect Romantic Love Status So That You Don’t Miss Any Chance Of Being Romantic Just Because You Are Unable To Put Your Feelings Into Words

a boy is hugging a girl from behind and kissing her forehead over it romantic love status is written
If A Hug Tells How Much I Love You, I Would Hold You In My Arms Forever.
  • There Is No Fun Being Crazy Alone So I Choose You To Be Crazy Together.
  • The Only Thing I Need Is Your Unlimited Love And Smile.
  • I Love You Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake.(Love Status For Boys)
  • I Forgot That I Did Not Know How To Swim And Jumped Into The Pool Of Your Love.
  • Love Is Nothing More Than A Word That You Used When You Stole My Heart.
  • I Love You For Who You Are From The Inside. The Lovely Looking Outside Is Just A Bonus.
  • I Will Love You Forever. No Matter What Happens I’ll Be There. Distance Couldn’t Take Us Apart – It Will Make Us Closer. B’coz True Love Waits & Never Surrenders.(Baby Love Status)
  • Just When I Think That It Is Impossible To Love You Any More, You Prove Me Wrong.
  • I Don’t Say I Love You Out Of Habit Or Just For Conversation. When I Say It I Really Mean It.
  • You See, I Love You And I Don’t Want To Lose You Because My Life Has Been Better Since The Day I Found You.
a boy and girl wearing winter dresses standing and boy is kissing on girl's forehead with some lines expressing their romantic feelings written over it
I Don’t Want You As Much As You Want Me. I Want You As Much As Nobody Ever Wants Anybody.(Romantic Love Status Download)
  • I Fell In Love With You Because You Loved Me When I Couldn’t Love Myself.
  • The Only Thing In My Life Which I Cannot Share Is “You”.
  • I Love You For All That You Are All That You Have Been And All You Are Yet To Be.
  • I Love It When You Hold Me Like You Will Never Let Me Go.
  • Every Time I Look At You Smiling, It Feels Like I Am Having A Heart Attack.
  • Your Smile Makes Me Wonder About This World Whether It Is Real.
  • Just Seeing Your Smile Makes Me Feel Better Inside.
  • I Will Love You Forever Until The End Of Time! No Matter What You Do! Cause You Are My Forever! And Nothing You Do Will Make My Stop Loving You.
  • I Shall Love You Till I Take My Last Breathe On Earth.
  • I Am In You And You In Me, Mutual In Divine Love.(My Love Status)

Hot Love Status For Boys And Girls

“Baby You Are Looking Hot” “Baby You Are Looking Sexy” Yes, These Are The Most Common Sentences We Can Think Of When You Are Feeling Naughty Or Your Significant Other Is Looking Extra Sexy Or Cute.

If You Are Feeling Butterflies In Your Stomach Then Don’t Stop There. Make These Feelings More Strong By Sharing Hot Love Status With Your Sexy One.

We Have Collected Some Of The Hottest Captions To Let You Get Naught With Your Partner. If You Are Shy Or Out Of Words, Use These Statuses. This Way You Don’t Have To Speak The Words, Just Let These Love Captions Do The Work For You And Get Ready For A Crazy Ride.

image of Asian couple about to kiss over it hot love status is written
Making Me Feel Like You Are Wanting Me Badly Is The Most Sexiest Feeling.
  • You Are My Strawberry In The Summer. “Yummy”.
  • Every time You Are Close I Need You Closer.(Romantic Love Status)
  • Cuddling With You Would Be Perfect Right Now.
  • Your Skin Touching Mine… The Thought Just Drives Me Insane.
  • If Kissing Is The Language Of Love, Then We Have A Lot To Talk About.
  • Your Lips Are Like Honey, And Your Kisses Are Like Wine.
  • What Turns Me On? – You…
  • Oh, You Like Sleeping?… Me Too! We Should Do It Together Sometime!
  • My Ideal Body Weight Is Yours On Mine.
  • When You Kiss Me, I Don’t Just Feel Butterflies. I Feel The Whole Zoo.(Feeling Love Status)
image of a girl and boy kissing sitting besides river over it romantic love status in English is written
One Kiss Burns Six Calories. We Should Work Out Together.
  • Black As The Devil, Hot As Hell, Pure As An Angel, Sweet As Love.
  • The Way You Touch, Tease, And Look At Me Drives Me Crazy.
  • I Love Everything About You, Except For Your Clothes.(Hot Love Status)
  • If You Kiss My Neck, Then I Am Not Responsible For What Happens Next.
  • I Love Your Lips When They’re Wet With Wine And Red With Evil Desire.
  • I Need A Big, Hot, Steaming Cup Of You This Morning!
  • The Conversation Between Your Fingers And Someone Else’s Skin. This Is The Most Important Discussion You Can Ever Have.
  • I’ve Had A Rough Day; Give Me A Rough Night.
  • Sometimes Be Gentle, Sometimes Be Rough.
  • I Want You To Be The Man Who Holds My Hand And Pulls My Hair.